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  1. If P&O have no problems with staying solvent (as many people on this forum are claiming) and changes to ABTA are not needed for P&O only other travel company's and air lines.Why hasn't P&O canceled April's cruises and offered full refund or fcc. The fact that they have thousands of passengers to deal with i find a poor excuse, should there be thousands of passengers looking to book cruises (as there may be when this is over) will they turn them away.
  2. Having just read the latest E-MAIL from P&O and having read the latest ABTA information, It is obvious that P&O is waiting for ABTA to say they do not have to give refunds but to give FCC. For those that have not seen the E-MAIL there is the talk of empathy. Empathy is a two way thing why have they not canceled cruises knowing full well that they will not sail this is causing worry to thousands of passengers that have payed there money. Money that over the next few months will be badly needed by passengers that will be out of work, layed off, seriously ill, etc. Unlike the past Cruise passengers that had to be wealthy most passengers are now ordinary working people. Passengers should be given the choice of refund or FCC that would then depend on what passengers feel they can afford to do, that would be EMPATHY.
  3. Reading the latest E-MAIL from P&O and reading the latest information on the ABTA site. We will not be seeing any refunds so P&O are in serious trouble and will go into a convenient administration.
  4. I am becoming increasingly concerned that P&O are going broke. 1) They have not canceled cruises beyond the 11th April when it is now obvious there will be no sailing for some while. 2) They are avoiding the Refund word and pushing everybody down the FCC route. Is this because they don't have the cash to refund all the passengers. 3) I am assuming that at this moment in time very few people booking or paying for a cruise at the moment this must be giving them big cash flow problems. 4) Nobody believed TC would go broke. My personal concern is that if i take FCC and P&O go broke do i lose all. Does any body know the legality's of this.
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