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  1. paddingtonbear

    Just off the royal princess & it was fine-questions?

    We did a 10 day British Isles cruise on the Royal and were impressed. The buffet was well organised and excellent. Great food selection no matter what time you went. We ended up having breakfast, lunch and a few dinners there. I was so worried the ship would be too big but it was big enough to hide the people it seemed! Lots of places to go and sit quietly. Lots of entertainment choices and lots of food choices. Only one problem with crowds and that was at a tender port that made disembarking and embarking slow but we got to meet some nice people in the line so it worked out well.
  2. paddingtonbear

    ALASKA Recommendation ?

    Glacier Bay. Also, if you can, go to Juneau for whale watching with Marv and Harv. Absolutely sensational 8 people on the boat and we got close to so many whales, seals and eagles it was incredible.
  3. paddingtonbear

    Internet packages: Which one to choose?

    In my experience the ships internet is slow. Really really slow. The premium package allows streaming so it is probably going to be quicker. Thinking about how much you are going to need to use it will determine your choice. The Surf package would probably be fine but I’d probably go for the premium because although I don’t stream I don’t like sitting there waiting for pages to load and email to download.
  4. Looking forward to your reports. Have a fantastic trip.
  5. paddingtonbear

    Princess vs.....Other cruise lines

    Thank you for your thoughts. I’ve been in a few overnight European ferries so think I know what you mean. I’ve enjoyed every cruise I’ve been on too!
  6. paddingtonbear

    Princess vs.....Other cruise lines

    We have sailed with Princess twice and really enjoyed the Star and the Royal. We are looking at doing a Venice to Greece cruise and were wondering if anyone had done an MSC cruise and could compare them to Princess for me?
  7. paddingtonbear

    White Pass train tours- so many???

    We are doing a chilkoot tour in July- friends are doing the dog sled we are on the same tour but not doing the dog sled but still get to see the puppies. You get a better lunch (included) on this tour. We get to see the south end of Bennett lake I think! The lake Bennett one sounds great but not worth the extra $$ if the weather is poor. You eat your lunch (included) on your lap in the train in this one. Most say train up (leaves early) and leisurely bus back for better wildlife viewing time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. paddingtonbear

    Booked Royal Princess - differences to Grand Class?

    I was amazed at how uncrowded and open the ship was when we had a full ship. I don't like crowds and would happily sail the Royal again. We were on the British isles cruise. The buffet is fantastically laid out and well worth walking around it entirely to see all the selections. The staff were great. The navigation is a little difficult. The problem is that only the forward stairs seem to go all the way top to bottom. Other stairs stop on different levels. Even the forward stairs require walking through club 6 (which was often reserved) or the casino. No other way to access the forward stairs on that level. I really wanted to use the stairs and often did if the lifts were crowded but sometimes, as I got used to the layout of the ship I realised the lift was the way to go because it took you all the way top to bottom and you land centrally. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. paddingtonbear

    Pre-purchasing Beverage Package on Regal

    Princess have several wine packages. The coffee card gets you good espresso coffee at the international cafe. I suggest if you don't like instant or syrup coffee you but the coffee card. DH thought it was gods and he's very fussy. There is also a beverage card about $8 a day which gives you yummy unlimited mocktails (and milkshakes- on some ships). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. paddingtonbear

    Royal Princess Greece, Turkey, & Italy Medley Cruise

    Yes it does! Lovely ship though and I think it's going into dry dock for central stairs before the OP sails. Have a fantastic trip. They are great ports. I hope the unrest in Turkey is over by the time you depart. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. paddingtonbear

    Horizon Court/Bistro on Regal

    On the Royal: There is self serve orange juice etc. the coffee is made and served behind the counter. Also waiters will bring you drinks including alcohol or coffee (they asked us not the other way around!) There is a bar right out the door for drinks before you go in for quicker service. We ended up doing a tour of both areas every time we were there because they had different things every meal everyday. It is a great place to be especially by a window on a cold day. Food with a beautiful view. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. paddingtonbear

    Beverage Package? Yay or nay?

    The soda and more package is great though. The mocktails were wonderful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. paddingtonbear

    Question about the MDR

    If it's a big table it's a good idea to specify if you want whatever you order (your choice entirely) as a starter or a main. They generally bring the starters, wait for everyone to finish, bring the mains, wait for everyone to finish etc. We had a couple on our table who had two of each and we all had to watch as the consumed them all. Made a long drawn out dinner. We ended up asking for a table with no more than six. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. paddingtonbear

    Pool and jacuzzis for toddlers that are potty trained?

    I agree with this too. The baby and pregnant mother could be at risk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk