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  1. Our June 9th cruise from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego was cancelled a couple of months ago. Still have not received a refund . We decided with the cruise industry in uncharted waters to go for the refund instead of the FCC in case Windstar goes bankrupt. I hope Windstar makes it thru this as they are a good cruising experience..At the right time and the covid 19 situation gets under control we will book again at that time .
  2. So Windstar offered a refund on the CRUISE ONLY paid for our June 9th trip or 125% of what you paid towards a future cruise. Now it will be time to deal with the travel insurance folks as to all the other expenses potentially lost . That is likely to be a struggle. Also Lost is the on board credit we had as Windstar said they would NOT put that forward if you choose the FCC.
  3. Just received an email from Windstar cancelling our june 9th mexico cruise on the star breeze . It also said they are cancelling all west coast/alaska summer cruises and the Star Breeze will be doing the mediterranean in August and September More later !
  4. Still no word about June 9th cruise from Windstar on the star breeze or its progress . . Mexico at this point has limited health issues . Panic seems to be the name of the game at this point. After reading R&D's comments management said it at this time is a go. My TA could not get that information out of them or so he says. While things are clearly up in the air we have already paid for everything at this point airfare, vrbo etc . . Stay Tuned
  5. Spoke to TA today and apparently Windstar is on "radio silence" as to what is going on with the Star Breeze and our June 9th cruise. No new information . You would think with all the don't go on a cruise ship information being made public by officials , Windstar would want to tell their story and promote their ships. progress and encourage something positive IF that is the case. Their PR people must have been told MUM is the word for now. Is that anyway to make customers feel good about their up coming cruise?
  6. Again apparently Windstar according to my TA has said they are not keeping them in the loop what is really going on with the Star breeze cruises . That must be difficult for TA to entice folks to book without adequate knowledge on what to expect. So in limbo seems to be the norm on MANY Star breeze future cruises. Not very comforting to those who have booked and made multiple plans beside the cruise. Hopefully if ANYONE hears ANYTHING please post it Thanks 🙂
  7. Thank you for the update minidonuts85 . . I just wish Windstar would be upfront with honest answers as you have. Other than protecting their corporate earnings,no reason to not be transparent with TA who promotes their product and the folks hoping for a good vacation.. That put TA in an awkward position for their clients. We shall see if our June 9th cruise actually happens. But based on the current price I think its likely not happening. Why Windstar cannot WEEKLY update their process both good and bad with the Star Breeze is alarming. Not being upfront and provide accurate information to me is not honesty to prospective purchasers. Hopefully Windstar reads these boards and steps up and answers the call . Stay Tuned !
  8. Just wondering if Windstar does cancel our June 9th cruise do the onboard credit we had and price transfer to a future cruise? or just the credit for the cruise ? I forgot to ask my TA . Anyone know?
  9. Talked to our TA about our June 9th cruise on the Star breeze and he said Windstar is not telling them anything about the progress of the ship and what to expect. All he said is they have improved their cancellation policy and folks should take out trip insurance for the other things like airfare ETC if you book outside of Windstar . . I wish I had better news to report but apparently things are completely up in the air . They would since I put down a deposit honor my previous quote. But no one in their right mind would pay what they are asking now for this cruise. I will post more if I hear something.
  10. We have no problem with paying gratuities as the staff is very good. But Windstar provides very little perks unless you travelled on multiple/ several cruises . Compared to other lines other than a small ship with good food and good crew that is it at a much higher price . Most other cruise lines have many more perks which include beverages, internet etc. plus they provide top notch entertainment which Windstar does not. So the debate will continue on what they should provide. But I think they need to step up and provide more perks than they do.
  11. Truthfully it is shameful that Windstar is just not upfront and honest with how things are going with the Star Breeze and should not take any money or promote a cruise until they have firm answers . Folks like us who thought they had MAY cruises for the Star Breeze felt ok to go ahead and book airfare etc thinking that the June 9 th cruise was a done deal. There is NO REASON to now double the fares of the June 9th cruise when they have sold very few rooms. While we have always enjoyed cruising with Windstar their current practices are alarming. Maybe that is why John Delaney is leaving. We shall see how this all works out but not happy of their lack of honesty and clarity at this point. .
  12. I had already put down the deposit previously and my final payment was due March 7th. My TA is not in the office until tomorrow so I am not sure what is going to happen. We have already booked airfare etc. . I hope it all works out...But its looking bad if they doubled the price. Will I get the price I put the deposit on? Lots of questions for my TA for sure!
  13. Jumping Ship so to speak? Based on all the problems Windstar has and will face is likely the reason he is stepping down. A strong CEO would stand up to the challenges and criticisms in my view. When things tough the strong survive. This may not be the case here.
  14. We are considering booking the june 9th cruise on the star breeze ! They want a final payment March 7th . As stated very few rooms on this cruise have been purchased. Having to book airfare and other important things ahead of time makes this a tough choice . I wish there was more transparency on how things are going in dry dock and when they ACTUALLY think the work will be done and have sea trials. the lack of reports does cause call for MANY questions. So tough decisions ahead for sure. Windstar could make things a bit easier if they stepped up and gave weekly reports on the star breeze progress. unfortunately they have chosen not to . So we shall see if Windstar answers the call or continues to fall short of important posting regarding this cruise and those afterwards.
  15. I would like to see for 3 cruises or more free wifi and a card for cheaper drink prices. Windstar has fallen behind in the many included things like other cruise lines offer. Yes they are a smaller line but to stay competitive they need to stay up with the times. They do have several positive things but they lack quality entertainment for the most part. Most lines including Windstar, offer upgrades already to past guests. Just a few thoughts here 🙂
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