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  1. Just had a call from a lovely gentleman at Azamara who has corrected the problem. I now have my updated invoice showing a zero balance. Thanks Bonnie for your help! Greatly appreciated. Can hardly wait to sail! A.
  2. No . Have not heard anything since my last call at the beginning of Feb. No contact ... no invoice. A.
  3. Thanks Bonnie for your assistance. A. To others .... keep pursuing!
  4. Bonnie, I have not yet got a correct invoice. I can call again... or perhaps you have a suggestion. With thanks A.
  5. Thanks. Next time I will use a TA. I called again today and spoke with a different agent. Evidently it is an IT issue between the "travel box" application and the" invoicing application". An "IT " ticket" has been submitted and I should get an updated invoice in a week or so. Four phone calls later and many minutes on hold. Hopefully this is solved. If not ...I will come back and ask Bonnie for help. Thanks all.
  6. Thanks all for your feedback. We booked the Rialto market chef experience excurdion in Venice this June. So excited!!!!
  7. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has done one of the Azamara "chef" excursions? A day in the market and wineries followed by a special private dinner on board. Pricey but looks amazing. My hubby and I have signed up for such an adventure on June 10th 2019 sailing of Pursuit n Venice. Would love to hear others experiences or thoughts. Cheers A.
  8. IHi all, I am new to the forum and Azamara. My hubby and I are taking Pursuit on her June10th 2019 sailing. So excited. But I have to say I am a bit alarmed at the service and support I am receiving via Azamara's office staff. Hope this is not what the cruise will be like! I called 3 days ago and paid the balance of our cruise in full. On that day I was emailed a supposedly updated invoice. However, the invoice still showed a large balance owing. I called back and spoke again to Gina who said it would be remedied the next day. The next day I was emailed a copy of the SAME invoice still showing the balance owing. I called again the next day and spoke to Ben. I was told the same thing ...a corrected invoice would be sent the next day. Guess what? You guessed it ...got a third copy today of the same outdated invoice not showing the balance as paid in full. I am not sure what to do? Call again? Anyone else had this issue? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Bonnie ...can you help! Thanks in advance. Frustrated Canadian!
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