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  1. I guess I don’t understand. Stressing over the small stuff is what the forum is all about.😳 B
  2. I’m speaking of the buffet, breakfast and lunch was very good. Their dinner buffet wasn’t as good, but the dining room was above average. B
  3. Princess was surprisingly good on our New Years Cruise. B
  4. I guess. We have been cruising for over 20 years and watched the trends change. We ourselves are not fans of buffets, but they have become a higher priority over dining rooms for breakfasts and lunches. just about the time the food quality is getting good, we get hit with Corona.
  5. So many theories. The American passengers are who made buffets popular on cruise ships. “It’s my vacation” and “no formal wear policy”. It’s the Americans (Canadians?) who have shift their way of thinking. It will be internet to watch. Smaller ships?
  6. Yep, we noticed it too. Unusual for a cruise line. The price difference forced us to research booking ourselves and finding good deals. I'm sure a lot of passengers don't care, so that's good for Windstar. I can see some security in paying extra for travelers who don't like to research airlines and hotels. B
  7. I respect your reasoning for going on the trip. I'm sure you will be fine. But, using the "Sky if falling" term is not going to make you many friends. This is a real world health issue, so maybe little respect for those who are more concerned is a sound approach. B
  8. I believe this will hit (hurt) the cruise industry as much as 9-11. This is a serious virus that will kill a large number of people world wide. We are talking about cruise ships that corral a large number of people close together touching and breathing next to each other. It's not the Noro, which basically makes for an unpleasant few days. The coronavirus requires serious hospitalization. Kids and elderly are especially at risk. At the very least, the policy changes for how ships deal with minimalizing the spreading of viruses will likely be a hassle. We have been on a ship with Noro and that
  9. Agreed. We made reservations to the Crown when we got on board, but the food was so good in the Dining room that we cancelled. Towards the end of the week we decided to try and make reservations to the Crown again just for something different, but never could. That was frustrating in of itself because the staff doesn't want to say "No", so they led us on that something may open up, so hang around. They just need to learn to say "No, don't call us, we'll call you." like other cruise ships do. Anyway, based on Princess past experiences, I honestly don't think the food is any better in the Crown
  10. Food is the best we've had cruising the last few years. What we struggled with on Sky is the Anytime Dining. No matter what time we tried to get in, we had to wait about an hour. Either we don't understand their policy or we just did it wrong. But they always handed us a pager and told us 45 minutes or more. Always more. It's not like we never done anytime dinning, we have been Anytime Diners for the last 15 years on several different cruise lines and ships. Sky was just harder. That being said, we loved Sky and look forward to cruising that ship again. B
  11. Thanks for any information and directions for St. John Beaches. This was one of our favorite beach days, but we haven't been back since the hurricane. B.
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