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  1. This is one time a Gator and a Nole agree. The first thing that popped into my head was "Hey you, get off my lawn"
  2. I totally agree. There is an lot to choose from in the standard package. When I want and espresso martini or a Woodford I will just pay the upcharge.
  3. Thanks for the review. I will be sailing the same cruise in May of 2020. We love the Bliss. Jersey Boys, The Cavern Club, good food and great service. It is hard to beat. If you get a chance sail her during a football season. We did and it was fantastic sitting on The Waterfront. outside The Brew House watching football in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks again.
  4. I agree with you and must admit two things. Playing the way I mentioned you have absolutely NO chance of winning and it would be boring as all get out. Having reconsidered maybe playing the pass line in craps with full odds would be a better solution and a whole lot more exciting.
  5. Tutontow

    Casino At Seas

    I know what you are saying. Carnival lost me for that very reason. We went on a Premier / Gamblers cruise on Carnival. We played more than I care to admit. We were having a great run in the casino. When we got home the offers dried up. That was five cruises ago, which have all been on NCL. I will say I enjoy cruising but when my offers dry up I will move to land based casinos. It is strange how cruise lines compute comps. Every land based casino I play in doesn't care whether you win or lose. They compute time played by average bet.
  6. Tutontow

    Casino At Seas

    I know this is tired, old advice but gamble the way you normally do and if you get a "free" room offer that is just icing on the cake. On our last cruise we hardly gambled. It was a seven day cruise and we maybe gambled ten hours. We did have a great 45 minute run at blackjack and left the ship 7k ahead. When I called CAS I was told we base our rooms on your expected loss and obviously you didn't lose so the best I can do for you is an inside cabin. It worked out for me because I just pay the difference and upgrade to a balcony.
  7. I fully understand having a horrible cruise. I had one on the Carnival "Dream". I swore I would never cruise again. After a three year break I cruised again on Carnival and had a blast. After sailing NCL several times I don't see myself going back to Carnival. NCL IMHO just offers a better product. I have to admit I really like the food on NCL and consider the food in the MDR so good there is no reason to eat in the specialty restaurants. I wish you the best on your future cruises.
  8. Fortunately I am at the stage of my life where we no longer look at anything as an investment and if we enjoy doing it and can afford it we do it. Having said all of that the casino is where we spend most of our time while on board. If it is open we are usually in there playing blackjack. We win about 25 percent of the time but we budget for it and it is the cost of entertainment. Our last cruise was oh so sweet. It was comped by the casino and we walked off with $7200.00 more than we came with. The pit boss said we tipped the dealers over $2100.00. We still have the $7200.00 in our vacation account and we are sailing Alaska on another comped cruise so it is basically like two "free" vacations. Now if only we can have a repeat of that last blackjack run.
  9. On the Bliss 1) LeBistro 2) Cagney's 3) LaCucina All were excellent as was the MDR
  10. I upgraded from an inside to a midship balcony. I did a mock booking to see what this cruise would have cost, including the beverage package gratuities, insurance, taxes etc. This cruise would have cost me around $3500.00. This was a seven day cruise on the Bliss. Anyway here is what I paid. It lost the formatting but you get the idea. The first number is the total and the second two numbers is the total divided by the two guests. Total Guest 1 Guest 2 Admin Fees 280.00 140.00 140.00 Upgraded 500.00 250.00 250.00 (This is the balcony upgrade) Gov Tax/Port Exp/Fees 261.72 130.86 130.86 Insurance 124.00 62.00 62.00 Bev Srv Charge 199.08 99.54 99.54 (UDP) Din Srv Charge 24.84 12.42 12.42 (This was for Cagneys, LeBistro, LaCucina) Gross Total 1,389.64 694.82 694.82 Admin Fee contains upgrade charge if applicable and not listed separately. AMOUNT (USD)PAYMENTS
  11. She is a real beauty. We had a great time. I am seriously considering sailing her when she gets to Miami.
  12. Her name is Gene. She was working in the OL. As you can see she is a real artist. One is a perfect expresso martini the other is a mudslide. She took great care of us all week. For the life of me I can't remember the other waitress who also was very good.
  13. After being on the Bliss we are spoiled, so yes we would sail her again in a heartbeat. No matter where you sail the Observation Lounge is a great place to hang out. I highly recommend getting a cabin close to the OL. Our cruise was in Mexico and we used the OL every day. The bartenders we had in the OL were fantastic. Of course we tipped well. The OL was a great meeting spot. We had a friend sailing with us and we always met in the OL before shows and meals. It is just a pleasant spot to look outside, people watch and have a good drink. The OL also has some good cold cuts and cheese along with mixed nuts. Many times I munched out on the salami and cheese to hold me over until our next meal. Sometimes we would get back in from a port and would just need something to tide us over until our dinner reservations. NCL really hit it out of the park with this ship. The OL and waterfront are just great ideas that really are home runs. The waterfront at night is just wonderful. Our friend has been on over sixty cruises from CCL to Celebrity and everything in between, she raves about the Bliss.
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