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  1. I can't begin to tell you how many $100.00 "free" Bud Lights I have had at the Blackjack tables. While I'm waiting for my "Free" beer I invariably have to buy in for another $100.00 while I wait.
  2. No email the refund just appeared as a credit on my charge card.
  3. I submitted my refund on May 7th for a May 24th cruise NCL cancelled. I received both my final payment and deposit refund today. The refunds went to two different credit cards, Hopefully others will have such good fortune.
  4. When we did the CT it was on The Dream. The CT was held in the galley and it was not a pleasant environment. We really looked forward to hearing about each entree and we couldn't here a thing because it was so loud. For a special occasion I would go with the Steakhouse.
  5. We took the money. I really wanted to use the FCC and 20% off but it just didn't work for us because we were trying to book through the casino and they wouldn't apply the 20% off. When it is all said and done we booked 2 cruises with CCL and the it didn't cost any more than my one Alaska cruise on NCL. Of course we don't get free drinks and the specialty restaurants but we do get drinks in the casino for free and $500.00 on board credit on each cruise. If I were you I would do some mock bookings on other cruise lines just to see what you get.
  6. What a wonderful story. I am so happy it worked out for your son. Yes miracles do happen.
  7. Okay, I can only go back until the late 1990's. My neighborhood had an improve your yard contest. My wife is super competitive so we won the contest. First prize was a three night cruise on the Fantasy. We weren't expecting much but it turned out to be an absolute blast. The cabin was inside, way in the back. The cabin was pitch black when the lights were off and you had the constant drone of the engines. We slept like babies. We love blackjack and got ahead the first night and never fell behind the rest of the cruise. We spent so much time in the casino we never ate in the MDR. We m
  8. It is hard to beat NCL when it comes to gambling cruises. My wife and I limit ourselves to a thousand a day and NCL give me a free inside anytime, anywhere we want to go. Fortunately we are actually ahead on NCL. The plus with Carnival is when you get a free cabin it really is free, no admin fees.
  9. I am supposed to sail on The Bliss May 24th Seattle to Alaska. My guess is they want to hang on to our money as long as they can. I'm sure they are severely cash strapped right now.
  10. That would be great for us that live in port cities. I bet the price would be great.
  11. I still say they should call it deluxe balcony.
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