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  1. We are looking at booking the Silhouette. We've had the beverage packages on recent cruises, so we have not taken advantage of the three free drinks. Are they available the first night and from 5:00 -7:00 pm only? Does anyone have a link to the list of what is included? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi - We are docking at Outer Mole on Celebrity in October. We have shipboard credit to use and were thinking about booking the Trolley Tour with Celebrity. Does anyone know if by booking our shore excursion directly with Celebrity, if we can avoid making an extra stop anywhere to pick up or redeem tickets? We are hoping that by booking with Celebrity, we will get our tickets on the ship, then take the required shuttle to the Mallory Square area, and from there walk to the Southernmost Point and only use the shuttle at the closet Southernmost stop to get back to Duval. Thanks so much! Nancy
  3. Thanks. That's a good point because we really spend a lot of time out on the verandah. We love just sitting out at sea.
  4. Thank you both for your replies! :)
  5. Looking at a short cruise on Infinity. We were wondering what AQ and dining at Blu is like on this class of ship as compared to Solstice class. Is it worth it or should we stick to CC or standard verandah categories? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I posted this on the Cozumel board but thought I would post here as well. We will be sailing on the Reflection in December. I am looking for a Christmas gift for someone -- any sort of specialty bottles of Kahlua - like the tiki ones or something similar. Has anyone seen them recently on or off the ship? I'm not sure if they even sell them anymore. Thank you so much!
  7. Hi - We will be in Cozumel on Celebrity in December. Does anyone know where I can buy Kahlua in the glass tiki bottle or speciality bottles and what the cost might be? I am looking for a Christmas present. Thanks so much.
  8. We booked 1120! :D Does anyone know for sure where the bed is located? Any pictures of this balcony and/or the view? Thank you!
  9. So based on recommendations -- Murano and Lawn Club are not to miss!! We've been to Tuscan, but it was years ago. Does anyone like Qsine? Sounds different with interesting some choices. Also, will we have enough choices for a glass of wine or cocktails in the speciality restaurants with just the Classic Drink package? Thank you!
  10. Hi -- We will be on a 4 night pre-Christmas cruise on the Reflection, and are not planning to go to the main dining room at all. We are going to purchase the speciality restaurant dining package with our OBC. We are so looking forward to this cruise and while we are waiting, are hoping to enjoy some reading material. :D Please post your favorite speciality restaurant(s) and your favorite menu items. Thanks!
  11. Hi - We are going to be booking CC and will have OBC. I was thinking about purchasing the package now. Is there any advantage to waiting until the Concierge Embarkation Lunch to purchase the speciality dining package? Thanks!
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