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  1. Thanks for the information. I suppose they removed the large screen to provide a better view from the aft.
  2. The Bliss has had the giant screen on Spice H20 removed as compared to the other ships in that class and has a stage. Does that mean that there will be more live entertainment there at night instead of the DJ?
  3. Does anyone know when the GEM goes into dry dock for her next major renovation? I believe NCL does this every 5 years with most of their ships and 2020 would probably be the year if it were scheduled. Don
  4. I have cruised in the Haven on the Breakaway (twice), Escape and this January I will be in the Haven on the Bliss. I always take the Haven Aft Facing Suite....a long walk to the Haven in the front of the ship, but the huge balcony is worth it. Besides, I need the exercise for all the food and drink on a cruise. My Fitbit usually shows 5-6 miles a day....more on port days!! The biggest negative of being in the Haven is that it is very difficult to go back to a regular cabin!! Don
  5. Hi Arzeena…. It looks like the only "new mega ship" coming to NYC in the 2021 winter will be the Getaway which will be doing the Bahama / Florida 7 day cruise in February. We have been spoiled the last few years with the Aft-Facing Haven (end cabin) Suites on the 14 day NYC itinerary on the Breakaway, Escape and this upcoming January on the Bliss. We love that particular cabin but even if a mega ship were to come to NYC, we will stick with the GEM. The Haven prices have skyrocketed. We have booked that particular cabin and although there is no Haven restaurant or sundeck, it will provide us with the other Haven perks for almost half the price. And we love the GEM which is one of our favorite NCL ships and the itinerary is basically the same with the Dominican Republic added. I love these ports. It has been a long time since I cruised with you...hoping to see you again on the GEM! Don
  6. Amy.... I agree with you about the GEM...terrific ship and crew! The Haven is hard to give up, but in January 2021, I am booked on the GEM for a 14 day cruise out of NYC!!. Don
  7. Was the Concierge Elvina? She and David are my two favorite NCL Concierges. Don
  8. Who was the Concierge? Any word on any upcoming refurbishment...does the "good old GEM " in need? One of my favorite NCL ships. Thanks. Don
  9. Same with me....my TA is an online TA that specializes in cruises....great OBC and/or gratuities. I used to use my TA's insurance, but now I shop online and there is one search that provides travel insurance and within their website, they do cruises. Best insurance prices with all the insurance that is special for a cruise (medivac, change in itinerary, medical, etc.).
  10. The GEM is also my favorite NCL ship. Booked the GEM 14 day out of NYC in January 2021...looking forward to that cruise after cruising on the Breakaway and Escape for the last several years and the Bliss this upcoming January. Don
  11. Buffet: Casual (Favorite: Breakfast at the Great Outdoors) O'Sheehans: Casual La Cucina: Premium Casual (Favorite: Chicken Parm. - no longer offered) Le Bistro: Premium Casual (Favorites: Onion Soup, Mushroom Soup, Escargot, Chocolate Fondue Tappanyaki: Premium Casual (Favorites: Warm Sake Fried Rice and most entrées) Soup and Salad - poor! Cagney's: Premium Casual (Favorite: Lettuce Wedge and Ribeye) I enjoy all the food venues on NCL....I do have my favorite dishes. I agree….fun thread. Don
  12. For me, there is nothing like a 14 day cruise. Unlike Laszlo (who is a great guy and we have chatted many times on roll calls) I am big fan of sea days and always find things to do onboard the ship. In fact, being from Long Island, cruising out of NYC is a pleasure since I leave my home and an hour and a half later, I am onboard, having lunch and getting ready to enjoy a super vacation. We have done at least five 14 day cruises and I have booked the GEM 14 day cruise (one of my favorite NCL ships) for the winter of 2021. IMHO, once you take a 14 day cruise it is hard to go back to even 10, 11 or certainly not 7 day cruises. We have done the 14 day cruise 4X and are on the 14 day Bliss cruise next January. The weather in the winter can be a" crap shoot," but usually I have found that there can be some winters where there are may be a few sea days that are not conducive for outdoor activities, but we have found that there are plenty of things to do or relax onboard the ship...can't remember specific activities but similar to the 10 and 11 day cruises. The "cheap laundry" is usually once per cruise, perhaps midway or day 8. Since I am an NCL Platinum Plus Latitudes, I get free laundry once anytime during the cruise and have not payed much attention to when it is on the cruise. That being said, I always overpack and do all my undergarments, shorts and t-shirts onboard, but my wife does not trust their laundry. Don
  13. This makes a lot of sense….listening and possibly correcting issues that bother cruisers. Especially at the CC Meet & Greet where these people are usually the most vocal. Don
  14. As a loyal NCL Platinum Plus Cruiser, one thing I found so great in the Meet & Greet was the interaction and Q & A between the Officers and the CC Roll Call cruisers. Perhaps I am mistaken, but for the last several years, this seems to be lacking. I can't remember the last time at a Meet & Greet that we had any interchange with the officers. It seems they introduce themselves, give their speeches and quickly depart. Has anyone else noticed this? IMHO this was a wonderful part of the Roll Call's Meet and Greet and sold me as a loyal NCL cruiser and I felt that NCL really wanted to hear our pluses and minuses of our cruise experiences to improve our cruise experience. That being said, I never heard much criticism of NCL at these Q and A's so I can't understand why they do not do this anymore? Don
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