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  1. On ‎10‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 12:16 AM, bonvoyagie said:

    You are correct that the suite perks vary from ship to ship. The Jewel class ships have smaller havens and the access to them is limited to the haven suites on deck 14 and 15 plus the four owners suites on decks 9 and 10. The Owners suites and the Garden Villas have the free bottles of liquor and mixers they also have reserved seating in the theatre. 


    All suites have the option of eating breakfast and lunch in Cagneys or Modernaro - they are pampered with a nice buffet as well as hot meals and French press coffee. All suites have butler and concierge service. Suites also have a Nespresso coffee maker in the suite. Suites generally have better linens and toiletries. They also have king beds that do not separate. Usually there is a cocktail reception for suite guests - usually with the ship's officers including the captain.


    You can also get meals served in your suite - we have done this on sea days when we want to lounge around in the suite in the morning.  

    Thanks for the information.

    Would you know what category those suites on 9 and 10.  Do they include the corner Aft-facing suites on the corners on those two decks?


    For some reason, I thought all suites had the reserved seating for shows.

  2. Most activities on Spice H2O are over around midnight.  We usually ended our day there so I think you are safe unless you retire very early. 


    The one sound we enjoyed on those cabins is the sound of the wake from the props.....sounds like a waterfall.  Great to go to sleep with.  We always kept our balcony door open.:classic_smile: 

  3. 9 minutes ago, KeithJenner said:

    The appeal is the large balcony.


    On the Breakaway, the standard balconies are tiny. As someone who likes to spend time on the balcony, I am reluctant to pay the extra for a standard balcony room over an oceanview, as the balcony itself is unusable for me. Therefore, the only options are aft, large balcony or mini suite with large balcony. Even the angled balconies on these ships are a bit on the small side.


    The location is also good, being close to the 678 decks, although you may be quite a way forward which can be a problem if you suffer from seasickness.


    Whenever I book the Breakaway or Getaway I look at the aft rooms, large balconies or mini suites with large balcony. I've always found the aft rooms to be a fair amount more expensive out of those options.

    Thank you Keith....

    I have heard of these angle cabins and there seems to be great appeal for them.....why?

    What category is this and what decks can they be found on the Breakaway?



  4. What is the difference between a regular balcony cabin and "Large Balcony B6 Category Cabin?"

    Is there any difference in theses cabins as far as location and deck? 

    I am wondering why many of these cabins are already sold out on a cruise I am booking that is already more than a  year away.

    What is the appeal?

    I've always liked the aft facing cabins but the price is right for this category.



  5. 21 hours ago, bkrickles1 said:

    I believe the rules require that the bartenders remove caps but I have, on occasion, gotten them to leave them on so I could bring a couple back to the cabin. It's so nice to have a drink on the balcony every once in a while.

    Usually it's the bartenders I've built a relationship with (tips and conversation) that have allowed me to have a couple of unopened beers for consumption at another time.

    I also have my cabin steward empty my mini fridge on embarkation day.

    That seems to be the rule, but I love to bring a beer to my cabin to enjoy on the balcony after a hot day in port so I go to my favorite bar on the way to my cabin and place 2 bucks on the bar with my card and request two beers uncapped.  I've always gotten them.  :classic_smile:

  6. 12 hours ago, mafig said:

    New to Haven.  Also many years since we've been on NCL.


    You have to make reservations?  

    Somehow I thought that if you were in the Haven you did not have to make them in advance, or you could just show up (for shows) like on Royal Caribbean.


    What, exactly,, do you need to make reservations for?  Shows?  specialty restaurants?  The Haven Restaurant?


    Do you make them via the website?


    I have been in the Haven on the Breakaway and Escape and we always make show and dining reservations with the Concierge the day we board. And they are fantastic when making changes throughout the cruise....never an issue.  Also, they escort you to the shows where "Haven seating" is provided.....usually about 25 minutes before the shows start.  This is one of the special perks of booking the Haven.       

  7. It has been over 15 years since I have been on a Carnival ship.

    We will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary on the Sunshine in 2021.


    We would like to have our own table for two on the cruise for lunch and dinner.  Are they readily available?

    Having been an exclusive NCL cruiser over the last several years, we always have that table for two with their

    "Freestyle Dining Policy."  Wondering if the same holds true for Carnival.


    Am I better off signing up for a "late seating" or the "Open Seating" to get that "table for two?" :classic_smile: 



  8. 27 minutes ago, hallux said:

    As long as a rider meets the height restriction they should be able to ride solo.  Note that single and double karts run at different times.  I don't think age matters, but be sure they understand the conduct rules on the track or they will be asked to exit early.


    I responded to your post in another thread regarding the weight question - I'm definitely over 250, and may have been over 270 when I rode, maybe I carry my weight better than some but they didn't question it when I went.

    Thank you so much for your answers......greatly appreciated.


    I just read your answer about the weight....makes me feel that I can do this although the video I saw looked as though the steering wheel was very close to the person.  I assume the steering wheel can be adjusted for the rider.


    That is interesting that they have single and double karts.

    Would you know what times the karts run each day (e.g. 9-10)?

    Do you recall the prices for a 7 day or "cruise pass?"


    I heard the night course is really nice and better than the daytime...any opinion on that?

    Our Roll Call is going to try and set up the Karts as an activity.


    I'm wondering if any other Roll Calls have tried to do this with the NCL staff onboard.

  9. 17 hours ago, tallnthensome said:

    All the go karts threads     Been discussed extensively ....... 

    Thanks for the information, but I was hoping that someone might have specific answers to my questions without of having to search through numerous threads.  Perhaps someone has been on the Bliss and knows the answers to these specific questions. I did  a search and could not find this information.  If you have that knowledge, could you please share.

    I have spent hours reading about the Bliss on different threads on this forum and have not seen an answer to my questions and was hoping to see if any of the hundreds of people who have commented on the Bliss on this forum could answer my specific questions.

    But thanks for your comment. It was the only response I have received so far.:classic_wink: 

  10. Going on the Bliss this January.... I have some questions:


    What is the cost?

    I heard there are different plans...such as a day pass, week pass, etc.  We are on a 14 day cruise....do they have a "cruise plan?"

    Does anyone have any information on this.


    Also, are their weight restrictions?  I weigh 270 pounds, hoping to get down to 250 by cruise time.:classic_unsure:

    And my 11 and 14 year old grandsons are also going on the Bliss in the future....can they ride together or can the 11 year old ride by himself?


    Thank you.

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