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  1. We saw it yesterday and it was excellent. Keith, you're on it. Aloha, Pete
  2. That would be a big "LIKE" on FB. We're planning on cruising in the near future. Can hardly wait because it's been quite a while. Thinking San Francisco should be part of the destination. Hope the Ratcliffs will join us. Hope all is going well for you and yours! Aloha, Pete
  3. There's no way it's now OK because they decided to remove it. We all like Crystal but they were very wrong and you were 100% correct. Yes, of course everyone makes mistakes. That one was inexcusable! Right on, Kitty9! The End!
  4. Yes, my partner and I are in the same boat. I guess if you don't have the bucks, you don't cruise. It is getting out there! We've even thought of the fifth floor. Seriously. Best of luck to all, y'all! Aloha, Pete
  5. Greg, We used to save it and everything else but decided to throw everything away quite a while ago. Sorry. Aloha, Pete
  6. Crystal is the best by far but you'll be paying the price. I guess it depends how much money you're willing to spend. Good shopping! I'm sure most people will say Crystal because this is the "Crystal Board". Aloha, Pete We've done all of them. Pros and cons for all. We prefer Crystal.
  7. Hey, best of luck. Have a great cruise!! I know you will. Aloha, Pete
  8. John M. I think people were nice to projunior because of the deep respect the board members have for Solomon. I know I do. Projunior, I think your idea about being able to have a snack late night at the Bistro is an excellent one. Maybe the powers that be will consider it. We remember the lush midnight buffets that most people didn't partake of. It was a huge waste of food and labor. I think a lot of older people were already sleeping. Great thread! Mahalo, Pete
  9. Projunior, that was excellent and I hope you go where your heart leads you. If I didn't have shampoo, towels, etc., after I asked for it, I'd go up to the gym and help myself. Food nit#1: No late night food options. I always grab a sandwich at the Trident grill around 5:00 PM and shove it in the fridge. You know, just in case I don't want to order room service and bother someone at $1,000/day or more. Food nit#2: The sommelier is only a cocktail waitress in disguise that knows a little about wine. I usually bring a fresh cocktail in with me when we enter so I don't run out before we order. Food nit#3: If you ask for a bread basket, you can have one. If you ask for two, you can have two. The Luxe is for Karaoke. We're going to try a cheaper cruise again someday also. Crystal is getting way up there! Aloha, Pete
  10. Quay West Suites, Sydney. Decent view, decent pool w/view on top floor. Once you understood their ways, nice people. A little backwards. Best bang for the buck. Italian take away, next door. Not bad. No take away license, no take home. Great location, great service (for Australia), across the street from the Shangri-La. Where you can order a double Baileys which is exactly a double Baileys for $20.00 a pop. Bring your own wine with you and eat take away in your room. *That's a good tip! Penfold's 389 Australian wine was $129.00 at a retail store, at a restaurant don't know. Didn't even see it on the wine list. Hawaii retail........$28.00. I believe they have a huge sin tax thing going on. Like huge! Say you live there and you have to move to say, Hawaii, USA and you have a dog, you have to pay $6,000 to $8,000 to bring it home. Total socialism. God Bless them and God Bless America! No police protection. They only react after an incident. Please, be careful. Aloha, Pete
  11. Mahalo, Judith. You are "the best". Aloha, Pete
  12. I doubt mdmourges read your statements on the other thread you started but who cares anymore? Hey, I'm lightening up. Welcome aboard! Aloha, Pete
  13. The Newt/Rick, You may not want to sound snobbish..........please, go on the World "first class" and leave us poor Crystal Cruisers alone. Pete
  14. Thought I did it but apparently not. pts22 email: pts22@aol.com
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