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  1. setsail

    New and Improved CC

    Why do you need an app? Just put a tile on your phone, click on it and you are there. No apps needed
  2. setsail

    What makes Royal special?

    Best website in the industry
  3. We can't speak for all cd's, so you will have to ask them yourself Yes
  4. Your cruise has not happened so there is no way to tell you what to expect. Bring your party beads and pack your boas.
  5. Nice, thanks for posting. Looks to be very comfortable furniture
  6. setsail

    Check this out guys

    Did not read the comments did you. Like it would take me 2 years in my home country to earn what I make on the cruise ship in 6 months. Vid s 6 years old:rolleyes:
  7. setsail

    Solarium On Oasis Class

    There is no way to answer this for a cruise that has not happened. Chogs are on every ship
  8. setsail

    Tipping the genie

    Steward included in regular tips The norm is whatever you want it to be.
  9. setsail

    Harmony bed DIRECTION

    All headboards face the interior of the cabin
  10. setsail

    Oasis of the Seas Dining

    Get the booking #'s for the other couples, call back and have them link you and your seating will be together. Your ta can do this also
  11. 3) How much cash should we bring with us? What other activities that we could pay cash? Thanks You can use cash for tips, like room service, bars, etc. Also, for stuff you do on your own in port, like a cab, eating, drinks, gifts, shopping.
  12. If you are putting a show on it might wind up on the AQ big screens
  13. setsail

    Hard Beds On Allure

    So which cabin are you talking about. There are only around 2,800 cabins. Have you slept in all of them? Bedding is changed out all the time for various reasons