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  1. For best viewing, on which side does the ship pass the Statue of Liberty?
  2. We sail the week before you, as does another poster here. I posted a thread titled Bermuda experience, and got a boat ahemm.. excuse me "Ship" load of suggestions. Thanks all, and smooth sailing! 🙂
  3. Hamilton vs St. George's? If you had to choose.
  4. On another thread a poster offered an email address. Rcdining@rccl.com I sent an email on the week end, our cruise is July 13th; but so far have not had a reply that even acknowledges receipt of my request. Maybe, I'm a tad impatient. 😞 I've had the experience of going to correct a dining error, and I'd rather not spend my embarkation waiting my turn to make the adjustment yes, I'm impatient... sigh.
  5. Thanks. We also put in a request this evening. 🙂
  6. I Loved your review! I too would love a posting of the Compasses. 🙂
  7. Unfortunately, it's probably going to create a Royal mess. The numbers of ships in ports of call will inevitably be greater. We are sailing to Bermuda in a few weeks, and it's my concern rescheduling will be far reaching. We chose the ship (Anthem) as our destination. Wishing everyone smooth sailing. 🙂
  8. Where does the excursion (Catamaran) start, and end. I'm assuming at King's Wharf. Thanks.
  9. Good to know because while my husband is driving us to the Airport, I wasn't going to bring my license. Thanks.
  10. Is it required in Bermuda (Anthem Sailing) to have the actual passport when going into Bermuda, and getting back onboard or is a copy sufficient? Thanks.
  11. Anyone have this Cruise Compass. We wish to look to review the 5 days activities before boarding. Btw, I've tried RCCL'S Blog, it shows a May sailing... sigh. Thanks.
  12. I'd like to know (mobility issues) the location of the Muster Drill for cruisers on the Anthem's 12 floor, staterooms near the back of the ship. Thanks. 🙂
  13. Is there a cut off date (We are to sail from Bayonne in July) to purchase the insurance. Given the weather of late, and hurrricane predictions we are wanting coverage.
  14. Oops... I meant to post on Anthem board. 🙂
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