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  1. I used Caribbean Dive College in St. Maarten. They're in Bobby's Marina in Philipsburg, close to the cruise pier. Good people, I'd go with them again.
  2. To clarify...I meant to write "Agreed." directly following your quote.
  3. The circumstances under which the OP is sailing with his parents are none of anyone's damn business. Everyone can choose to either answer the questions helpfully or not reply at all. Nobody came to CruiseCritic to be lectured about their manners. I'll bet that if a first-time, solo cruiser aged, say, 50+ posted up a thread asking about activities aboard, or ways to meet people, you would either be happy to provide helpful information, or at least not reply at all. You are presenting yourself as extremely bitter towards kids and young adults, to an almost shocking extent. If you're not interested in providing helpful information for the OP (which is the entire point of this website), then why don't you do the forum equivalent of keeping your mouth shut, and just not reply? You managed to provide a bit of helpful information and encouragement in your posts...why couldn't you just leave it at that? The fact that the OP has been so appreciative of everyone trying to help, and has declined to engage others in arguments, despite your/their persistence, speaks volumes about all of you. I don't respect people older than me, seniors included, simply because they've managed to avoid death for a long time. I respect people who act respectably, regardless of age. OP certainly has y'all beat there. You're not going to get true respect from anyone of any age by being mean and bitter towards them.
  4. We actually didn't have trouble moving our towel animals around. In fact, with the first one that our steward placed on the couch, we decided to join in the fun and move him someplace that would give the steward a laugh.
  5. I find that if you feed them a few $1s, you have a greater likelihood of receiving new ones ;)
  6. On the first day of my cruise I discovered NCL had canceled one of our excursions, and rescheduled another so that I now held tickets for two excursions at the same time. This cost me a half hour of my day. We were also served almost completely raw meat (I promise, no exaggeration) in Moderno, twice. I almost never let things get me angry or upset (outside of work, that is). And you know what? That half-hour represented 0.2% of my time aboard. And other than the raw meat, I've never eaten as well as I did aboard the Dawn. Some people may have chosen to allow these things to ruin their entire vacation. I don't even consider them worth remembering. I had an amazing time. If I wanted to be miserable and complain about what I eat, I can do that at home for free.
  7. Enjoy your cruise. Bermuda right?
  8. According to NCL's website, the custom is $1 per bag at all their departure ports except for New York, where the custom $2 per bag.
  9. We entered the terminal about a half hour before all-aboard, breezed through screening and check-in, and were aboard ten minutes prior to all-aboard. The moment we stepped off the gangway, they announced that staterooms were ready. This was perfect--we had just driven to Miami from New Jersey, so being able to head straight to the room, put all our stuff down, clean ourselves up a bit and then relax before sailaway was perfect.
  10. The main pool is a rather busy area, pretty much at any given time. Especially on a particular itinerary/length/date that will attract more families with children, it will be worse. However, the area higher and forward of the pool has ample lounge chairs, amazing views, and there's a hot tub up there too. There are signs denoting the area as a "quiet zone". Check this area out the first day or two. There is a library, check into that as well (as far as hours). Find the helipad. It's somewhere above the kids' pool, at the aft end. There aren't any guardrails or anything like that stopping you from walking right onto it...it also has great views and is often deserted. It is noisy with ship's machinery...but I prefer the steady noise of machinery to the raucous noise of people any time, anywhere. The Gatsby lounge is a nice area, just aft of the casino, but there will probably be casino traffic passing through. The Star Bar has nice views too. For dining...any of the specialty restaurants will generally be more towards what you're looking for. We ate at the Venetian twice, and it was a great meal both times, perfect atmosphere. Even though it is an MDR (free/included), it has a slightly tighter dress code and more upscale style. Best thing to do...walk all around the ship around the time of sailaway...when everyone is out and about. Whatever areas you find deserted then, are likely to also be deserted throughout the cruise when people are in their cabins, doing indoor activities, etc.
  11. Right-o. A cruise ship is a huge, working, ocean-going vessel that rarely gets much downtime. When it comes to required maintenance or repairs it's no different than a cargo freighter or oil tanker. It's gotta get done. I'd be happy that whatever they're working on is either fixed, or not getting ready to break, and find something to do elsewhere.
  12. http://music.yahoo.com/news/houston-died-drowning-coroner-says-213627189.html Cocaine, Xanax, Flexeril, marijuana, and cocaine. Sure, the drowning killed her...but all the drugs were probably (disclaimer: my opinion only) the reason she drowned in a bathtub.
  13. You are allowed to bring wine onboard, but you have to pay $15 per bottle ("corkage fee"). And that's for a 750ml bottle, bigger bottles = more money. Other than wine, you can't bring any alcohol aboard. They do check luggage, and they will confiscate it. Many people have successfully smuggled it aboard, and you can find plenty to read about that here, but (for me, personally) it's not worth possibly being thrown off the ship. You can walk all around the ship outside on Deck 7, same level as the atrium. But towards the bow, it's enclosed and you can't actually look off the bow of the ship.
  14. While I do agree that the rule doesn't quite match up to concepts of law, the policy wasn't intended to be analyzed in this manner by any guest. It's more of a common-sense sort of thing. Luckily for NCL, it's their boat and they can choose any way they want to handle alcohol. If they wanted to require parental permission for anyone under 50, they could :D I'm sure that "legal guardian" for someone 18-20 is meant to be interpreted as "whoever was and probably still is acting as the parent and caregiver of this kid". Here, the spirit is more important than the letter.
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