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  1. I just used wifi calling in Nov 2018 (my last cruise). I had the value internet package. Just put my phone in airplane mode, turned on wifi, turned on wifi calling in my phone settings (Samsung Galaxy Note), and it worked with no problems. We've done this many times without issues.
  2. The newer Verizon phones, especially the Samsung Galaxy phones, require cellular data to send/receive text messages. It was part of one of the updates they did almost two years ago. You used to be able to video call from Sansung phones over wifi on Verizon, but they also removed the ability to do that too and now you can only video call if you use cellular data. That update came before the texting update. To send texts over the ship's wifi, you have to go into airplane mode or the phone will always default to attempting to use the network first. It will require purchasing at least the value internet plan to communicate with others off of the ship, but you can also use your phone and make phone calls over wifi too. We've been able to let our son call my mom numerous times throughout our cruises to talk to her before bed as used to be his routine and I have been able to take work calls (not by choice) to help prevent payroll errors made by the person covering for me while I am away.
  3. NBC News' article has more information regarding the investigation into the incident. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/carnival-horizon-passenger-dies-fall-cruise-ship-balcony-n1085491
  4. I tried to find the app in the Google app store and didn't see it so it may not be available anymore, but the book is still available. Here is what it looks like.
  5. I have been a T1D since I was 11 years old. There used to be a book, I don't know if they still make the print version anymore, called the Calorie King Carbohydrate Counter. It helped me so much in determining the nutritional values in foods. I believe they have it in an app you can purchase and download to your smart devices now. I highly recommend it. It offers nutritional information for restaurants, individual food items such as potatoes, apples, etc. and even breaks the items down by size such as small, medium, and large. It is a great guide to use for a newly diagnosed T1D to help with learning what is in different foods. After a few years, it becomes much easier to eyeball and estimate carb counts, but the apps are always helpful.
  6. The value plan will work. We have used it in the past to watch the live feed on the video cameras at our dog boarder's to check in on the dog every now and then. We aren't crazy dog parents, but she gets rambunctious and likes to escape through open doors if an opportunity arises so we check to make sure she is still there. lol
  7. I bought a Hero 6 while we were on a cruise when they first came out. Pixels runs the same promotions that you see on land typically, but sometimes they will have promotions that aren't featured on land. When I purchased my Hero 6, I researched pricing online before I decided to buy and it was cheaper at Pixels on board. They also had bundle pricing to get accessories too.
  8. Agreed! Given those circumstances, I think they did the best they could. I hope everyone booked on the Miracle is able to make travel arrangements that work for them and are able to enjoy their cruise!
  9. Yes, but there is a big difference between only giving cruisers notice of a change a few short weeks before their cruise versus 8 months in advance. Thankfully these folks have more time to make adjustments to their travel plans and will have more options available with this advance notice. Hotels won't be out of rooms and flights will still have available seats. There will even be cabins available if they choose to cancel and book a different cruise.
  10. We just did this excursion in November. There are no restaurants, but they did sell some snacks at Monkeyland. They were bags of chips. I would advise that you take a few bottled waters and some snacks on the excursion with you if you fear that they will be needed. I am a type 1 diabetic. Have been for 23 years now and I didn't have any issues, but if your mother's blood sugar is sensitive and fluctuates easily then buy some granola bars or some other pre-packaged snacks to take with you on the cruise for the excursion. There is a good little uphill walk just to get to the buses and then there is a lot of walking at the first stop before Monkeyland if your bus goes to the coffee and cocoa place first. I'm sorry I cannot remember the name of the place at the moment.
  11. We have Verizon and I am able to text anyone no matter what carrier they have over Wifi. Easy peasy.. that's how I was able to help my co-worker do payroll for me without messing it up too badly so it didn't create too much stress on me when I returned to work and he had AT&T service. I just pre-pay for the value internet plan before the cruise so I can save some money on the price and then I keep my phone logged in to the internet when on the ship. With Verizon you can also make and take phone calls via Wifi too if you need to. Just be sure to put your phone into airplane mode first then turn on Wifi only so only the Wifi antenna is active.
  12. Someone asked John Heald about them and this was his reply...
  13. We've stayed in coves on both Horizon and Vista. The forward cove balconies are quiet. The ones further aft were not. It is hit and miss with those depending on what is in the galley area above them. I recommend choosing one in the forward section. We were in 2308 on Vista. It was quiet and there was no lifeboat directly above it so we had a good view with some sun. The only downside was the spray off the bow kept the balcony very wet so we had to take the beach towels out to sit on and wipe the railing down so we didn't get wet and salty lol. As far as the elevators go, it was very frustrating trying to get one on deck 2, but the workaround for this was to walk up one deck to deck 3. We rarely had to wait long for one by doing that because people were constantly going to 3 from the higher decks.
  14. I would worry more about TSA at the airport if it's in your carry on bag if you're flying. I had two bags of candy from Cherry On Top in my backpack post cruise at Miami International and I got pulled aside for special screening because the candy looked suspicious lol. Apparently drugs can be disguised as candy these days. My husband and I had a good laugh about it afterward although my son was upset because he was worried that they were going to confiscate his candy. 🤣
  15. We spent about an hour with the monkeys. It is true that they tell you not to grab or touch the monkeys, but it is for safety reasons for the monkeys. They can slip and fall off of you very easily so you're asked not to grab them. Honestly, all you have to do is stick your arm out and they will jump right onto it. They jump and climb all over you. There's no reason to grab them. Just be mindful that they are wild animals and they may potty on you. A man on our tour had a monkey pee on his head and a woman had one go on her shirt/arm. You don't tour a village, but the buses do drive through the countryside and through a city. The other stop that people and the tour refer to is at a house in the middle of the rainforest which is only a few miles away from Monkeyland. They have cocoa trees and they grow coffee beans among a few other things. The guide will walk you through and you get to watch how they process the cocoa beans and use the shells to make cocoa tea. You also get to watch them grind the coffee with a large mortar and pestle. Then you get to taste them. The cocoa tea is really good. The coffee is sweet. They add cinnamon to the coffee so if you or anyone on the tour with you are allergic, steer clear of the coffee.
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