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  1. We took the chance and booked the Shiprocked cruise at the end of Jan 2021. I’m hoping we will all be back to cruising by then, but you never know. We also have another cruise booked on Mardi Gras at the end of April 2021. Hopefully we will get to actually cruise on one of those cruises.
  2. Sorry, it’s apricot brandy, not peach. This thread made me want one so I got out my ingredients and realized I listed the wrong brandy.
  3. I make my own fruit punch because I like more OJ in mine for some extra zip. I use the Simply Orange juice that has pineapple juice in it and a splash of grenadine. Mix that with some mango rum, Disaronno, and a splash of peach brandy, shake then poor over ice and it’s yum city! If you can’t find the Simply Orange and pineapple combo or prefer a sweeter drink, then 2 parts pineapple and 1 part OJ will do the trick too.
  4. We’ve been making the Fun Ship for the last few years when we get cruise fever. It’s the right medicine to get rid of the fever for a little while lol. We also make Twighlight Zones too. Yum! Hubby bought me a Margaritaville drink machine for my birthday a couple years back so it’s like having the real thing, blending noises and all. 🤤
  5. We just used our PVP to book 2 cruises yesterday. We don’t expect to sail any time this year to allow time for all of this to pass, but we are eagerly awaiting our cruises in 2021 and 2022!
  6. My June 3rd booking is no longer in my cruise manager. I tried to add it back in case it was a website glitch, but I get a message that the booking number and name do not match any current bookings. The booking is for Sunrise June 3rd from NYC. I wasn’t expecting the cruise to take place due to the current situation in NYC, but I did expect to hear news of changes before the booking disappeared from my cruise manager.
  7. Check again now. They just sent out an email to people with cruises booked June - September so you may have gotten something with this new round of emails that went out.
  8. Has anyone had issues with submitting price protection forms, the forms are approved, but the rates and OBC amounts are wrong so you have to call to have it corrected? This has happened to me a few times recently, including today but of course I can’t get through to Carnival to get it corrected this time since the phone lines are down. I wish I had a decent PVP that I could email for help. If anyone can recommend one, I would appreciate a private message (if that can still be done on this site).
  9. I’ve been having problems too. I found a price drop and submitted a price protection form. I got my approval after the site went down and the pricing and OBC issued are both wrong. I don’t know if it’s automated or if there is a person who makes that changes, but it appears there are a lot of systems issues at Carnival today. Not being able to call makes it even worse. Hopefully the website will be back up soon.
  10. You can find videos showing a few of the 4J cabins on the Sunrise on YouTube. I have a 4J booked for my Sunrise cruise in June and I have been researching these cabins, but that is the only thing I have been able to find for this ship and cabin type.
  11. We are scheduled to sail in June and I have type 1 diabetes so I guess I am considered high risk, but I am in my mid 30s and otherwise healthy so I have no intentions of cancelling. I just plan to take two extra vials of insulin and two additional weeks worth of pump/CGM supplies just to be safe.
  12. They get paid by the hour just like the customer service reps.
  13. Like the others have said, you cannot negotiate with a PVP. The only worry with using someone else like a PVP or TA is getting someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. We usually research and book directly on the website, but I recently had some issues and called the PVP that I am assigned to so I could get some help since the wait time with customer service when calling the 800 number is lengthy with everything going on right now. Both times I called, the PVP that I have been assigned to told me he needed to transfer me because he couldn’t help with a simple pricing error. Both times he transferred me into the queue for the regular customer service line. He is awful. Try to research some before you call and try to get a feel for who you are working with when you contact someone whether it be a PVP or TA. If the answers you’re getting do not sound right or they seem unwilling to answer questions/help you, steer clear of them and try to get another PVP or TA.
  14. Go back and read post #779. The poster didn’t cite a source, but the info is very specific and answers a lot of the questions posed in the more recent posts.
  15. I was referring to Japan, not Hal. Japan’s PM stated that the country would not allow the Hal ship to dock because they assume there will be suspected cases on board due to the ship leaving out of Hong Kong. Patient 0 in the Diamond Princess ordeal travelled to Hong Kong and that is where they are suspecting he contracted the virus before boarding the Diamond. They are using caution. The incubation period for the virus is 14 days so the only way to prevent possible spread of the virus from the Westerdam into Japan from asymptomatic people is to prevent docking for the 14 day incubation period at a minimum. Perhaps a country will allow the ship to dock at that point if it comes to that and there are no passengers displaying signs of illness at that point. If they aren’t allowed to dock and disembark passengers prior to that point. How long was the Westerdam’s original itinerary? Wasn’t it for 14 days?
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