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  1. If you have a chance to see the Tattoo, GO! It is a terrific experience, like nothing I have ever seen before--or since. I am even a big fan of bagpipes now. GO!:D
  2. What possible relevance is the age of a reader/poster on Cruise Critic? would you also propose polls on: hair color (natural or enhanced)? height and/or weight? marital status? current gender and/or gender preference? The site is Cruise Critic; names are anonymous. I am opting out of your "poll".
  3. It may be a tad difficult to pick up wine along the way on a Trans-Atlantic cruise.:)
  4. Your "fact" is incorrect and misleading. I live in the US and I do not know anyone who dines between 5 and 7. If anything we dine later than 7, which, incidentally, is the time that most restaurants open for dinner. I also have never heard anyone on Seabourn who voiced a desire to dine earlier.
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