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  1. We just got off Edge Sunday morning from a Sky Suite10169 mid ship. The bed faced the ocean.. There was no comfortable place to relax in the suites. At the suggestion of someone on the boards we did purchase the inflatable "foot stool." It helped somewhat. So we spent a lot of time relaxing in the Retreat. We have sailed in Sky suites for the past 10 years and always enjoyed Luminae. Not so much this cruise. We decided to try the main dinning rooms which we thought were fantastic so far as ship cuisine goes. I had Beef Wellington one of the nights which I thought was as good as many on land based restaurants. We also went to Eden which was fun, however once was enough. We has reservations for 8 pm in La Petit Chef. However they changed our reservation to 9:30. We thought that was too late and to spend time in The Martini Bar one of our favorite places. We feel the staff can make or break the experience on board. The Edge staff was the very best ever. We also found the passengers were very friendly. Twice when we were standing at the bar for lack of a place sit passengers came to us and asked us to share their table. Loved the décor. Our home is decorated in much the same colors, black and white and taupe and gray. with accents of aqua and burgundy. We loved the ship and have booked the Edge for 2019 and the Apex for 2021,
  2. We enjoyed it very much on a previous cruise. We collect blown glass and now have a piece created by my husband. When I saw it would be available on the 4/10/19 cruise I booked it and prepaid. Last week I received a call from Celebrity telling me it would not be on Equinox and my payment was refunded. The person calling did not know if it would be available on any future cruises on any ship.
  3. We have Cabin 10469, April 2019 and Cabin 12259, April 2020. Please post and thanks. My signature is NY Dee, but left NY for sunny Florida 10 years ago.
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