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  1. Yeah, they are still there but if you try booking one it says no rates available no matter which port or type of room. I think they are going to cancel through end of May.
  2. I have been looking at cheap Carnival May cruises and now you can't book anything in May. I then read where they were temporarily furloughing employees in Port Canaveral for port cruise operations to last until at least May 30.
  3. I would call and ask. If I put in my VIFP # I get Hot Streak from $94 20K Weekend Tournament from $103 Premier Special Edition from $538 Super Sweet Summer Getaway from $142 Getaway from $113 Exclusive Last Minute Carnival Players Club Offer from $10..(and there are a lot from different ports for March and April) and other offers like More the Merrier, sailing with John Heald…. maybe they are all just casino offers? I only cruised once in 2016
  4. I just wrote how I find my offers EXCLUSIVE LAST MINUTE OFFER: using my VIFP # when clicking.. Today's offers..on top of Carnivals website. I have only cruised once with Carnival and get a lot of cheap cruises for March and April.From $10pp/ w$100obc
  5. I have a lot of cheap cruises in my VIFP area on Carnival website. Go to Carnival... click on today's deals on top of page..put in VIFP # and it gives you your deals. EXCLUSIVE LAST MINUTE OFFER: lots of cruises FROM $10pp/w $100obc. March and April from many different ports. I have only cruises once with Carnival in 2016 and played slots. Got drinks on us card on 5th or 6th night. I posted on another topic but it was closed. They said the offer had expired? but my offer still shows up and says I have until March 31st to book. I had to use Crome because IE won't work. Also there are over 30 fr
  6. I have a lot of $10/w$100 obc "Exclusive Last Minute Offers" under my VIFP offers and I have only sailed Carnival once in 2016. A lot of cheap cruises from all different ports for March and April.
  7. I lost all mine too when Carnival cancelled our Triumph cruise years ago. I didn't think that seemed right!
  8. I canceled a casino cruise with $198 non refundable deposite in November. I did it online. They kept as penalty $50 p.p.($100 total) and gave us a cruise credit for the $98 to use in the next 2 years. It was before final payment. I did not rebook.
  9. Just seen this and thought it might help someone. Med Jet is having a Cyber Sale on Monday Dec. 2 only. $50 off annual individual or $75 annual family memberships. I'm not getting it but thought it might help save someone else some money.
  10. Last April I booked a 4J on Vista for Feb. 2020. Soon after they were sold out. I was looking online the other day and one opened up for our cruise but sold soon after. Maybe book an inside then keep checking and if one becomes available then switch rooms. Maybe one will open up around final payment time.
  11. It should say "Priority" on your luggage tags. That is the only thing on our Premier cruise we have booked for Feb. 2020. I did email casino@carnival.com with booking # and VIFP# to confirm what all was included with that offer. They did return my email a few days later with answer so I printed it out to take just in case! My husband is supposed to get a lot of Fun Play so just wanted to make sure that happens.
  12. I asked John Heald on his Facebook page for any updates (for Vista) and he wrote saying he will let us know ASAP and to please stay tuned.
  13. I don't see them on there anymore. They must have took them off because they were having issues. At least that's what I have read.
  14. Your cruise wouldn't happen to be the Feb. 22nd Vista cruise is it? I read on the group Facebook page that the whole Havana area has been booked by a group. It was talked about it in March.
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