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  1. I sent them an email for the same reason in May. Our cruise isn't until next Feb. I asked them to confirm that it was a Premier cruise and what I should be getting. They (Global Casino Services= ( casino@carnival.com) sent email back the next day saying all that I would get..... Free play drinks on us cards for 2 etc. Maybe it's just taking longer right now?
  2. Can you get an order of onion rings instead of fries with your burger?
  3. They wrote back from Falstaff... "Good afternoon Ms...…. You are correct we are not sold out for February, 2020 but it is not available for booking just yet. The cruise lines issue out a final port of call itinerary in August each year for the following year and that is when we will enable bookings for then."
  4. I tried to book for Feb. 2020 and it says sold out. I think they just do not book that far out maybe? I emailed them about it. Still waiting to hear back.
  5. Thanks! 🙂 We made it on the Dream in 2016 with no problems!
  6. Not every cancelled cruise gets the same things. I was booked on the Triumph when it was in Galveston in 2013. They cancelled my cruise because it was stuck out in Gulf. I rescheduled it for later the same month and was cancelled again! I finally cancelled it. All I got was refund and 25% off coupon that I never ended up using. Now I am booked on Vista for next Feb. Boy I can pick 'em can't I!
  7. I don't think you can spend OBC until you are onboard. We booked a Premier cruise for next Feb. and also could not find anything on confirmation about it so I emailed the casino dept. and they sent me an email about all that we would receive. I printed it out just incase. Global Casino Services <casino@carnival.com>
  8. I am not paid in full but can still click "print documents" and it lets me see the luggage tags and document.
  9. We also booked a Premier cruise for Feb. 2020. Only our 2nd Carnival cruise. I also did not see anything saying it was a Premier cruise after I booked online myself, so I called Carnival to make sure. They transferred me to casino dept. who looked up our booking number and confirmed. Also if I click "print documents" then it shows priority on document and on luggage tags. That is the only reason we would have priority boarding. Hope that helps...
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