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  1. BCn lady( or it anyone else knows) Is the hotel clean n nice. Also is that a 5 minute walk to the Placa or a 5 minute (bus/cab) ride Many thanks all
  2. We have stayed in your lovely city 2x before but the hotel we stayed in has gotten very expensive. We are looking this time at the ambassador hotel( which is not quite as pricey) how is this hotel an is it near the Placa de Catanlunya Many thanks for all your help, it is appreciated
  3. jezzdogg

    Discover Shopping Warning!!

    As for watches;..if you are ever in New York on 47th street there a very reputable merchants that have been in business for numerous years that sell Movado, Tags, Omega, etc (everything but Breithlings and Rolex..which are 20%). for 40-50 % off and with american guarantees. Bought my husbands Omega several years ago for 1100 vs 1600 in the carribbean (who cares if i had to pay tax at that point) only thing it has ever needed is a battery for 5 dollars/ However I agree if Celebrity guarantees a store things should hold up, but guarantees are only worth the paper they are written on apparently. They count on people giving up and the stores are too far away for it to matter
  4. jezzdogg

    Beware Of The Quest

    Definitely not for kids..But very funny end enjoyable. We are a couple in are late 50's and not a swinger. Never laughed so hard. Go and enjoy Always some troublemakers on cc..
  5. jezzdogg

    Discover Shopping Warning!!

    sorry you are having so many problems. I have found that any jewelry/watches/camera's that are found at stores in the carribbean, can be found here(in NY) for much less money and if something goes wrong I can bring it back to the store of purchase. On our first cruise, I had promised my husband an Omega watch..when to 2 or 3 stores..guar. to be the lowest prices..cheaper than anywhere, yada yada. Had priced thr watch ***** 47th street before we left(glad I did) watch was 700 dollars cheaper in NY. Hubbys still wears same watch everyday..only thing i haver had to replace is the battery
  6. We have used cruiseair 2x because we booked our cruises late and were over feb holidays...after the last one..long layovers san juan to pittsburgh to new york swore never again... We are lucky we are in NY..cruise for our TA in april thru the cruiseline was over 300 per person more. we are flying NY to Mia for 80 each and BCN to JFK for 311. much less than cruiseline and flying in the day before so their transfers do not mean anything
  7. jezzdogg

    Wonderful Copenhagen

    We were trying to do ther Marriot thru my DIL with friends and family but, they are fully booked no matter the price for the 3 days we would like How is the Hotel Vesterboro?? Or are there any hotels in that price range that are good that you would rec. Also the Copenhagen Admiral is available but, reviews do not seem as good...please let me know Norma
  8. jezzdogg

    Wonderful Copenhagen

    Can you rec. any hotels that are in the center of town. We hae been looking at the Mermaid, the Sofitel, the Palace and the Marriott. We can, at this point get a fairly decent price at the Mermaid. How is this property, clean, a/c central to everything. Many thanks NOrma
  9. jezzdogg

    Wonderful Copenhagen

    Steve Thank ou for all your information. Wr are going to Copenhagen on our own arriving on a Wed. afternoon, flying out on a Sat, morning. then returning off the Constellation when she stops there for the day (she arrives midday and leaves midday the next day) What would be a order of things to do when we have 2 full days on our own and what to do when we have the two half days...so that we cover as much of the things to see as possible. Many thanks
  10. jezzdogg

    !!~~New Freedom Of The Seas Info~~!!

    Maybe they will base on of the Voyager class ships in New York year-around. NCL has the Dawn here year around and according to reports in dong very well. Hos many ports in Europe are going to be able to handle a ship of the Voyager class. We were on the Mille this summer and it seemed that several of the docks were too small for her
  11. jezzdogg

    Cozumel TMM International Pier/Puerta Maya Piers

    The new pier, is like a village shopping center, very nice and has a lot of the same store that you will see downtown...It was built for the Carinval Corp ships we were told when we were there in April. Apparently Hal, Carnival, Princess uses this dock now, it is a couple miles up the road from where Celebrity and RCCL dock.
  12. We will be sailing President's week Feb 19, know its a way off, but can anyone find out if the Captain will be on the ship then, after all the good things written, looking forward to meeting Captain Bang
  13. We sailed Last year from the Pan American Pier and there was a liquor store there. In fact I carried on board a bottle of Vodka and a rum and some soda. They have a leaflet. that there is an ordaince(sic) in San Juan, that states the cruiseships must allow you on board, in your room with your liquor purchased there, waived ther paper at the people, who were trying to take my purchases and was not stopped.
  14. jezzdogg

    Glacier BrewHouse Anchorage

    We went to Orzo's and food was good, being from NY did not think food was all that pricey. Guess it is what prices you are use to, also, would rec. Brewhouse. norm