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  1. There is an elevator inside YC area that will bring you to spa deck. Then this hallway (picture below) will lead you to spa facilities. This is what "private access" means. Steam rooms are included. Spa treatments are extra. Included / extra charge items can be changed any time as it's pure marketing.
  2. MS Eurodam & Nieuw Amsterdam - The GRAND TOUR of SIGNATURE class - Pics and Video - the most detailed description of these ships. Please go to Page 3 and scroll to Post #42 and 44. 6082 is essentially the same as 6110 with "flipped" layout. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. I have not heard reports on vibration in premium restaurants on the Cunard Queens. The location is the same as Tamarind. Probably I missed something. I believe the losses of wrap-around promenade and midship superstructure (Tamarind & private sun deck) are pretty dramatic. It does not seem that the new HAL ship will be handicapped as drastically as the Royal Princess was, but dramatic losses in ship design need to be compensated by dramatic design additions in other areas.... that I don't see so far.:(
  4. Thank you. My camera is a simple Panasonic DMC ZS20. I do quick touch up to check darker tones, etc. Video is a combination of both photo and video cameras - whatever happens to be closer. Enjoy your cruises! Thank you Momma1980.
  5. You are welcome! My pictures are mostly about the ship (I will post much more) and the sea, less about ports except Halifax. Thank you all for good words!
  6. Wow! What a pair! Probably 5 best cruise ships afloat (after The Queen of All Ships - RMS Queen Mary 2 ocean liner): 2. Queen Elizabeth 3-5. Eurodam & Nieuw Amsterdam and Allure OTS & Oasis OTS Just a note. The Queen Elizabeth is not a Signature Class ship (a sophisticated derivative of the Vista class platform). This Queen is also a derivative of the Vista clas but the most distant relative with lengthened and strengthened hull, significantly redesigned public rooms and open decks.
  7. Yes, you need a pass to Hydropool & Thermal Suite. We book it for duration of the cruise and it's worth every penny. This luxury is not available on "more upscale" lines like Celebrity, Princess (except the two new ships), RCI and Carnival direct competitor MSC. Also there is a free sauna on the Splendor.
  8. I would be delighted to see you wearing your medals on formal nights.
  9. Absolutely! We did it with different ships, different cruise lines, different ports (Miami + Fort Lauderdale) and even had a connecting flight between ships (Venice - Barcelona). Refreshing, exciting!
  10. Oh, yes!! On the Splendor - your OTC meds and .... steam rooms! Steam rooms! Steam rooms right away. And plenty of hot drinks - tea & lemon - no pay - just drinks and drinks and drinks and.... steam room! Get ready next day! Remember: the Splendor is a resort ship.
  11. As a rule Formal nights in MDRs feature best menus. So we always plan specialty restaurants on other days to the best of both worlds.
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