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  1. Hi. Thank you for your review. We sail in a couple weeks. We are thinking of eating in the MDR for breakfast daily and didn't think we would have the option to have the staff every day. Did you request to have the same staff/table every morning? We have been on multiple cruises and the room is usually cleaned twice a day. Is this not the case with Carnival? Also, I am curious did you get towel animals every day? Thank you for your time.
  2. Love reading your review and seeing the pictures. We are on this itinerary in September. I know you said you utilized the app for schedules, but any chance you have a copy of the kids club schedule and/or the funtimes you can post? Thank you for your time in posting this review!
  3. Does anyone happen to the have the funtimes for the Carnival Magic 6 day out of Fort Lauderdale with Simon as the cruise director, especially from the July 14th sailing since that is the exact itinerary we will be doing? I have already seen ones from May posted a couple weeks ago on a different website, but those were with a different cruise director and I know events/times/days change with new cruise directors. Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone. We are new to Carnival. I read that you can complete the official check in at Miami airport to speed up the process at port, but does anyone know if they are doing this at Fort Lauderdale Airport for cruise departures out of Port Everglades? Any advice you can give about the check in process would be great! Thank you!
  5. We will be sailing on the Carnival Magic with our 4-year-old and this will be the first time he will be able to attend Camp Ocean. We went on a different cruise line last year and he was unable to go to the kids club due to not being potty trained. We have also been looking at the Funtimes from previous sailings to get an idea of what to expect aboard Carnival. We plan to have him with us most of the time, but would like to know what our options are to give him some time to play with other kids, especially at night time to give us some adult time. With our research, I know he will be in the Penguins group. We have some questions to manage our expectations for his experience in Camp Ocean. 1. Is Camp Ocean open on embarkation day for children to participate in activities, especially at night? 2. What activities are done during the Night Owls time? 3. How does charging work for Night Owls? For example, if a child is there from 10pm until 11:30pm, will they charge for a full 2 hours for prorate it for 1.5 hours? 4. If a child is already at Camp Ocean between the complimentary hours of 7pm and 10pm, can they stay over into the night owl hours or does a parent have to "resign" them in specifically for the night owls program? 5. How much are extra kid activities, such as Build a Bear Workshop at Sea and Owl Jams Party? 6. Any other tips about Camp Ocean and Night Owls will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi. What cruise lines (and ships) have the best kids club? We are looking to take our very active 3-year-old on a cruise and have no experience with taking a child to kids clubs. Do any of the kids clubs have play areas with slides and such in them? I read that there is an outdoor playground on some Carnival ships, but have not been able to find any pictures. Do any other cruiselines have outdoor playgrounds? Thank you for any advice you can give so we can choose the right ship for our child.
  7. Hi. We are looking at possibly sailing on the Horizon with a 3-year-old and have read that there is an outdoor playground for the kids. Does anyone have a picture of this playground? Also, are there other ships that have an outdoor playground for kids? Thank you.
  8. This was our experience as well. We saw a 3 or 4-year-old playing in the smaller splash area with her siblings and a staff member came by and told her and her parents to ensure the child uses the shower when she goes to the other side or uses the pools.
  9. Hi. The children's pool for the little ones didn't seem that busy when we were there. Maybe 5 or so children. The bigger splashaway bay area was busier with lines for the kids to go down both of the slides.
  10. Hi. We have not been on Symphony of the Seas, but were on her sister ship the Harmony in August 2018 with our 2.5-year-old. There is a small splash pad area with 2 small slides and water features for those in diapers. There is an area in the Kids club on Deck 14 called Play. It is a soft play area for kids under the age of six with various toys that kids can play in with adult supervision. I have included a link to pictures of the play area on the Harmony so the Symphony might have a different setup and/or toys. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/harmony-of-the-seas-983/kids-avenue-281753/kids-avenue--v12927409/
  11. Hi. We were on in August 2018 and our 2.5-year-old enjoyed it. It has a lot of the toys that he plays with at home, such as kitchen, house, little slide, books, building blocks, etc. It was never busy when we went and we went at various times throughout the day when we wanted some play time out of the sun. There were maybe 1 or 2 other little kids when went were there. I'm sorry I do not remember the hours it was open, but we would be in there late morning and sometimes around 7 or 8 pm at night. On our cruise I never saw anything for the baby groups in the cruise compass. I have included a link that has pictures of the play area, but when we were on it, there were a lot more toys than those in the pictures. If you have any further questions regarding taking a toddler on the Harmony, please don't hesitate to ask. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/harmony-of-the-seas-983/kids-avenue-281753/kids-avenue--v12927409/
  12. We traveled Harmony of the Seas in August 2018 and were very disappointed with the food options available after 9pm. The only options open were Sorrento's Pizza and Cafe Promenade with very limited variety for 6000 people, which made the lines extensively long. When we traveled on the Navigator when it was one or two years old, I remember going to the Windjammer after 9pm for snack food. Is this not offered anymore fleet-wide? Just wandering if there are more food options available after 9pm on other Royal ships? Thank you.
  13. May I ask how check-in and drop-in works? For example, does the child need to be dropped off/picked up at the top of the hour or half-hour? Also, did you utilize the late night kids club option from 10:30p to 1am at all? If so, I was curious what activities are done during that time, such as quiet time activities (watching a movie, coloring, reading, etc.) or more active activities? Also, do you know by chance if the child is tired, will they let the child rest since it is so late? We like to attend the late night adult activities, such as love and marriage and quest game shows, but are not sure how our preschooler would do being up so late in the kids club since bedtime is usually 9pm. Just trying to figure out our options ahead of time. Thank you.
  14. Thank you for the information about the Havana. Unfortunately, that option will not apply to us since we have a preschooler, but good to know for the future. I am glad to know there are a variety of food options. It also helps that the buffet is open until 9:30 pm and reopens again later at night. Thank you for all this helpful information.
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