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  1. I realize its late but on the Royal website it lists a number as 24/7. When I call that number it says the office is closed 😞 Anyone know which number I can call for help with a reservation? I tried both 1-800-256-6649 and 1-866-562-7625 and get the same message about them being closed.
  2. Mine went down $1350 for August! Been on hold for 40mins so far I'm not giving up for that amount lol
  3. Thanks so much for the replies! I didn't realize you could refund it on myvegas.
  4. I recently booked a cruise (I think about 20 days ago) and I use MyVegas and want to redeem for OBC. I'm reading that some people say you need to redeem within 14 days of booking and some say 30 days. Can anyone confirm? I don't want to lose the coins if it really is 14 days.
  5. I brought a fan on my last cruise because I heard that the A/C broke on the cruise before mine. It was a small tower fan that could sit on a table and I never had any problems getting it on the ship (Anthem). I kept it in my carry on and it went through the scanners and they said nothing at all.
  6. Yeah I looked in the fan dept. there were literally like 2 options and they were both heater/fan. I guess at this time of the year they don't stock much like that. I will try in Bayonne before the cruise though as I might have better luck at Walmart in the US. Thanks 🙂
  7. I was at Walmart today (in Canada) and I looked in electronics and didn't see anything like that. I'm assuming thats the section you found that in? Maybe I will try Walmart in the US before the cruise.
  8. I'm sailing on this cruise on Friday and I was thinking if it isn't fixed by then I would buy a small fan to bring on board. I'm thinking one of the ones I can plug into an outlet that is small and could sit on a desk or something. Has anyone ever brought anything like this onboard/ know if they allow it? I heard some rooms were given fans but I'm guessing there is not enough to give to all rooms. I cannot sleep if it is even slightly hot so I am trying to be proactive lol! I added a picture here of the one I was thinking of. I should also mention that it has a heat function as well that I obviously wouldn't be using.
  9. I'm sailing on anthem and in under 70 days, but the entertainment reservations still aren't available. I called royal caribbean and talked to a reservations agent but they were no help and told me this is normal that entertainment isn't finalized until a week before the cruise sails (which is totally untrue because I've booked entertainment well in advance before). I'm itching to get the reservations made because I have MTD and I want to make those reservations (but I cannot because I don't know when I'll be seeing shows). Just wondering if anyone knows a phone number or email of someone I could talk to that may know more about why entertainment is not showing available yet? I feel like maybe it was just an oversight and someone possibly forgot to push a button to release the reservations or something because I have never encountered this before.. Thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Thanks for the replies 😄 I'll keep checking! I just get soo excited to book reservations for things - it makes me feel like the cruise is getting closer when I do so lol
  11. Thats what I was thinking at first but then I started thinking back and I think I remember booking things earlier. Maybe it differs from cruise to cruise. Thanks for the reply!
  12. I will be on Anthem January 18, 2019 and I am just wondering when entertainment reservations can be made? My cruise is in 74 days and there is still nothing showing on the website. My family has 2 other rooms booked and they are the same. I am pretty sure in the past I've booked entertainment reservations before this time. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there someone I could call to inquire about this? I'm not sure if the reservation agents would be able to help me with this but I am probably going to give them a call too. Thanks!
  13. I've slept on both and 100% of the time I'd pick the pullman. I find the sofa beds not as comfortable and it seems like everytime I requested the egg crate mattress topper they didn't have any available.
  14. I was on Anthem last year and I had no issues with using netflix on voom, it was just as if I were watching at home except that the screen was smaller because I only connected with my iphone and not a laptop like I normally would. It didn't seem to need time to buffer or anything it was just smooth and consistent. I was on a 13 night Caribbean cruise and no matter where we were (Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas, etc) it connected me to U.S. netflix.
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