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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if I choose to change my cruise that is Aug 23, 2020 to Aug 22, 2021 and keep the same rate that I paid am I still covered under cruising with confidence where I cancel up to 48hrs before the cruise leaves and still get a FCC for what I paid? I talked to 1 agent on the phone that said yes and when I was ready to make the change today the new agent told me that if I choose to keep my rate then cruising with confidence doesn't apply.
  2. I realize its late but on the Royal website it lists a number as 24/7. When I call that number it says the office is closed 😞 Anyone know which number I can call for help with a reservation? I tried both 1-800-256-6649 and 1-866-562-7625 and get the same message about them being closed.
  3. Mine went down $1350 for August! Been on hold for 40mins so far I'm not giving up for that amount lol
  4. Thanks so much for the replies! I didn't realize you could refund it on myvegas.
  5. I recently booked a cruise (I think about 20 days ago) and I use MyVegas and want to redeem for OBC. I'm reading that some people say you need to redeem within 14 days of booking and some say 30 days. Can anyone confirm? I don't want to lose the coins if it really is 14 days.
  6. I'm sailing on anthem and in under 70 days, but the entertainment reservations still aren't available. I called royal caribbean and talked to a reservations agent but they were no help and told me this is normal that entertainment isn't finalized until a week before the cruise sails (which is totally untrue because I've booked entertainment well in advance before). I'm itching to get the reservations made because I have MTD and I want to make those reservations (but I cannot because I don't know when I'll be seeing shows). Just wondering if anyone knows a phone number or email of someone I cou
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