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  1. DevCruise

    Is it true- NCL ship pins

    I think they're starting to hide them. The last two ships I've been on I've had to ask and they got them out of a back room somewhere. :confused: Wish I could get my hands on a Pride of America ornament. It was our first cruise and we didn't understand why the gift shops were always closed when we walked by (didn't know the ship in port thing). I've asked on a few roll calls and always get reports back that they didn't have any ornaments. Wondering if these things are going the way of the ship pins.....:confused:
  2. DevCruise

    Flowers in room

    Here are the ones we ordered with the anniversary package... Pictures don't show it, but we felt like they took up that side of the cabin. Lasted a whole week and even made it to the hotel. Probably wasn't supposed to do that, but nobody said anything and not like we could hide it.
  3. DevCruise

    Sail & Sign Account Limitations?

    Why not just put them on their own account tied to their own charge cards?
  4. My suggestion if you're looking to book airfare now. Check all the cruise lines for the week you're planning to be there and see what all ships are going to be in port and adjust your dates so that there are at least a couple ships in port to choose from. Then if your first choice itinerary doesn't go on sale, maybe one of the other ones will. And like some of the others have said, have a land based backup plan just in case. Unless you're booking something like Southwest that would allow you to keep the money paid as a future credit and you'd be ok with that.
  5. DevCruise

    Time to give up on Customer Relations???

    I guess the trick is to wait until the last minute to make the OBC request or at least after you've done any upgrades/rebookings.
  6. DevCruise

    Unlimited Drink Packages POA???

    You might be able to call NCL and get the soda package added either through a phone rep or the bon voyage dept. As others have said, you're out of luck for any alcohol.
  7. DevCruise

    did I miss a fare increase for third passenger?

    I had a friend IM me today about a cruise over Christmas (yeah, I know). For her family of 4, the 3rd person was going to be like $1200. The first two passengers were about $600 each. The 4th was just under $400 if I remember right. The 3rd and 4th are an 18 month old and a 3 yr old, so not like you could put them in a cabin by themselves.
  8. DevCruise

    Bad Jealous Evil Bosses Trying to Ruin Your Cruise

    I don't have your exact same situation, but the manager I work for now doesn't seem to be able to plan more than about a week ahead. I ended up taking out cruise insurance with a "Cancel for any/work reason" clause just because I didn't trust him.
  9. DevCruise

    Cruising pregnant/ new born

    We took our son at 1 yr old on a cruise to Mexico. Included a 6 hour flight each way. He loved the cruise and slept for most of the flights. My suggestion, if you're going after the baby is born, wait until then to book the cruise and you can see what kind of baby you're dealing with. Then you can decide if you think it is a good idea or not.
  10. DevCruise

    Is it true- NCL ship pins

    That sucks. :(
  11. DevCruise

    Carnival says no early saver deal for me.

    If you book via the web, it's considered a website booking and the PVP doesn't get credit. The exception is if you put a 24-hr hold on and then the PVP completes the booking. Dealt with this last fall due to my PVP being on vacation.
  12. DevCruise

    can you release a courtesy hold to yourself?

    Just call NCL and tell them to cancel the existing hold and book the same room with today's (tomorrow's) promo.
  13. DevCruise

    Stateroom question with toddler

    In between mom and dad. :)
  14. DevCruise

    Post-cruise questions about bunk beds

    I don't know about SOP, but we used one of the fold out couches on one cruise. They made and folded it up each night/day. If you had one of the ones that came down from the ceiling, I'd assume they'd put it away just to keep someone from bashing their head on it.
  15. I think the cost of the drinks going up is a result of so many people having the beverage package now. NCL has to make their money somehow.