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  1. No, I stayed in a similar room in August and it was very quiet. It's almost like a private hallway. No foot traffic at all and you can't hear the elevators. There is a wall separating your room from the elevator area. Enjoy! MAke sure you try Coastal Kitchen for dinner. Once we tried it we didn't eat anywhere else.
  2. I loved Sandals for a day pass in Nassau. It's was a few years ago and then the pass was about $100 pp but was discounted the day we went because the skies were very overcast, to $65. The sun came out about 30 minutes later😁. It is couples only, went with my sister as they accept same sex couples😉. Included food, drinks, towels, pools, beach, island off the beach that has bar, pools, beach... waitress delivered drinks right to my float in the pool when the swim up bar was too far away from me! Best day pass ever!
  3. I recently went on my first cruise with RC recently. It was a 5 night Bermuda cruise and originally booked in a balcony and bid and won on a Junior Suite. I thought because I bid on the suite that I would not get double crown and anchor points, but just received an email saying I had 10 points total. Is it possible that they put both my points and my companion's points on my card instead of both? I am not even sure that me sister joined crown and anchor or if they do it automatically.
  4. I up graded to a balcony from an inside when I originally booked the cruise. I got the inside for free, from a casino, upgraded to a balcony when booking, the placed a royal up bid. I was surprised how cheap the balcony upgrade was. Didn't even ask about ocean view.
  5. It was a free cruise for two inside cabin paying for port charges and taxes. When I booked it in May I upgraded to a balcony for an extra $29pp. I put a bid in for a junior suite for $150 pp. I think it was the lowest I could bid. I never ever thought it would be accepted but got an email from Royal on 8/8 that my bid was accepted for my Cruise on I 8/10. Go figure. I was happy try a regular balcony but was pleasantly surprised to be in a JS. Good luck all!
  6. I got my bid accepted 2 days before my cruise last week that was sold out for months. Don't give up hope!
  7. I would aim to get there between 10 and 11 for the parking gararge. I was actually happy that we couldn't get into the garage after we returned. The line for the elevators was so long! The extra lot is very close, just a short walk. I hope you enjoy your free cruise as much as I did!
  8. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on this trip. Although we didn't do anything too exciting, we got exactly what we came for... Rest, relaxation, laughs and time together which is precious. I don't think I could have a bad cruise... I will now try to compare my cruises on the NCL Gem to Anthem. I liked Anthems design and layout better. The Gem only has one pool with a small spiral slide that everyone seemed to get stuck on. The pool deck on the Gem was so slippery that I avoided walking through it if possible. No issues with Anthem s pool deck. I loved the adults only solarium on Anthem. The Gem did not have anything compareable. The spa in the Gem makes the spa on Anthem look terrible. I got a week long spa pass on the Gem for $100 that was worth every penny. The only sell 65 passes per cruise, so it was never crowded. It is huge and had a theressy pool, hot tubs, a cold pluge, sauna, steam room, salt room, heated tile lounge chairs and an incredible view at the front of the ship. The spa pass on Anthem was about the same price and you could use it only for fifteen minutes a day. It had a few heated plungers and a sauna but other than the treatment rooms, that seemed to be it. It was very disappointing after my last two cruises on the Gem. The solarium somewhat made up for it though. The food on Anthem was better than NCL, but still decent. I like the flow and layout better in the buffet on Anthem, but missed the Great Outdoors, a small outdoor buffet on the back of the Gem. They had the best fresh baked cookies every afternoon that we found by following the smell from our aft balcony. Staying in a penthouse suite on the Gem we got breakfast and lunch in a specialty restaurant. On anthem we only had dinner at CK, but I preferred it much better. Desserts were terrible on the Gem and wonderful on Anthem. Even the Chocolate Buffet on the Gem was bad. How do you do bad chocolate? The junior suite on Anthem was a little smaller than my penthouses on the Gem, but they were both great. On the Gem we had a Lavazza coffee machine in our cabin which I loved, a dining table and full set of dishes, silverware and glassware. I did not miss those things on Anthem. The shows were much better on Anthem. I found the musicians in various bars and lounges better on the Gem. There was so much more to do on Anthem, although we did not do most of it. The officers were much more visible and mingled with the passengers on the Gem. They do a lot more hawking of extras on the Gem. It was annoying at times. I did not see much of that on ANthem. The casinos are about equal to me on both ships. Embarkation and debarkation was easier on Anthem, although the preboarding suite lounge at NCLs pier is so much better. I did not find out until I got home that I could have gotten priority disembarkation on Anthem because of my mlife gold card at the Borgata. The staff and service on both ships is comparable. The flow on Anthem is better. They do a better job spreading out the people do it did not feel that crowded. Although I did not partake, ncl did not have movie's on the deck or in the theater like Anthem did. Popcorn was free on NCL in one of the bars. RC could have given small token prizes to the winners of game shows.NCL does. Cheap bottles of wine, key chsins, h ats, etc. It would not cost that much.... I liked the elegant decor on Anthem better. NCL ships can be rather bright and loud. Right now, comparing the price of a non haven penthouse n the Gem with a junior suite on Anthem, Anthem wins hands down. It is thousands cheaper on Anthem, so a much better value, and no need to tip a butler you did not want or need. I would gladly sail either ship again. I just love to be at sea. I would love to try a cruise that does not have as many kids, but being a teacher, that's probably not going to happen until I retire and can cruise when the kids are in school.
  9. The next day in Bermuda we decided to stay on the ship and enjoy the empty pools. I read an entire book that day and thoroughly enjoyed it! We sat on our balcony before We sailed and watched for runners.6 people were very tardy but the ship waited until they returned. We stayed on our balcony for a long time watching Bermuda go by...We had a dilemma that evening...We were scheduled to see We Will Rock You at 6:15, and coastal Kitchen did not open until 5:30. We ultimately decided to skip the show. The crab cake appetizer that night was the best I've ever had. We went to listen to some music on deck five for a bit after dinner and then back to the casino. The next and last day was a relaxing sea day. My sis went for a spa treatment and I wandered around, went shopping and finally made my way up to the sports deck. I watched a very lively game of curveball and had a hot dog with as much ketchup as I wanted😁 We went to the art auction that afternoon also. Just to watch. We packed our bags and went for our last dinner at coastal Kitchen. It was busier than it had been all week, but still mostly empty. We spent the rest of the evening having fun in the Casino. The next morning we got up early, headed down to breakfast and waited to leave. Our number was called, we walked off, got a porter, grabbed our bags and headed home. It was very easy.
  10. All the ketchup was at the big dog stand! Lol Yes, we enjoyed the cruise very much.
  11. We got back to the ship and enjoyed the indoor pool and hot tubs before getting ready for another fabulous dinner in CK. We saw the rescheduled Spectra show which I really enjoyed. We also saw the finish that song game show, which was amusing. We stayed after the show for the Hush party which was fun for about 20 minutes. Back to the casino... The last time I cruised to Bermuda the casino was not allowed to open in port. It was a nice surprise to see it open at nine pm that evening.
  12. The next day we arrived in Bermuda. We saw people leaving the ship right after 8 am. We are breakfast in the main dining room and made our way off the ship. Since we have both been to Bermuda before, we skipped horseshoe beach and bought a day pass at a Resort in elbow beach for the day. We bought them online prior to the cruise as they told us they only allow 12 passes per day. We usually just buy them at the resort itself. There are only two Hotels on Bermuda that offer day passes, both next to each other on elbow beach. When I cruise with my sister, we often do day passes at resorts. My favorite is Sandals in Nassau, Bahamas. Sure it is couples only so we are lesbians for the day, but it is luxurious and wonderful. Most people I talk to hate Nassau, but I love it! I've stayed at Atlantis before, so it has no appeal to me on a cruise and I love the no kids aspect to sandals. We selected Cocoa Reef Resort because it came with lunch and both pool and beach use. The hotel next door only came with beach use. we took a taxi for about $50 with tip. It was not a very nice resort. It must have been magnificent forty years ago, but it has not aged well. The beach, however was beautiful and that is where we stayed until about 1 pm until it started to rain. We ate lunch on the patio and took a taxi back to the ship. I would not do a day pass again if I returned to Bermuda.
  13. Thank you. We did nothing too exciting. We both just needed some rest and pampering and got exactly that. We did not do any of the extras like ifly, north star, flow rider. Never even made it up to that deck. Glad I'm not boring you!
  14. Thank you. I will compare at the end of my review. I loved both ships, but think I liked Anthem better. Or I just might love any cruise. Never had a bad one.
  15. Anthem will be a great ship for a TA. I was impressed with the three pool areas including two indoor areas. I hope you enjoy the ship as much as I did, and see more of it than me, lol. There were parts I never made it to. Alas, five days is too short. Try for a junior suite upgrade if possible. Coastal Kitchen made our cruise so much better.
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