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  1. Mykonos has one cruise pier, and when several ships are in port that same day, the first ship scheduled to arrive will get that cruise pier.  There's a ferry shuttle from the pier to downtown area of Mykonos for a small fee.  

  2. 3 hours ago, OCSC Mike said:

    I'm not interested in getting too heavily involved in the tip discussion, but...


    Someone who claimed to have previously worked as a bartender on Oasis recently did an AMA on Reddit and claimed they they did indeed receive a tip when you use a voucher. The math was a bit convoluted but basically he said he received a little over $1 per drink from RC.


    Believe it, don't believe it, just sharing.

    I believe it.  That's why they go out of their way to ring up a bottle or two of water when you cash out your vouchers at the end of the evening.

  3. 5 hours ago, E-T-C-M said:

    I am looking to book 2 rooms side by side (same alcove) on deck 10 - concierge aft/port side on Equinox.  How can I find out if the rooms  can connect or are side by side in same alcove? The agent at Celebrity said he can not give me that information. Also I would like to know the bed configuration if possible but main concern is the side by side info. For example if I want room 1285 and 1283. Thank you.

    If you are looking at the port side, find the stateroom with the bed by the bath.  You can find it by locating the "square" which annotates a stateroom with fold out sofa bed.  All those staterooms have bed by the bath.  Once you find the bed by the bath, the stateroom to the left will have bed by the balcony and will share the same "alcove" as the staterooms are built in modules of two. 


    Your example of 1283/1285, to find the stateroom with bed by the bath, you count from 1287 (square/bed by bath).  Every other stateroom will have bed by bath, so 1283 will have bed by the bath.  It will share an alcove with 1285 (bed by the balcony).


    I assume from your post you are not looking for "connecting" cabins, just alcove sharing.  Connecting staterooms will have a line connecting the two.  Example:  1251/1253.  Those are the only two staterooms in your area that are connecting.

  4. On 3/21/2024 at 5:04 PM, tauntoncheer said:

    Purchased my air through Royal Caribbeans land to sea to Barcelona. Does anyone know if I can upgrade my seats for a price before flight?Has anyone ever done it before? Thanks in advance. 

    If you book thru Royal, you don't actually have to pay for your air until final payment.  I wanted to upgrade once, but couldn't because the flight was not ticketed, i.e. actually paid for.  I had to pay for the flight before I could be upgraded.

  5. 4 hours ago, Minorhawk said:


    If we do a B2B (21 days total sailing), do we just get $100 per cruise, or $250 for both? Not a big deal, but it would be nice to know!




    A B2B is considered two cruises, so you would get the shareholder credit according to the length of each one.

  6. We decided to do Cassis on our own from Marseille.  Took a taxi to the train station and purchased round trip tickets to Cassis.  Once arrived up the hill from Cassis, there was a bus for a couple of Euro to take us down to the port of Cassis.  EASY PEASY!!!


    Not so fast.  Getting back was a nightmare.  There were no taxis in Cassis to take the 4 of us back up the hill to the train station (about 2 miles).  Bus schedule to get up to the train station was sporadic.   Finally got a bus to the train station and hopped on the next scheduled train to Marseille.  Once we got to Marseille, there were long queues to get a taxi.  We would have missed the ship, but the sailing was delayed waiting for a ship's excursion to return.   We won't do that again.


    Rent a car would be the best bet.  Taxi to car rental and taxi back to the ship.

  7. I have a rental car reserved in Le Havre, and the invoice reads "Le Havre Centre/Cruise Term."  Anybody rented there lately?  Will I be able to pick up at the cruise port, or do I have to get to walk/taxi to their main office on Quai de Southampton?  

  8. 1 hour ago, MELSMOM47 said:

    Thanks. It didn’t feel like a tunnel? The same cabin is available on the port side. Is there a big difference?

    No, it won't feel like a tunnel.  The cabin on the port side is also a connecting stateroom cabin, but it has the bed by the balcony.  9298 has the bed by the bath.  Same size stateroom.  


    The only difference with the connecting stateroom is the stateroom door on a non-connecting cabin opens out into the alcove, whereas a connecting stateroom, the stateroom door opens into the stateroom.  Sometimes it will conflict with the bathroom door.  If that door is left open when someone enters the stateroom, they will clang together.  

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  9. 9 minutes ago, mduffy1834 said:

    Not sure if the balconies are that much bigger, just slanted.  Have done both and enjoy both, but, you're right about loving the wake.  Check out cruisedeckplans.com - they have some pictures of both cabins or at least same category.  Enjoy

    Yes, the staterooms on the slant/angle have 2-3 times larger balconies than the aft balconies.  1407 has a normal sized balcony with little overhang from the sun/inclement weather.  9298 has 2x larger balcony than 1407.  I would go for 9298.  Better location on the ship.



  10. 13 hours ago, read2learn said:

    I just checked in for my cruise from Athens. It opened up at 12am  March 1~Athen's time. Thanks for your post. I was able to secure an 11;30 spot.

    Do they really check your time slot anymore?  I can't recall being asked for the past couple of years.

  11. 11 hours ago, Mullwi said:

    Hi all, I had a question on cabins after the bump out like eclipse 1048. Does the previous cabin’s bump out affect 1048’s balcony size or view? also is the bed near that balcony or bathroom?Thank you! 

    It will affect your view forward since it is on a bump out, but balcony is normal size.  Bed is by the balcony.

  12. 2 hours ago, jelayne said:

    Looking at the deck plan 7198 does not have either sofa bed ( indicator is a triangle) or an upper berth (indicator is a square).  Cabin 7200 has both a sofa bed and upper berth.  

    You got that a tad backwards.  Square = sofa bed, and triangle = upper berth.


    Upper berth is flush with the overhead, and located over the sofa.

  13. 15 minutes ago, Beer Belly said:

    I've got a question on tipping, figure I'd drop it here. We book Balcony cabins, usually tip the steward $150 - $200 for a 7 day cruise, Boss Lady sez I over tip everywhere we go.....is she correct ?.....am I overdoing it ?......I also tip at specialty dining even though gratuities are included when purchasing the package.

    The wife is correct.  😁  

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  14. 9 minutes ago, cosmo1027 said:

    If both people in the stateroom have Elite status, do they each get a bag of laundry or is it just one per cabin?


    You each get one bag (30 items).

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  15. The shuttle from the ship to the town of Livorno will not take you to the train station.  You have to take a taxi from the ship to the train station to catch the train to Florence.  Last time in Livorno, several years ago, the taxi to the train station is a fixed price, whether you have 1 or 8 people, so best to get a group and share the fare.


    Have not overnighted in Livorno, but I would suppose you would need to take a taxi to/from the ship.  I'm not sure where the free shuttle drops you off, but I know it's not the train station.



  16. 1 hour ago, skittl1321 said:

    I have both a bank and a credit union and both told me "use an ATM there, the exchange is way better".   They can do exchange, but it is really not a thing as much as it used to be.

    Current Interbank rate is around 1.08, and you will get very close to that using a Bank ATM in Europe.

    1 hour ago, FOXTROT said:

    We found AAA had the best rate.

    AAA has a terrible rate compared to a Bank ATM in Europe.  I would be surprised if they would give you $1.20 - $1.25 for a Euro.  If you are only exchanging a minimal amount. go for it.

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