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  1. Do they really check your time slot anymore? I can't recall being asked for the past couple of years.
  2. It will affect your view forward since it is on a bump out, but balcony is normal size. Bed is by the balcony.
  3. I think World Class Bar is exempt? What about Martini Bar?
  4. You got that a tad backwards. Square = sofa bed, and triangle = upper berth. Upper berth is flush with the overhead, and located over the sofa.
  5. You each get one bag (30 items).
  6. The shuttle from the ship to the town of Livorno will not take you to the train station. You have to take a taxi from the ship to the train station to catch the train to Florence. Last time in Livorno, several years ago, the taxi to the train station is a fixed price, whether you have 1 or 8 people, so best to get a group and share the fare. Have not overnighted in Livorno, but I would suppose you would need to take a taxi to/from the ship. I'm not sure where the free shuttle drops you off, but I know it's not the train station.
  7. Current Interbank rate is around 1.08, and you will get very close to that using a Bank ATM in Europe. AAA has a terrible rate compared to a Bank ATM in Europe. I would be surprised if they would give you $1.20 - $1.25 for a Euro. If you are only exchanging a minimal amount. go for it.
  8. In the past, I've only purchased around $20 worth of Euro from the ship just to have some local currency for incidentals. I use the Bank ATM in Europe, at usually no cost or transaction fees. A couple of times there was a small fee, but my bank reimbursed the fee.
  9. This was available pre-covid, even before Royal came out with the coupons. It's on your seapass.
  10. I actually got notified the day of or one day after on my last bid.
  11. Agree. I've never taken my picture ahead of time.
  12. Talk with the Maitre'D, and he will find you a table to eat at the 2nd seating or my-time dining.
  13. There's a 110V outlet in the bathrooms above the mirror for electric shavers. Can't use it for high wattage appliances such as hairdryers/curling irons. I use it for my waterpik. My electric toothbrush will hold a charge for around 2 weeks. If the battery runs low, just recharge it in the stateroom for a few hours during the day.
  14. There's one pier in Mykonos, so the first ship scheduled to arrive will dock there. There will be a ferry for a cost that will take you to/from the downtown area. If you are unlucky and have to tender, the tenders dock in the downtown area. We've been there several times and always docked. After you are finished walking around the downtown area and checking out all the ships, grab a taxi for a few euro to take you up the hill for lunch. The taxi stand is to the left of the town. There's a locals restaurant up on the top of the hill called Oregano (Pronounced when you ask the taxi to take you there -- Restaurant Or-E-GONE-O). They have a full menu, and if you look inside you can see all the daily specials. Get a seat out on the patio. There's a small supermarket across the street if you need any goods to take back, and a viewing point of the town and harbor. There's a pathway for you to walk back down into the town. It's an easy walk.
  15. It was on Solstice a couple months ago.
  16. Disconnect won't work. You have to logoff. If you try to logon to a different device without logging off, you will get a message saying you have exceeded the number of devices, and it will not let you logon.
  17. If you purchase one package, you have to physically "logoff" one device to logon to the other device. You can have as many devices you want, but only one device can be on line at a time. If you purchase one package with two devices, you use the same username/pin, but only two devices can be on line at a time. In the case of you and your wife with the 2-device package and both on your laptops at the same time, if you want to switch to your iPhone, you have to "logoff" your laptop, then logon to your iPhone. You can't just shut down the device. You have to physically "logoff" for this to work.
  18. I would choose 1634. They both have the largest balcony and bed by the balcony. I prefer to be up on a higher deck. There is no lighting out on any of the balconies.
  19. I would go with 1251 as it has bed by the bath, which we prefer. It's located near the aft elevators where all the action takes place -- up to the lawn club/sunset bar, down to dining/martini bar. The only difference a connecting cabin makes on this class ship (except Reflection) is the stateroom door opens into the stateroom. Non-connecting, door opens out into the alcove.
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