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  1. Summit, Constellation, and Millennium. On Solstice AUS/NZ cruise, they brought fresh fish in Hobart and served it only in the O/V for dinner. One night they had whole filets. The chef cut out a 2" center cut and grilled it for me.
  2. In the aft section of the O/V Cafe, they have a grill set up for fresh grilled chicken, chops, salmon, strip steak. Menu varies day to day.
  3. Just asking since I haven't booked any new cruises after 1 June. I have cruises booked into 2024, but booked them prior to 1 June. If there are no changes, then why come out with this notice/memo is all I'm asking?
  4. It was Serenade to Alaska May 2022. We had to get the Hotel Director involved to move to late traditional dining, which was already full.
  5. We experienced the 7:30 MTD with 150 people in line when we had a reservation. Back to late seating, same waiter, no waiting in line to be seated for dinner.
  6. It's not that it is being treated differently since June 1st -- I have OBC for four 2024 sailings and use for whatever. The issue I was asking about was CRUISES BOOKED AFTER JUNE 1ST!!! not BEFORE JUNE 1ST. So, how many cruises have YOU booked AFTER June 1st? If you did, I'm sure you applied and received shareholder OBC. P.S. I went back and read all the posts. You never answered the question, but Ourusualbeach did.
  7. They had Benedictine at the bar in the Ensemble Lounge when I asked for a B&B. They had no B&B so he mixed me a Benedictine + Brandy combo. Worked out great since he knew what he was doing. 😄
  8. True, but I've always used shareholder OBC to purchase internet/excursions at pre-cruise/sale prices. If this rule takes effect, I would have to use my CC to purchase sale items in advance.
  9. Well, it says cruises booked after 1 June, you can't use it. All my cruises with either Royal or Celebrity were booked prior to 1 June 2023, so I can use it for pre-purchase in cruise planner. I wonder if anyone booked a cruise after 1 June 2023 is having issues pre-purchasing in the cruise planner using Shareholder OBC? As in the past, I've always gotten a pop-up saying the OBC (which happened to be shareholder) was available to use. I wonder if this is no longer the case?
  10. I know this may be hard to read, but I can't figure out how to blow it up. Bottom line from what I am reading changes made for bookings made after 1 June 2023. Onboard credit may not be used for onboard service charges or pre-purchased activities. I suppose this means that shareholder OBC can no longer be used for gratuities, and you can no longer use it for purchases in the cruise planner such as internet, drink packages, excursions, and the like.
  11. On our current cruises booked with Celebrity we have the AI and usually upgrade to Premium, so the Elite + perk is always included. Now that they charge $20pp to upgrade + the 2nd person in the stateroom also, the upgrade basically costs $40 for the both of us. I don't think we will be upgrading anymore.
  12. Every time we've been to Palma, there was a $10 shuttle from the ship to the Cathedral and back. It's a good distance.
  13. I've seen the Windjammer open as late at Noon on embarkation day, and 11:30 on some ships, but never at 11:00am. If you get on at 1pm, just about everything (the free stuff) should be open.
  14. I think the Big Island got hit as well on the Kona side. The pictures on Maui are devastating. We were just there last year.
  15. Classic your beverage package, and I believe Pearl has something to do with the casino.
  16. That's a valid point, but I've been told if they get caught holding back those tips, it is cause for immediate dismissal. From what I've been told.
  17. Only have to turn over cash tips if auto grats are removed. If you leave on auto grats, any extra you give the cabin attendant, they get to keep.
  18. If you remove gratuities altogether and just tip those who you feel deserve it, you actually end up screwing them as it has been reported that they must turn in those gratuities to the tipping pool. Best to leave on the auto grats and complain to management via the comment cards/survey.
  19. No, you can buy just one and toggle between the two devices. Only one can be connected at a time.
  20. If you have no drink packages whatsoever, you will pay the state sales tax on drinks purchased while in port. The signing slip will show cost of drink + state tax + gratuity. In fact, you will pay the state sales tax on any purchases made while in port. For high item purchases like beverage/dining packages, they will take your info then ring it up when they get out to sea.
  21. We booked a similar price for the Beach Club/private pool for a similar price several years ago, but that cruise got cancelled. For $284 for a private buffet lunch/pool, they can stick it where the sun don't shine. 🤪
  22. Haven't been to Coco Cay in years back when you had to tender in. I remember the waters were very rocky. Do I need to bring water shoes? Just planning on using the free beaches.
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