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  1. JTBCruiser

    Baltimore Hotels

    Thank you!
  2. JTBCruiser

    Shuttle Service to Baltimore Port from hotel

    After doing more research it looks like this hotel has a free shuttle to the port. Sometimes it pays to be lucky.
  3. Great review and thank you for your optimism. I'm sure at the moment it wasn't fun but you quickly put it behind you and enjoyed the cruise. We sail on her a week from tomorrow. DW and I had at the time a scary incident sailing on NCL Pride around the Hawaiian islands. First night around 2:30 AM the alarms went of signaling an evacuation of the ship. We were on one of the lower decks and first sail day, water was very rough. We jumped up and headed for the cabin door, went outside and saw nothing. We realized the horn blasted 6 times vs 7. Long story short, someone screwed up yet none of the crew would acknowledge what happened, any time we asked they'd say they couldn't say anything. We could have gotten PO'ed but elected to make the most of the cruise, had a great time and now we have one heckuva story to tell.
  4. First time sailing out of Baltimore and staying in Glen Burnie, MD at the La Quinta. Any advice on a shuttle service? Any idea on taxi cost for 2 people? I don't do apps so Uber and Lyft aren't options. Thx in advance.
  5. JTBCruiser

    Baltimore Hotels

    We are staying at the La Quinta Inn in Glen Burnie, anyone ever stay here before? Flying in and won't have a car. Looked like it had pretty good reviews. Hoping a decent restaurant is within walking distance as well as a place to buy bottles of wine.
  6. DW and I are booked to sail on her on 28 March so now I'm very concerned. How many times do they actually finish on time? We just upgraded to a JS for a 9 day cruise.
  7. JTBCruiser

    All Stars Transprtation Services/Shuttle

    We ended up booking this hotel instead and are using Cortrans shuttle. La Quinta Inn & Suites Orlando Airport North 7160 North Frontage Rd Orlando, FL 32812 (407) 240-5000
  8. The only WOW I got for this deal was WOW, I wasted time checking, all mine went up in price.
  9. I've been a TA member longer than I've been on cruise critic. I've posted good and bad on both without issues. My rule of thumb for both sites is if they have 5 reviews or less, I immediately throw them out. I also throw out overly positive and overly negative reviews then look for consistent reviews on similar observations. It is not 100% effective but close enough for me to get a peek under the curtain and I've been satisfied with the results.
  10. JTBCruiser

    Dress Code Question

    Ditto but I still wear dress slacks and button down shirts to MDR. I used to pack a sports jacket, but no more.
  11. Very good review and enjoying the photos. Sailing on Sunshine in less than 2 . Thx!
  12. I've been on the fence about pre-booking a tour of the island and don't want to do any RCI sponsored tours (price/crowded). Looking for feedback of recent cruisers who can say if many tours were offered right there in the port off the ship and any idea of the prices. Thx!
  13. JTBCruiser

    Taste Bar Gone?

    I thought it was still on the Sunshine, I'll find out in 2 months.
  14. I'm glad I looked at this thread as I had no idea we could bring on a 6 pack of soda/pop/Coke at a port. If DW bought a 6 pack and I bought a 6 pack different kind of soda/pop/Coke, is that permitted? Thx!
  15. JTBCruiser

    Port Canaveral Boarding

    I see replies on the Magic and Liberty but how about the Sunshine, it's a smaller ship so wonder if the wait is shorter, just askin'.