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  1. If everyone on the ship is vaccinated there is no reason to build a quarantine facility! That CSO requirement is so outdated.
  2. The us should have had the requirement in place way before Jan 2021, like many other countries did. People amaze me, they are ok with getting the test to go to aruba, bahamas, etc etc but complain if one is needed when flying into the US.
  3. I hope his recovery is speedy and all goes well with removal of the catheter. Eric has had them for a couple surgeries over the years and his never a happy camper if he still has it in when he gets home. He took one out himself once. I didnt want to be anywhere near him while he removed it.
  4. Here in pa our testing sites ask all those same health questions and if you say no to all of them then you are not eligible for free test. Most of the sites ask if testing for travel. If yes, then you pay.
  5. I wonder if you can do the $40 health visa since you are not actually staying in bahamas for the entire trip. Has Rcl published any guidelines on that? I know a lot of countries/islands are requiring purchase of health visa. Aruba has been doing this since last summer. Is Bermuda doing this too?
  6. Yes, it is easy to get free test if you are comfortable with saying you had symptoms or close contact to someone with covid vs telling the truth you need for travel.
  7. Phl airport is offering testing $99 with results in 2 to 3 days. If you want results in 24 hrs the cost is $149.
  8. I dont That will work for travelers that have to have test done 3 to 5 days before travel. Takes too long to get results with shipping times factored in.
  9. Imo, when the us reaches majority of people vaccinated and herd immunity is achieved we should be good. That's why you should get vaccinated!
  10. Here is link to Bahamas current travel requirements https://www.bahamas.com/tourism-reopening You have to follow all their steps and i believe you have to apply for their health visa, unless Rcl is covering that for everyone that flies in same day of the cruise embarkment.
  11. All of my pcr tests have been done at cvs pharmacy. When you fill out their appointment questions one of them is the purpose of this test for travel. If so then you must pay out of pocket. Where you do get tested that they dont ask if for travel?
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