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  1. Thank you for the review! We will be sailing this same itinerary in September, our first Crystal and 2nd to Alaska, so i really appreciate all of your comments and information!
  2. i agree, fingers crossed! We're also on a "free" cruise, ours is through URComped! 🙂
  3. Keith, we're sailing Sept. 10th from Vancouver, 7 nights. I'm pretty sure i read that we have cruise casual every night....which is great for us! What is PCPC??? The only interaction i've had so far on the Crystal website was to fill out all the boarding information, but i didn't find a lot of other information on that site. Maybe i'm missing something?!?! Thank you for any and all recommendations!
  4. Jimmyjam, when is your cruise? We're on the July 17th cruise, have our friends (first time cruisers!) in a balcony 7th deck aft port-side.....i'm wondering if i should be calling someone to try and get them moved? or, if their cabin is affected it sounds like maybe RC will be calling us??
  5. Thanks so much! Now i'm hungry. 🙂
  6. We're taking our first Crystal cruise in September (Symphony to Alaska), so excited to be seeing Alaska again and experiencing luxury cruising on board Crystal! I'm starting to read and learn more about the ship and can't wait to try all of the dining options. However, i'm having trouble deciding how to handle making reservations ahead of time. Can i wait until we board and then decide on which nights to try the specialty dining or will everything book up before the cruise? I still have a couple of months to decide....I want to try them all, but it also sounds like all of the included dining options are great too! Any advice for me? Also, is there someplace i can see menus (for specialty restaurants)? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Is there an update to this no a/c situation? Did it get resolved? We're sailing in about 3 weeks, JS on 8 midship so it sounds like it's not in this area. But, our friends (first time cruisers?!?!) are on deck 7 aft port side....exactly where i think the problem area is???? I don't want to scare them off of cruising forever, but being in a hot cabin in the middle of the Caribbean in July might do it to anybody!!!!
  8. So glad to hear this, thanks for the report! We're taking a 5-day in a few weeks, and taking some good friends on their first cruise! We're so hoping they'll love it like we do....so we've been stressing a little bit about all the old worn out ship comments!!! I have yet to experience a bad cruise...so i'm sure i'll be happy, but i'm hoping my friends will love it too!
  9. This is exactly why i'm asking! It sounds like if we check in and each use our correct credit cards, then switch rooms after boarding (hopefully the line won't be too bad at guest services!), after that they can buy their drink package....I'm sure we'll figure it out! Thanks!
  10. yes, i think we do have 4 drink cards, but i don't think my friends plan to be in there a lot....so they're thinking it'll be worth it to buy the package. Love URComped!!! This will be our 3rd, with the 4th one already booked too!
  11. I'm fairly new to Royal, going on our 2nd cruise with them next month thanks to the casino and URComped. We are taking another couple with us, so the way we're booked is one cabin in my name, one in my husbands name (they're both comped), and the wife is booked in my cabin, the husband in my husbands cabin. We're told that after we board we just go to guest services and switch the names on the cabins. Since we've never done this, is it easy to do? Will the other couple then be able to put their credit card on that 2nd room so all charges go to them? Also, they're interested in getting a drink package but we won't since we'll drink free in the casino and we spend a lot of time in there?!?! So - do they have to wait until we get on board and switch rooms to buy the drink package?
  12. thank you! I looked everywhere on the website and didn't find it, so thanks for the link! I'm not sure we'll use it, but nice to know i have the option....
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