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  1. Is this recent? I've never heard or seen that when we have been in the past.
  2. No beach bags in your cabin. They provide beach towels on cococay or you can grab a couple on the way out of the ship. We dont bother packing beach towels or beach bags. I use a small backpack to carry sunscreen, camera and phone.
  3. How many points did you earn on this cruise? If you didnt earn 2400 or 2500 points on this one cruise then you weren't due a cruise certificate onboard and will have to wait till april 2022 to get your free annual cruise to use by march 2023.
  4. Inquiring minds like to know. 🤪 Curious if there is something going on with Mexican ports or just an overbooked port situation.
  5. Definitely stinks. I would be very upset too. Is there any other sailing that you can move your funds too?
  6. Did your email give you the option to cancel for refund? If so, then cancel if you are unhappy. I have heard from several reviews that nassau is really hurting a lot of shops and restaurant are either out of business or havent reopened. The ferry to Blue Lagoon is always a nice day. Or paradise island or one of day passes at a resort other than atlantis. Their elections yesterday resulted in a new prime minister who wants to focus on bringing travel and tourism back to life for many of their islands. so things may change in the future, but definitely not by oct 30th.
  7. Always learning on here. Didnt know Connie was an aircraft carrier and a celebrity ship. 😎
  8. Yes, I completely understand and agree. 8 hr +/- flight plus time in airports with masks does not make travel to Europe enjoyable.
  9. Yes, Queen of the South is a great series. We finished watching when down the shore in June. Great ending!
  10. Ahh, sorry to hear that. Hopefully next year! Fingers and toes crossed😊
  11. We do not have mask enforcement in my area but definitely have seen a big increase in mask usage in the last month. My local news seems to be asking whether or not outdoor sporting events are safe with no masks on, packed stadiums and lots of cheering or yelling.
  12. Elegant as always. Looks like you are having a wonderful cruise. Enjoy 🥰
  13. apple flavored corn sounds yummy. That's great your hot tub will be installed soon to enjoy on nice cool fall evenings. (although I am not wishing for summer to be over anytime soon). Maybe you can sit in the hot tub and hand feed the deer the apple corn. that would be neat to see
  14. Happy to hear his procedure went well. The guy Eric goes will only schedule colonoscopies for mornings as he does his office visits in the afternoon. I coudn't imagine waiting until 430 in the afternoon to get done - that would drive me bonkers.
  15. If you go to cruisemapper.com it shows Equinox sail away is 1800 (6 pm). https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Celebrity-Equinox-739?tab=itinerary
  16. kinda like a personal butler. they can arrange in cabin parties, book your shows, speciality dining, flowrider time slots, aqua theater, etc etc etc
  17. All ships that are sailing right now have Diamond Lounges as well as Suite Lounges that are open and operating. They are trying to social distance the lounges as best as they can. Odyssey is Not restricted to D+, Diamond may go into lounge on deck 4.
  18. I forgot all about that series. It was really good. It watched every week when it was first on Showtime. If I remember correctly I think it mostly filmed in the UK. Maybe I will re-watch on Netflix this winter.
  19. Beautiful family. looks like the big guy really enjoyed the food you laid out on your patio.
  20. The way some of these covid protocols are written for various things is so confusing when it doesn't have to be. I hope my Gen Y son writes better than this at his job. When is your colonoscopy? Good luck. I promise I will get one done this year.
  21. Excellent! That is really great news and thank you for updating us. I hope she will be back home soon to rest and recoup 😍
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