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  1. I’m really missing Cengkp75’s input on this unfortunate event. I have been following this thread from the beginning and am sad to see all the negative posts. My thoughts and prayers with those who were on board, and safe journeys home to all of them.
  2. You are allowed to check in and then go back into the city. I haven’t ever done it because it’s a bit of a hassle to get there and back, and I’m also eager to get settled in on the ship. Just be sure you’re back at least 2 hours prior to sailing.
  3. As others have said, it’s easiest to bring small bills with you. I always get about $50 in 1’s and $75 in 5’s from the bank before I leave home. Guest Services is pretty good about breaking larger bills, but I don’t want to depend on that.
  4. I’m certainly glad you were able to change to the earlier flight without a fee. No sense in spoiling your first cruise with all the worry about whether you would make it to the ship on time. Now you have some wiggle room, and you can enjoy a nice lunch onboard the ship.
  5. I got a complimentary upgrade just last week from sailaway balcony to sailaway mini-suite. They gave me a midship mini suite at no cost. I had no perks to begin with so still no perks.
  6. I would also pay the $200 to get on an earlier flight. I’d be way too nervous about something going wrong with such a short window between estimated flight arrival time and all-aboard time.
  7. One other thing I thought I’d mention is that some people suggest saying the person not coming is “parking the car,” or some other excuse. I went for the straightforward approach and just said he couldn’t make it, which worked out fine. That way the the cruise line officials knew ahead of time he wasn’t coming and didn’t have to wonder.
  8. She should not cancel. Just have her be a no-show on cruise day. She will have her taxes refunded, as well as prepaid DSC if they prepaid. I have had to do the same thing. When I checked in, I just mentioned that my husband couldn’t make it. No problem. The problem comes if the person calls to cancel, at which time there could be financial implications.
  9. My experience at Cucina del Capitano has been that each person orders one entree, and appetizers are shared among the people at the table. I don’t know whether they allow more than one entree per person to be ordered. The entree portions are very generous.
  10. I am a very pick eater, and I have gone to Chef’s Table twice because I was with a large group of friends who wanted to go. The Chef’s Table staff asked about allergies, and I told them I have no allergies but quite a few things I don’t care for. They did a good job at substituting other things and understood when I didn’t want to try something. I am also a non-drinker, so the wine wasn’t a draw for me. I mostly went to be with friends, and that was worth the price of admission.
  11. Only you and your sister can decide that. Obviously, they can’t force her to stay on the ship, but there can be repercussions if she leaves against their rules. In the case of Carnival, when I asked to get off partway through a Mediterranean cruise, my intent was to get back on the same ship a week later for a transatlantic crossing—different cruise, different booking number, same ship. I was told that I would not be allowed to reboard the ship for the second cruise. I would be somehow flagged in their system for the future. I didn’t want that to happen, so I complied with their rules.
  12. I am aware that many cruise lines do allow passengers to leave the cruise prior to its completion. In reading here on the boards, it seems NCL does not allow it. I have personally experienced the same thing with Carnival. This was on a Mediterranean cruise, so the PVSA wasn’t a factor. The answer was a definite no. I elevated the issue through to the Office of the CEO, and there was no way they would allow it on a pre-arranged basis. They understood that people need to leave because of illness, emergencies at home, etc., but they do not give any approvals in advance.
  13. If you’re thinking of the 4/27/19 crossing on the Getaway, we have an active roll call for that sailing. There are several families with children coming along. As the prior poster said, TA’s typically don’t have very many children, but I know there are some on this one. Feel free to check out the roll call.
  14. I have been in 4J cabins on the Vista and Horizon, and I liked the cabins very much. The public deck in front of the cabins is rarely used except by the few people in the 4J cabins, so not crowded at all. Those “secret” decks are good for sail away but it does get very windy out there when the ship is sailing, so not really a good place to spend a lot of time on sea days.
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