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  1. I really appreciate you posting the wonderful video of your cruise. What a luxury to have only 500 cruisers on the ship. It looks like Costa is doing a good job of keeping people safe. I’m looking forward to the time when all of us can resume cruising. Meanwhile, it was so good to watch your video. Thanks again!
  2. I also appreciate the time you took to put this review out for us to share in your experience. I’m glad you had such a good time and arrived home safely.
  3. I should be on a Singapore Air flight headed to Singapore for a cruise from there to Sydney, Australia. Instead I’m sitting at home on Cruise Critic thinking about the cruises I have booked for 2021 and 2022.
  4. I too would do the lift & shift while it’s still available.
  5. I had an Air Canada flight booked from Brisbane to Vancouver in November to return from a cruise. Cruise was cancelled in June. I requested the future flight credit from AC on June 9th and received it on August 21st for the full amount with no expiration date. FYI, the emails with the voucher number and PIN number arrived in my spam/junk folder, so those of you who are waiting, check your junk folder.
  6. My new cruise showed up the same day I did the L&S, and the old cruise dropped off. However, the new cruise showed the existing price for that cruise, no grandfathering of the prior rate, which was a great deal. This was early on in the L&S and phone lines were crazy. I spent more than 2 hours on the phone, but at the end of it, I got the price protection. Sounds like you may need to make a call to Celebrity.
  7. It sounds very possible that’s what happened. I hope yours gets fixed without a call. If you do need to call, I suggest calling early morning or late at night when (maybe) the call center isn’t so busy. It took me over 2 hours on the phone, but I felt so much better when it was fixed.
  8. I had exactly the same experience as you did. I called on Friday 5/8 to do the lift & shift and was told to expect the new invoice to be received in 3 days. On Saturday 5/9 the 2021 cruise was shown when I signed in, but the price had not been changed to reflect the 2020 price. I called Celebrity yesterday and after being on the phone for 2 hours and 10 minutes, I now have the proper pricing shown and a new invoice. I booked directly with Celebrity. I hope you’re successful in getting your new cruise repriced.
  9. I called this morning at 10:10 AM and the recording said expect wait time of up to an hour. I waited 1 hour and 40 minutes to speak with the rep, then another 30 minutes for the rep to connect with the Resolutions Department.
  10. Having been on the Sydney Bridge Climb, I have a (hopefully) helpful hint for those interested in climbing the bridge once you can again go to Australia. I have done the climb three times. The first two were magnificent, one a day climb and one at twilight. The third was a day climb, but on that day it was absolutely POURING DOWN RAIN and freezing cold. They provided fleece jackets and raincoats, but it was a very unpleasant experience. I vowed that if I ever wanted to climb again, I would only book the day of, or possibly day before, the climb. Their policy is no refunds and no date or
  11. I recently cancelled two cruises and received my refund 3 business days after I cancelled. I was told it could take 15+ days so was quite pleasantly surprised to see it so soon.
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