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  1. That happened to me a couple of years ago on a Baltic/TA B2B. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t check with Guest Services or anything. When I got my key card for the second leg of the B2B it had my new Latitudes level without me even asking.
  2. I was on the Getaway TA from New York to Southampton, April 27, 2019 which was originally 12 days but shortened to 10 days with one week’s notice before sailing. The cruise was cut short by 2 days, and we had only 2 ports of call rather than 4. The reason given was that Getaway needed to get into dry dock 2 days early. When this was first announced, the 2 ports of call that were eliminated were Le Havre (Paris & Normandy) and Belgium. Due to a huge outcry from the passengers, several days later these two ports were reinstated and we missed the Azores and Portland, England. This was all done on such short notice that there were actually people boarding the ship in New York who knew nothing about it. They did give us a 25% refund, 25% credit towards a future cruise, and up to $300 per person to reimburse for airline changes or hotels for the 2 days we got to England early. There were many “unhappy campers” on the cruise.
  3. So interesting that you posted the picture of the Bliss. I have two friends that were on that ship today as it sailed from Seattle. I feel the same way when I’m in Downtown Seattle and see a ship ready to sail.
  4. Your other option would be to check in about 1:30 or a little earlier, and you should then be able to go directly to your cabin to drop off the carryons. There is technically no limit to how many you can carry on.
  5. You also need to be able to carry them around on the ship until your cabin is ready, unless you do a later check-in and can go right to your cabin. If you’re Platinum, Diamond or FTTF, you can go right to your cabin so no problem.
  6. My bottle of sparkling wine is always waiting in my cabin. I’m a nondrinker so I usually find someone to give it away to. No one seems to have anything good to say about it, but it’s free.
  7. The worst areas would be above or under a noisy venue like the night club, theater, galley or pool area. If you do get assigned to one of those, take ear plugs to sleep at night. Good luck! If you get a good deal it would be worth the inconvenience just to be on the ship, IMHO.
  8. From my personal experience and reading these boards for years, it seems very unlikely that your cabin assignment will change after being assigned..
  9. I suspect that’s something you’ll have to call NCL about.
  10. Agreed! I have had it happen to me. Guest Services explained what caused it and I think they spoke to the “offenders” because the AC started working properly again the day after I spoke to GS.
  11. Yes, that’s exactly the way I have done it when I have shared a cabin with a friend.
  12. That is correct. The 15 limit is only for alcoholic drinks.
  13. No. Platinums get one free bag and any other bags get charged full price.
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