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  1. mnlovesdisney

    MDR Lobster nights?

    Good to know. We are just finalizing our specialty restaurant selections and nights so were curious about MDR menus and nights we might want to eat in them. We got all specialty dining setup now. Four days still we sail. Yay!!! :D:cool::tropical-drink::ship:
  2. mnlovesdisney

    MDR Lobster nights?

    We are going on our first NCL cruise soon (Jade on 5th). We have previously sailed with Carnival and they have special nights for Lobster. Does NCL have anything like this?
  3. mnlovesdisney

    What to do in Cartagena Columbia

    Thanks for tips and information. I'm not sure what we're doing yet but it won't be a ship excursion as all the good ones are full. We will probably decide when we get off the ship. Are there shopping areas walking distance if we just end up looking for souvenirs and then going back to the ship. I hate to waste all that history (I love history) but I think we simply waited too long to figure it out.
  4. mnlovesdisney

    Notice on upgrades

    Just curious as to what the shortest notice is a person has gotten on getting an upgrade? We leave in 8 days and haven't heard anything yet. Is it safe to assume we didn't get the upgrade we bid on?
  5. Our cruise is in 8 days. I was wondering if there are any special tips people have or favorite or secret areas that might not be common knowledge. I know on Carnival ships (which is what we have sailed in the past) there are "hidden balconies" that not all people realize are there. I'm just wondering if there are any similar areas on the Jade or any special tips or tricks that people care to share.
  6. mnlovesdisney

    What to do in Cartagena Columbia

    We are going on a cruise that stops in Cartagena from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We leave in 9 days and as such in looking at excursion they are basically all sold out already and even if they weren't nothing looked like a good fit for us. My questions are mainly how much walking would be involved to go to various spots on your own (walled/old city, the fort, inquisition palace, etc.) and how safe is it to explore on your own? If you take taxi's how much are they and again how safe? With such a short stop I certainly don't want to risk not getting back to the ship on time not being on a ship excursion. Thanks for help on this. I'm just very unsure about what I want to do in Cartagena. We are in our 50s so amount of walking and exertion levels do matter. Thanks for any information.
  7. mnlovesdisney

    Jade embarkation day questions

    One of the people in our group uses a wheelchair. Will that make any difference in the boarding procedure or time? Thanks again for info.
  8. As our cruise is only a week and a half away now I have a few questions about embarkation day: 1. Our embarkation time is 11:30 to 12:00. How close to this time do they actually get you on the ship? 2. What time could we reasonably expect to be able to get in our cabin. 3. What are the best places to eat on embarkation day to avoid crowded areas. Thanks for any information and tips you can provide. We have sailed on Carnival in the past and I know the wait to get into cabin seems to take forever...but that may be perception as one is so excited to get settled in and get the vacation started.
  9. mnlovesdisney

    Wine questions

    I'm wondering about wine choices by the glass on NCL. We will be on the Jade Feb 5 sailing. I like dry wines best and am not a fan of sweet wines. What do people think about the North and South blended wines NCL has? For those who are familiar with the Apothic wine blends these are my favorite wines (Red and Dark in particular). How would NCL brand compare to those? Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. mnlovesdisney

    Jade 2/5/18 upgrades?

    Has anyone heard about their upgrade bids yet for the 02/05/2018 Jade sailing. It's not a huge deal for us but we did bid for an upgrade from a balcony to a mini-suite and haven't heard anything yet. We're less than 2 weeks before cruise so just curious. Thanks.
  11. mnlovesdisney

    Key West ship tour or do on your own?

    I have never been to Key West and am really excited our ship is stopping there. I am thinking this is a place we could easily just do on our own but since I've never been there I'm not sure. What would be the must sees here? I know I want to see the Hemingway house and Southern most point buoy but am totally unsure about the rest.
  12. mnlovesdisney

    Colon, Panama questions

    We will be on the partial canal cruise on the Jade the first part of February. We are debating what to do about getting off the ship or not. I know you cannot get off the ship in Gutan Lake unless you have a ship excursion but how about in Colon? NCL does not have any information I can find on getting off the ship in Colon. We want to be sure we set foot in Panama and have a chance to buy a souvenir from Panama but are not sure we want to do an excursion at Gutan Lake. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. mnlovesdisney

    Liquor/brandy question

    I've been looking at information and pictures people have posted on liquor menus and prices for NCL and I have not seen any brandies. Do they not carry any brandy on NCL ships? Not a big deal for me as I also enjoy whiskey, wine and other liquors as well but I do also enjoy brandy 7s and it looks like that may not be an option on NCL. Just curious to know.
  14. mnlovesdisney

    Ultimate beverage package coffee question

    Thanks for the information everyone. I am not a picky coffee drinker...just plain coffee works just fine for me. Glad to know I can get that for free. :D
  15. When I look to see what is included and not included in the UBP there is very little mention of coffee on either the included or excluded lists. All I see is that "select Lavazza coffee beverages" are not included. Is there just plain ordinary coffee available and would this be included in UBP?