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  1. Glad to hear it worked out for you. Many people have no issues,,,,, until there is an issue. I successfully used the withdrawal method in my younger days. It's not something I would recommend though.
  2. They're not just going to take your word for it though. You will be required to provide documentation.
  3. I've done before. Long time ago. The above link is old but still valid today. Just be aware of what you are getting into and make an informed decision. Buying your air travel through the cruise line is NOT the same as buying from the airlines website.
  4. Is it too early in the morning to have learn sooooo much reading through this thread? 🤣 I want to thank the contributors to this thread for sharing their expertise. On the other hand,,,, some of the best food I've ever eaten was in a hole in the wall dump.
  5. I recently got off the Allure. Self carry luggage. Left deck 17 at 0730 and was sitting at the gate at 0800. I had a lot going my way though. I was a suite guest so got escorted off the ship. No people in line for debarkation, no people in line for Customs/Passport control. Immediately got into a cab, was flying First Class so no waiting to check luggage, had TSA pre-check.
  6. 1 concierge got $100 from me,,,, 1 concierge got zip,,,,, another got $50 Were they friendly? Did I feel as though I was the most important person in the room during our interaction? Or was I just a bother? Did they go out of their way to ensure my holiday was the best ever? Or did they just do their basic duty? Did they make my wife feel as though she was a queen being waited on? Or was she ignored?
  7. I didn't go to the Wharton School of Business, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. This sounds like a revenue generating opportunity. We don't remove peoples items from their chairs because it generates too many complaints. We also receive too many complaints when we don't remove items from saved chairs. Therefore, Complaints are the problem Get rid of the complaints. Charge a fee to rent the chairs you want. The closer to the pool, the higher the rental costs.
  8. Again,, both sides are right. The OP paid for Star class and has the right to the privileges that come with this. Then again, I also understand those standing in the hot line for 1/2 hour getting a little upset. There's a happy medium to be found. I also have the right to walk down the street with an AR-15. That doesn't mean I should exercise that right. Happy medium
  9. Please share with us what you learn. Your experience might help others down the road.
  10. I would recommend calling the insurance company (or the broker), explain everything, to include that when the insurance was purchased all parties were healthy, and see if they can help you understand your options.
  11. I just went to www.tripinsurancestore.com and punched in some data and also included that the State of residency was Massachusetts. It came up with 6 policies, however only 1 of them TravelSafe Classic offered an upgrade to include Cancel For Any Reason coverage at this late date. I'd recommend calling Trip Insurance Store and speak with their very helpful and professional people. Just by calling they can better explain what your options are and they can explain how Cancel For Any Reason works. Good luck
  12. Cabin stewards always get more from me. Might be $50, might be an extra $100. Concierge, on the other hand, might get anywhere from nothing extra to $20, to $50, and yes, $100. all depends.
  13. I can understand both sides of this issue. I've been dirt poor where my clothes were hand me downs and dinner was cheap mac -n-cheese. Paydays meant there were hotdogs in the mac-n-cheese. I also remember being envious of those with new and fashionable school clothes. I also remember being bullied due to my families situation. Fast forward many years and I'm now in a more comfortable situation. I understand where the OP had the right and the privilege to ride the bumper cars as often as they wanted to and had the right to jump the line. That doesn't mean the OP had to exercise that right though. When baby girl had so much fun asked daddy if they could do it again, that was a teachable moment. I can only speak for myself, but I would have said something to the affect of Yes, baby girl we will do this again. Let's let some of these other people standing in the line go, and we'll come back. Let's get some ice cream (or some such diversion) then contact the Genie to get us on the ride again. Now, how the others reacted whether perceived or reality was unacceptable on their part. If real and intentional,,,, their reactions were wrong.
  14. Listen to Steve. He’s an expert. Had you lived in the States, I don’t think there is a policy you could buy this late in the game for this type of coverage. If I were searching for a policy to cover this here in the States, I would search for a policy that covered Job Related cancellation. I believe that to get job related coverage, you have to purchase the policy within just a few days after you make your original deposit. The rules and regulations could be much different in Austria.
  15. Each company has a different policy. In the States, all policies have a review timeline where after purchase, you can review the policy and if it doesn't fit your needs you can cancel. The free look period is usually 10 to 14 days. Can you cancel the insurance you purchased and get your money back? For the most part, NO Can you change your travel plans and change the travel dates on your insurance? Sometimes. Depends on the plan purchased.
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