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  1. 😉 Can't wait until the day we can go back to reading your responses regarding extension cords and surge suppressors. 👏
  2. Thanks Steve. The problem that I have seen (or read) is that people who have the "Cruiselines" insurance (with CFAR),,,, they call the cruiseline to cancel, the cruiseline cancels, however there is no followup by the cruiseline giving the client the information necessary regarding the CFAR portion of the policy. Many people don't know their policy included CFAR and the cruiseline doesn't offer any help.
  3. I'm fully vaccinated and just returned from Cancun. Do I like wearing a mask? No. Do I look down on people who wear masks and try to belittle them and accuse them of being afraid? No Will I continue to mask up if asked or required to do so in a place I desire to do business ? Yes. Why? Because I respect their decision and I will comply. If I don't like their business practices, then I will not do business there. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, NO SERVICE.
  4. a few thoughts 1. You say 2 back to back cruises. So, 4 cruises?,,, or just a back to back which would be 2 cruises?. 2. Cancel For Any Reason is just that. First you notify the insurance company that you're going to exercise the CFAR option because you no longer wish to go, and follow their instructions on how to properly cancel. NOTE: Carnival insurance policy allows you to CFAR all the way up to the scheduled "ship" departure time. 3rd party insurance providers require you to cancel (depending on policy) up to 48 hours prior to "trip" depart
  5. Medicare Claim Form CMS-14905 completed today on 11 April 2021. Will express mail claim form and supporting documents tomorrow. I did add a note that we do expect this claim to be denied since service was performed outside of the US. Explained that we do need a formal denial letter prior to sending in the claim to our travel insurance provider.
  6. Unfortunately, facts only sway a small percentage of opinions in todays American society. Thanks for sharing though and keep up the good fight.
  7. klfrodo


    Yes, It's all over Alaska Airlines web site that they are a participating airline to include links. Even received a nice response from VeriFLY for the misunderstanding. But thank you for your concern and polite response.
  8. I think I just ran across my first challenge. Have further research to do, but after reviewing the Healix-Spain claim form, they want to know who my Primary Health Care Insurance provider is. I forgot all about the Primary/Secondary coverage situation. I'm sure I'm going to have to "First" file for reimbursement from my BC/BS of Alabama people.
  9. Just returned from Cancun Had a great time
  10. klfrodo


    What is VeriFLY? VeriFLY -- Welcome International Travelers (daon.com) Sounds like it's an app where you can upload your Covid test results and your Attestation prior to embarkation of your flight for entry back into the USA. Right? WRONG The app is basically worthless. The airlines still require hard copies of everything. I returned from Cancun today on Alaska Airlines which promotes this app on their website. The check-in employees only wanted hard copies. I asked Alaska about this on Twitter. They said the purpose of the app to
  11. Land vacation in Cancun at a RIU Resort The reservation included Covid Testing and RIU Protect provided by Healix Spain. Theoritically, the medical is "Up to 30,000 Euros per Guest" We'll see what happens. My wife was exiting a city bus, when she tripped and fell. After being seen by the RIU lifeguard, and the RIU contracted on site physician, we were advised to jump in a cab and go to the hospital. Once at the ER, she received 10 stitches and a splint for her broken left wrist. (Note: prior to any services being performed at the hospital, a $3800
  12. All insurance companies pay "Valid" claims that fall within the terms and conditions of the policy. So far, I've not seen nor read in this thread a "valid" claim. However, if you feel that you have a valid claim and you are being denied anything, then one of the recourses you have is to reach out to your States Insurance Commissioner and see if they can help you. All insurance is highly regulated by each and every individual State.
  13. I'm not going to specifically agree or disagree and call someone else out. What works for them, is their deal. Here's what I do now. Weekly pill containers only. If the Feds want to pull me aside, go for it. May it happen some day? Yes, however, the odds are slim and I'm willing to take the chance. If my trip is scheduled for 7 days, I bring a 14 day supply. As far as what the meds are and what's the dosage,,,, it's clearly spelled out in my Health App on my phone which emergency responders can get access too, what meds I'm taking, what for, and the dosage. Ac
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