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  1. After spend 4 hours and being passed along to 8 different people at Xfinity yesterday, I think Xfinity finally unblocked the unsecure URL for Choiceair. This morning, I was able to reach the unsecure page than no-TA's can go to so they can search for available flights.
  2. They must have fixed it overnight. I did receive a phone call from someone at Xfinity at about 7PM letting me know they had the ticket and just wanted to verify a couple of things. Said he was going to unblock the URL. Can't imagine why it was even blocked in the first place.
  3. This is cruising related because it deals with RCCL and their affiliates who use Air2Sea or Choice Air Choiceair.com doesn't work for me. It never connects IF I'M USING XFINITY/COMCAST AS MY ISP. If I disconnect from Xfinity as my ISP and use my T-Mobile cellular data service or connect to my Skyroam mobile wifi, I can connect to Choiceair. Here some other stuff I've narrowed down. Air2Sea/Choice Air really rolls over the CruisingPower.com. If I go to CruisingPower on their secure site (https) I can get there. (However, this is a secure login site for TA's. Not for general purpose). If I go to the UNSECURE CruisingPower (http) website, I cannot connect if using the Xfinity isp. Browser selection makes no difference. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. No difference I know it's not my cache, it's not my Windows defender firewall, it's not my Norton,,,, it's not computer dependent. It's 99.999% isp dependent. people who use Spectrum, Cox, Charter, and other isp's indicate they can connect. Does anyone know what terminology I could use to get Xfinity to understand and own the problem? Again, it does not matter what platform I use, if I use Xfinity as my isp, I cannot connect. Any other isp and I can connect. Here is the error: Hmmm… can't reach this page www.choiceair.com’s server IP address could not be found. Did you mean http://cheapoair.com/? Search the web for choiceair ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVE
  4. Yep, there is nothing more important right now than for the people at CDC to place their focus on the cruise industry. 😲
  5. I have a friend who had a friend sounds like the most intelligent decision making process I’ve ever heard.
  6. For the same reason healthcare workers and those who work in the healthcare field are required to get their annual flu shots. 40% effective is better than none. Nothing is 100%. Medroxyprogesterone is a better option than withdrawal method. Even abstinence isn't 100% effective. Ask Mary.
  7. It's not a matter of which company offers the "best" travel insurance, it's which plan that each company offers that best matches YOUR needs. Heck, the plan that matches MY needs may not even be able to be sold in your state. Each state regulates each and every policy that is allowed in that state. Many people can buy GeoBlue annual trip insurance, I cannot Each company has multiple plans. You have to ask yourself what is it that will cause the most harm that I'm not willing to risk losing. Is it my luggage? Is it the car breaks down and we miss our cruise? Is it my brothers wife's mom? If she gets hospitalized can we cancel? Is it my own medical needs. Trip Insurance is very personalized. Myself, If I'm only taking a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean, I only get medical and Evacuation. If I have to cancel at the last minute for some reason, I'm only out a couple of thousand. It will hurt, but will not financially devastate us. Besides, I do have some trip coverage on my credit card. If I need to cancel flights, I have elite status and any fees get waived. On the other hand, getting sick, hospitalized, and evacuated back to the States could be financially devastating. Therefore, I get that coverage for minimal costs.
  8. Interesting Xfinity had me go to https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com The type in Choiceair.com This comes back in my browser as Choiceair.com is not working at all However,,, we know it does work if I use other internet access other than Xfinity First thought was disabling Advanced Security in the Xfinity modem but that didn't work They are sending the problem to their software people for further research.
  9. and yours works? You can connect? So far, it appears that Xfinity modem security blocks the "secure" Choiceair when it rolls over to the "unsecure" CruisingPower URL
  10. I'm thinking it has to do with you ISP provider. I can connect using cellular data or if I conncet to my Skyroam mobile wifi device. I cannot connect if I'm using my Xfinity home network provider. Someone who can connect is using Cox as their ISP.
  11. I can get to the site if I use cellular or if I use my mobile wifi If I use my home internet (Xfinity) the website does not roll over to the unsecure (http vs https) cruisingpower site. I have Xfinity working on it now. Their thought is that it's a security feature in the modem configuration.
  12. Interesting Didn't work on Edge Didn't work on Chrome Didn't work on my iPad (safari) I grabbed my phone, turned off wifi, used cellular data only and connected. Turned wifi back on but connected to my mobile wifi device and connected to choiceair. Wonder why my ISP would block Choiceair? Thanks
  13. https://www.travelinsurancereview.net/2012/07/09/why-trip-interruption-coverage/ pretty good explanation. Pays out up to policy limits of their unused pre-paid trip costs when the trip had to be abandoned for a covered reason.
  14. Okay, I'm still confused. Merion_Mom says, Yep, CruisingPower.com is for TA's only Then says, Which, I can only assume means she tried to Air2Sea Choice Air and that she can't get to it either Then Biker comes along and says which means what exactly? You can still get to CruisingPower? Well, I can also but it's for TA's according to Merion_Mom,, or is Biker says you can get to Royals Air2Sea which defaults to ChoiceAir, which I still can't get to.
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