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  1. Anytime there is a "Buy your airfare thru the cruiseline" question, I try to get people to educate themselves on what is going on behind the scenes of the "fantastic" deal the cruise line is offering by providing a link to an old but very educational link here on cruisecritic. Nobody ever does go to it and educate themselves but at least I tried. However, I'll say it again. Buying a ticket on an airlines website and buying a ticket from a cruiseline ARE NOT THE SAME TICKET. Yes, you may be on airline ABC and on flight XYZ,,, but everything else is different. If there are no issues with the plane, no issues with the weather, no issues of the flight being diverted for an emergency, no issues of any kind,,,, then you most likely will not experience any differences. If interested in learning about cruiseline and consolidator tickets. click this link. Again, it's about 10 years old but the information is still valid.
  2. When was the last time you got something for free? Last time I got something for free, it was a free drink in the casino. I lost $200 in the slot waiting for my free Budweiser, but it tasted very good when it finally arrived.
  3. I think the assumption has to be that if she wants to and has concerns about the teen leaving the ship unaccompanied, that she can and will find a way. Sure, there may be ship security protocols in place, but if a kid can get past TSA, boarding agent and get on planes without having a ticket, a teen can sure as heck get off a ship.
  4. That's not a guarantee. Depends on how the ticket fares were negotiated. Most of the time? Yes. To imply all of the time on consolidator tickets is less than true. And 100% of the time, selected seats are not guaranteed no matter who you buy the tickets from.
  5. How do you figure? Crew billeting is fixed. Only enough cabins for X number of crew members. (Unless they're going to start hot bunking. 🤣) There will just be reassignments. Additions in some places and reductions in others
  6. 50 cents times 3000 passengers = $1,500 X 3 meals a day = $4,500 X 365 days a year = $1,642,500 on just 1 ship X 20 ships in the fleet,,, you're talking real money
  7. My thoughts only The only thing constant in life is change. Covid-19 has changed everything we knew and loved in life There WILL be changes in the cruise industry Improvise, adapt, and overcome
  8. No, not a good deal. Would never use a cruise line air promotion for domestic flights. Would consider for international flights 1 person pays regular (published) rate and the 2nd is free. (ask yourself how many times in your life has something been "free") If truly interested in learning about cruiselines offer air travel, read this link. It's an old link, but is as true today as it was 10 years ago. I'm not saying that cruiseline air is all bad, just be aware and make an educated decision.
  9. There may not be any such thing as an ugly baby, but there sure are some where you say to yourself, Bless his little heart". Well, that's how I feel about the NCL Epic. Damn that's an ugly ship. I'm still sailing on her though. I hope anyway. Our RCCL Vision of the Seas ship got pulled from her Med itinerary and we had to scramble to find another cruise. Will be our first NCL experience. We've sailed quit a number of times on Royal and Carnival. From inside cabins to balcony to Crown Loft suites. I'm sure she will be great. I doubt she'll be in my photos from the port though. 😲
  10. Here is something I recently learned. Doesn't make sense, but what does now adays. I was due a refund from Royal on my Chase sapphire Reserve. Let's say $500 I never saw the refund. When I say I never saw it, I mean I never saw a -$500 posted to my account when I looked,,, let's say on my current statement. What the credit card company did, was that the original charge was in ,,let's say,,, January of 2020,,,,,, they back posted the credit on my past Jan 2020 statement even thought the credit was issued by Royal in October of 2020. So, they did credit the account, I just didn't see it. Another thing that I realized was that I "thought" that Royal had missed a partial refund for a drinks package because I could find that charge had been refunded. Again, my mistake. Those charges were on my wife's card. Her card had been refunded that charge.
  11. If flying, you'll need a "Real ID" also. Open up the world to her. Get the passport book.
  12. In 2019 we sailed on the Allure. While on board, we booked a future cruise using the "Next Cruise" promotion with a $300 deposit. We knew that we wanted to sail the Med in 2021, but the exact dates were not open yet. Then, as soon as the dates opened, our TA booked us on the Vision of the Seas out of Barcelona. Completed the deposit, got Steve busy on our insurance. Pre-covid, later in the year we paid more towards the cruise. Covid hits..... On September 25, 2020, Royal sends my wife the official e-mail canceling the Vision cruise entirely. No L&S option. No move option, no nothing option, we will refund all monies paid to date to original form of payment within 45 days Fortunately, the refunds hit all the different cards on or about October 1. No moaning or complaining. Just sharing our experience. Happy that Royal didn't take forever for the refunds. It has been a pain trying to rearrange our travel plans but back when Covid first hit, our plans always had flexibility built into them. The plans still do have flexibility. If the EU lets us in, we go. If the new ship can't sail, but we can still get in country, we turn the trip into a land vaca. If the EU won't let us in and the ship won't sail,,,,,, we roll with the punches and plan on 2022.
  13. What does California's State Insurance Commissioner say is the expected turn around time? Maybe you need to get them involved. Just a thought.
  14. As with most things in life, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Saying you didn't know the speed limit does not get you out of the ticket.
  15. If this is on 2 different ships, then there is no PVSA violation. If this is one ship, then it will be a violation. It is even possible that it can be booked. However, once it is more closely looked at, the cruiseline will cancel one of the legs for the passengers who booked both legs.
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