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  1. 3 hots and a cot, free medical and dental, companionship,,,,hey just sayin and if you don't get caught,, nice little nest egg
  2. klfrodo

    Reduced Deposit

    One thing to know if you go with a reduced deposit sail.... If you go with this,,, then at a later date you decide to upgrade the room, or you see a lower price and make the move in that direction,,,,,, and the new price or upgrade does not specifically mention reduced deposit,,,, you could lose the entire cruise if you forget to make the new full deposit. You may or may not be made aware of this when you make the change. It has happened before where people lose their entire reservation because they didn't pay attention to this gottcha Edit: I see crzndeb just mentioned this also
  3. klfrodo

    All Inclusive Beach Excursion

    My opinion only Trust no one anywhere except family. Even then,,, sometimes. If you take the ships towels and they gets stolen or misplaced, you'll get charged up to $25 each. If it's just my wife and I, one of us stays near our stuff. If we both wonder off, we don't go far. Maybe we make friends with our beach neighbors and then make a decision to risk our potential losses. It's all risk vs. reward
  4. klfrodo

    Passport Confusion

    As stated earlier, in the case of an emergency, and you don't have a passport, and you have to fly home, you will have to contact your local embassy or consulate to get emergency documentation that will allow you to fly home. Could take an hour or 2,, or it could take a few days. Also, all out of pocket costs will be on you. Hotels, meals, and transportation to include flights. Then when you get home, you can file for reimbursments from you travel insurance providor. If it is determined that your claim is a valid claim, you will be reimbursed. (This process could take a couple of weeks, or could take a few months)
  5. klfrodo

    Passport renewal time

    same here 21 days. Just regular processing for renewal.
  6. klfrodo


    Security rules and reality differ. Yes,,, you are supposed to have meds in original containers along with a copy of the prescription when entering the country. The first couple of times, I followed the rules. The rest of the time (and I travel for work internationally and domestic) and I travel with my weekly pillbox with meds.
  7. klfrodo

    Pet Peeves

    “has anyone ever” sailed in cabin xyz sailed over xxx holiday No, nobody has ever done this. Every year, across 100’s of ship, nobody has ever done this. Here’s your sign! Now, if you want to rephrase the question or be more specific, then ask away.
  8. klfrodo

    Crown and Anchor points

    This is assuming a 7 day cruise. wife and daughter 7 points each solo 14 points
  9. Sure you can with the Sirius XM App on your phone. of course you need WiFi connection. i listened to Sirius XM while on my Baltic’s cruise.
  10. klfrodo

    Carnival site

    For the past couple of days on my iPad, my iPhone, and on my PC using Edge, the cruisecritic page would just continuously cycle and refresh before you could log in, or select any particular pages. To get here, I had to go thru the back door. Anytime I selected “Boards” is when the continuous “refresh” would happen. This time I selected L ”Find a Cruise”,,,,, then I was able to use search to get to a Carnival page.
  11. Not at all. just returned from a fabulous 7 days at an AI in Punta Cana, DR. All because of a Port day in La Romana
  12. Surely since it’s your sister, that even if the credit went to her she would just turn around and make it right,,, right?
  13. klfrodo

    Lost my driver license,

    Are you flying? Does TSA accept paper license as proper identification?
  14. klfrodo

    Cyber Monday Error Messages

    Tried buying the Refreshment Package yesterday. Never did let me check-out.