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  1. Some of the ports on that list can be Docked. For example, we docked in Mykonos and Corfu once upon a time.
  2. None of the ports on that sailing require tendering. They all will be Docked.
  3. My bank reimburses me if on the rare occasion I am charged an ATM withdrawal fee. In my experience, it is the exception rather than the rule for a Bank ATM to charge you a fee to withdraw Euro. The currency exchange booths will rip you off, and should be avoided along with EURONET ATM kiosks/machines.
  4. We checked in on our 30 August sailing at 11:30, our assigned time. By the time we got upstairs to the waiting area, there were hundreds who had already checked in waiting to board. Boarding was delayed due to Coast Guard inspection, so you shouldn't have that issue. Get there at 11:00, and you should be on the ship by 11:30.
  5. I missed that thread, but I was just being sarcastic. πŸ˜‰
  6. Not bashing, just noting the cutbacks, and they are huge in the MDR. BTW, I was shocked when we only got chocolates on the pillow only on the first day. I wonder how much they are saving on that cutback?
  7. Really? I thought he was spot on, providing useful information for the non-Europe savvy traveler.
  8. ATM's are now prompting you if you want them to do the transaction conversion in $$$. Always check local currency. Let your bank do the conversion. Most do not have any conversion fees.
  9. Hadn't been on Celebrity for over a year when I just got off Summit 11-night sailing last week. It seems they replaced Rack of Lamb, Beef Tournedos, Beef Wellington, and Filet with 3-4 slices of medium to well cooked flank steak. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about our 34-day B2B on Solstice next month.
  10. The hard sell is because they get to keep the gratuity on the upgrade.
  11. My wife brings Strawberry-Kiwi packets of Propel and adds them to a bottle of water. Seems to work for her. You can get them at Walmart or your local grocery store. They are pretty inexpensive.
  12. You can always get extra Euro if needed from a "bank" ATM, and I stress "bank" because other ATM's will rip you off (charge large fees). Make sure you do all your credit card/ATM transactions in Euro and let your bank at home do the conversion.
  13. I don't think anyone is assuming anything. Who knows what terminal Constellation will be at. We're just telling you about Terminal 25.
  14. Just commenting on the photo posted of the VIP Lounge. If the OP embarks Terminal 25, don't expect anything like that VIP Lounge. It's all about expectations. πŸ˜‰
  15. If Constellation embarks at Terminal 25, it will look nothing like this. Expect a huge carnival tent.
  16. In the morning on embarkation with luggage, Constellation will have its own bus from the Roma Cruise Terminal schlepping pax & luggage to the ship. You will probably go out of Terminal 25. You can always just get there and then sort it out.
  17. These shuttles will have your ship's name in the front window. Each shuttle is dedicated to a specific ship. They will take you directly to your ship. When you get to the terminal, you will be directed to your respective check in line.
  18. The upgrade from classic to premium is a ripoff. It used to be $10 a day, but now it's $20 a day, and both parties in the stateroom have to upgrade, not just one person as in the past. For an upcoming 15-night cruise and a 5% discount, it would cost roughly $570 + 20% gratuity. Do the math. You might be better off just paying the difference between the classic & premium + 20% gratuity. If you don't buy a lot of premium drinks, it might work out better.
  19. We are just off Summit. We got a listing all the events on one side, and all the bennies on the other side. BTW, it stated one bag of 30 items.
  20. I don't think they are checking anymore. We've never been asked. Just show up.
  21. I've seen them grab the Tito's when ordering a bloody mary. You have to say something because they won't ask you, most of the time, which vodka you prefer.
  22. That’s how it was on Summit. Maybe it varies from ship to ship?
  23. All martinis at the martini bar are $17. No classic package martinis available. You can get a smaller martini at the other bars in a smaller glass with the classic package.
  24. Currently on Summit. You are correct, drinks at the martini bar are $17, so with the classic package, you will have to pay the difference -- $7 + gratuity. Cost to upgrade to premium is around $20 a day + gratuity. You have to do the math. With only 2 drinks, pay the difference instead of upgrading. Both have to upgrade, so it would cost you $40 a day + grat unless you are traveling as a solo.
  25. Pick a stateroom on the starboard side. They have smoking areas on Deck 5 on the port side.
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