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  1. It depends on the port. They wouldn't take it from me at Tampa, so I ended up carrying it on board, which was a PIA. 😉 In Europe we bring on those 6-pack 1.5 liter water bottles.
  2. I've never seen a drug dog while EMBARKING at any port in the U.S. I've seen plenty DISEMBARKING, coming back from a cruise or overseas flight, checking out luggage.
  3. I have never, ever, seen a drug sniffing dog when embarking at any port. Sometimes it might be better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission and plead ignorance. No one is going to lock up a cancer patient for a prescribed pill.🤪
  4. If it's prescription medicine in its original prescription bottle, who is going to know what it is or what it contains when you check in. I wouldn't worry about it. Who's going to know the difference. I've never had any of my medication searched at any time when boarding the ship.
  5. It depends on the port and ship arrival times. You should be able to walk off with luggage around 7am.
  6. I hope it tasted good, because it sure doesn't look very appetizing to me. 😜
  7. Yes, up there at the open wind Mast Bar.
  8. We were on Constellation TA (Eastbound), and because of the numbers, they held E+ in Tuscan, and Elites in Qsine. It worked out well. No one really checked, so you could use either one.
  9. It's a great cabin to pick. We usually pick 2105 on the port side. Huge balcony. Very minimal noise from above.
  10. If only one person drinks alcohol, you can call and get the alcohol package for one, and the refreshment package for the other.
  11. Yes. Just ask your stateroom attendant, who has the key.
  12. I wouldn't say overly bothersome. You will hear some scraping of chairs & tables moving from time to time, and in the evening with the staff setting them up for the following morning, but nothing late at night. If you are a light sleeper, it may be bothersome, but I think the aft views outweigh the tiny inconvenience.
  13. Yes, it will show up in the Cruise Planner, so you can use it pre-cruise on excursions, etc.
  14. Yes, just set it up and give him your username and pin.
  15. It used to be very reasonable to get the 4-device package and share it with three others, but Royal got wind of it and jacked up the prices.
  16. They didn't have any sandwiches on Solstice earlier this month -- just the 4-5pm in the Oceanview.
  17. I've done that before, asked them to clear the deck and knock everyone off, but for me, it was a PIA. Since they jacked up the price of adding devices, the savings in sharing vis a vis he hassle was just not worth it.
  18. I used to do that, but not anymore. It's a PIA as folks just can't seem to understand they have to logoff one device to logon to another. I kept getting calls that other folks can't get on line because 4 others are logged on. Now I just buy for myself and share with my wife.
  19. It wasn't on the menu. Our waiter told us they had a "special" that evening, Beef Wellington. It certainly wasn't filet in that pastry dough. I could barely cut it.
  20. You select the Royal wifi, then open up your browser. It will prompt you to select a package or to log on to your existing package. Sometimes you have to type "logon.com" to get to the Royal log on page.
  21. You create a user name and pin and give it to them. Each person should just log onto one device at a time. If they want to switch devices, they must log off one and log on to the other. Only three devices are allowed to be on line at the same time.
  22. I would think not true as the large portholes are spaces out the same on both sides of the ship. I've looked at the ones on the port side, and they appear to be the exact size as those on the starboard.
  23. All the regular balcony staterooms on Solstice are the exact same size with the exception of accessible rooms.
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