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  1. I have a cruise scheduled for late June...the pay in full date is approaching later this month. If I had to make a decision today, we would undoubtedly cancel (not for fear of contracting the virus as a much as the fear of being quarantined at the end). I asked my TA to inquire as to whether HAL is considering extending the pay in full date, which she did, and they refused to do so. I suppose it's possible they may reconsider this over the next couple of weeks, but it seems to me it would be a very smart and prudent thing for them to do. Has anyone else looked into t
  2. If a promo includes the Signature Beverage Package, does anyone know if one can pay the difference to upgrade it to Elite? And if one has the SBP, do they simply charge the difference if you order a drink that is more than $11? Thanks in advance!
  3. Let me try this again...I sincerely apologize if you did not realize I was making what was intended to be a good-natured, smart-ass joke and thought I wished harm to those who choose to smoke cigarettes. I thought my winking emoji would convey that I was teasing, but apparently it did not. I wish harm on no one and I do not seek to upset anyone here with my sometimes defective sense of humor.
  4. Really? Do you not know what the winking emoji means?
  5. Hopefully about 10 yards past the railing. 😉
  6. We reserved a cabana for our cruise on the Zuiderdam this past February...we loved it. The service was fantastic, drinks and lunch served, frozen grapes and other fruit, and very attentive young men making sure we were well taken care of. If money isn't an issue, I 'd strongly recommend it for a nice, peaceful retreat.
  7. Looking at the Canada/NE US itinerary and trying to decide which to take. Any opinions for me please?
  8. Question perhaps someone can help with. We were just aboard the Symphony and purchased a package of 10 digital photos. We were given instructions to download them onto my iphone while onboard, which we did. Now off the ship and it appears the pics we downloaded are low resolution and blurry. I assume there has to be a way to download higher resolution versions, but I have no idea where to do that. Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Is there anywhere besides Guest Services where they do that? Concierge? Asking about Symphony in particular.
  10. Hopefully not an issue, but it's been brought up by a few people who I mentioned our cruise to. Some shootings in San Juan over this last weekend in fact.
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