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  1. For our April Apex cruise, it took 2 months to get a refund. Now waiting 6 weeks for another refund. It takes 5 minutes to charge a credit card, why does it takes months to get a refund?
  2. Really enjoying hearing about your cruise. Are there keys to open and close your cabin doors? How are the shows following social distancing? Did you feel safe and comfortable in the spa?
  3. Are you sure that if you use a FCC that Celebrity will then reissue another one if they cancel the cruise? What about if you cancel the cruise? Or is the FCC lost forever??
  4. The big question," Will Celebrity extend the date to use FCC beyond Dec. 2021?" That is when all of ours expire.
  5. Hooray----after 3 months, I have finally received my FCC and other fees due on my credit card. My TA was not helpful so it was up to me to figure out a way to get back what was owed from 2 cancelled Apex cruises. It took a lot of phone calls to different departments at Celebrity. Finally, I found someone who listened and agreed that I was owed all that I requested. IT FINALLY WORKED. Sadly, no cruising in 2020, so will have to use the FCC next year.
  6. We cancelled on March 9 for Apex April 23 & May 3 cruises and have only received our port fees and taxes. Still waiting--seems like a very long time to get any refunds and FCC. I will wait only 2 more weeks and then the phone calls will start again.
  7. Cancelled our April 23 & May 3 cruises on March 9 also thru our TA and have not received any fees back on our CC nor have we received any information on our FCC.
  8. Sounds like us. We had B/B cruises on the Apex which were cancelled last Monday, but the paperwork didn't go thru from our TA until Tues. Rules had changed overnight. Now we are stuck with a lot of FCC & hoping to use it on the two cruises we have booked. I agree, not quite fair if we can't use them. I really don't want to book any other cruises right now.
  9. When we cancelled B/B on the Apex, it was one refund on Monday--a combination of FCC and some cash to credit card. When the cancellation officially went thru Tuesday morning, the refund then was 100% FCC, not what we were told Monday. Things are changing day by day & NOT in the favor of the passengers. If they require those 70 + to have a DR letter to board, it will be difficult to use the FCC by the end of 2021.
  10. I just found the new policy on Royal's website, not Celebrity's yet. This makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing we will not lose from our Apex B/B cruises in April which were all paid up. Now that the naming ceremony has been postponed, I figured that Celebrity was very concerned about the European cruises for this spring. Hats off to Celebrity for changing their policies.
  11. I could not find this on Celebrity's website. I have made several phone calls and have been told with my Celebrity insurance, I will lose 25% up to one month prior to sailing ( two weeks from now) and after that 100% will be lost. Where is this new policy listed? Evelyn
  12. Sounds like us--we have insurance, but not cancel for any reason. I consider myself a high risk person, so this is a big decision. And we are on a B/B out of Southampton. Celebrity told me that I would get a complete refund if I am denied boarding. Great--now I am in England so what would I do?
  13. Does anyone know who the CD will be on the Apex in April?
  14. Norris, I just loved your review and pictures of Norway. We have a trip to Norway planned for next year. Were most of your excursions private or booked thru Celebrity? I also followed your review of Cuba. We were on Azamara Journey in March and Cuba was our first port. Both threads were just excellent and very informative. Maybe we will sail together in the future. Evelyn
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