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  1. kohl57

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Sorry, but Tihany doing the interiors just reinforces my belief that we are indeed looking at a QUEEN K'DAM as the new Cunarder. And also my belief that with this new ship, Carnival will attempt to "reimagine" (God, how I hate that trite millennial term) Cunard with new decor, "freedom"/"fixed" dining and making us accept no traditional promenade deck etc etc. not to mention sharing the ship with 3500 others. They might as well go for broke and I suspect they will. Companies love poking their regular clientele in the eye with this "but we gotta think of where the next generation is coming from" and Cunard is next on the list for sure. Good luck with all that. But almost anything would be an improvement on the decor of QE/QV which I personally find just about the worst of any premium line ship. It's brown, it's beige, it's an insipid take on "art something or rather" and it's rendered in the cheapest fake wood imaginable. As a "homage" to the great liners of the past, it's rather an insult. Having said all that, Cunard has at least made improvements with the recent QV refit (similar to that done on QM2) and it's at least in a step in right redirection. Or at least discovering some other colours other than brown or beige. I suspect the length of QE's upcoming refit indicates rather less will be attempted.
  2. kohl57

    QE tips, tricks & secrets

    Promenade Deck.. especially first thing in the morning on a day at sea. It's much closer to the ocean than on QM2 and you get the spray, the salt and the feel of really being at sea. The sunrises can be spectacular, too. Three laps and a coffee in the Cafe Carinthia afterwards is a great way to start the day. And the classic walkaround promenade deck seems to be a feature we won't be getting in future Cunarders. So revel in it whilst you can.
  3. kohl57

    New Menu in Verandah on QM2

    Sigh. Well, that's $39 saved and another reason why I'd rather spend the extra and go Princess Grill and never have the need or the desire for extra cost restaurants. Indeed, the menu in Britannia is more appealing to me anyway. I appreciate that 1970s retro is all the rage now, but a c. 1974 steak restaurant? It's like date night with Jack Regan in The Sweeney. And the wine list.. well that's sure not c. 1974 price-wise.. what a rip-off especially by the glass.
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    Welcome back

    My only complaint with this new format is that there appears to be no way to click on the LAST message posted to a topic as there was with the former system.
  5. Well good on you. I certainly agree that Cunard's bewildering and almost complete abandonment of traditional Mediterranean cruises is both annoying and headscratching. We are already booked on QV for next September on her 14-day "Voyage du Vin" mainly because it was pretty much "it" at a desirable time of year . But I looked at P&O alternatives and came away thinking it was no bargain compared to Princess Grill on every level with no separate dining room, decks or much else except a larger cabin. They even charge for standard room service it appears! We used to be real P&O "regulars" back in the day of CANBERRA (indeed my wife and I first met aboard her) but after a very disappointing cruising in VICTORIA back in 2001, never went back. We probably wouldn't recognise the line now. But with that savings, why not give it a try. Cunard is going to lose regular customers aplenty with this "No Med No Way" policy.