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  1. I think the point is that you won't get to bid unless Royal offers. If someone does not get their email (e.g. it went to Junk folder, dog ate it, etc) then they can go to the link to see if they qualify. As we have seen, that appears to be as early as 59 days out. As others have found out, you cannot bid unless you are invited so many have been getting a similar screen saying what you see here "please check your paperwork,can't log in now, etc". The page shared here looks to be just another iteration of it that may be giving people false hope. I am just trying to let others know what others on this forum have experienced. Believe whatever you like.
  2. It looks like 58 to 59 days out is when most should expect to see their Royal Up if they are going to get one. That is less than a month after final payment and nearly 2 months prior to sailing.
  3. CONGRATS! It seems that the offers in JS are far more competitive than those who originally booked Balconies are receiving. It looks like your "last minute" booking (less than 30 days from cruising) saved you a boatload & then paired with a competitive Royal Up got you into the OPPOSITE of the "Cheap seats". ENJOY!
  4. NOPE! That DEFINITELY was NOT the case for us. We got ours 59 days from sailing. We booked and paid in full on April 7th. We got our invitation to bid on April 17th. We sail this Sunday so we got our offer to Royal Up! so naw, the 30 days shown is probably just a "standard" page for those who were not originally offered the opportunity. Never know though, you could still get an invite.
  5. I don't think you can access it if you have not paid your FINAL fees but if you have already paid "final" and still can't see it then you may not be offered the option to bid. Seems that Royal decides on who they are going to offer it to as soon as you pay your final fees.
  6. Not certain what you mean about the "price point" as there isn't actually any ONE "price point" in the bidding process but rather it is a "range" of prices. Many here have gotten their Royal Up bid accepted with a MINIMUM bid so you should be able to pick your own "price point" which would be a fraction of the actual costs... As long as you keep that bid under the "Strong" category.
  7. As was pointed out in this thread, you don't have to "wait" for anything. You can check yourself to see if you will be able to participate in the Royal Up! program on your own. Just go to the RCI website and locate the Royal Up! page and then navigate (click a button) that reads something to the wording of "Check your Royal Up Status" The link should look something like this upgrade.plusgrade.com/offer
  8. I agree that what is going on in Venezuela is criminal. My point was that Cuba is too poor to contribute much (if anything) to the GOVERNMENT of Venezuela for the same reasons you pointed out. Cuba NEEDS the cruise and travel business simply to support its OWN people. For our government to state that "somehow" millions of $s are flowing from Cuba to Venezuela is a insulting. It's purely a political "scare tactic" based on a fake news narrative & YES, the cubans NEED the 1st-world $'s to pay for their food, not routing Hundreds (at most) to Venezuela
  9. MSRP actually stands for "Manufacturer's SUGGESTED Retail Price" so you are entitled to your opinion of what it may mean to you but the reality is that MSRP is a valid price. It is on everything you buy & is often (but not always) discounted which may be why you feel that way. Fair enough. Perhaps we should both have used the term "market price". My point on the Casino was not for "UPGRADES". It was that some, like CasinoGirl above, have been booked directly into a cabin from "awards" that the casino's have given them BEFORE & then, from there they are offered a Royal Up. They were not getting "upgrades", they were placed into those cabins "for free" by the Casino program from the get-go.
  10. Seeing past post it's apparent we don't see eye-to-eye on some things so no surprise but saying your "don't agree with the MSRP reference and then in the next sentence saying "this is the price" is contradicting yourself. You see "the price is the price" IS THE SAME THING as saying MSRP.... It's what you have to pay to buy it at "book" and I DO agree that the MSRP price would be more than the $2,200 price point so we actually DO agree on that point. Also please keep in mind that $2,200 is the LOWEST POSSIBLE cost for the bump from balcony. There are no assurances that bid would be accepted by Royal in the end so the Royal up program is ALWAYS a gamble (so we do agree there as well...LOL). Now, my point is that those of us that are looking at buying through the royal up or other methods, are seeking "discounted" prices...aka DEALS. To you $2,200 may be a DEAL to go from a balcony to a OS & that's fine. Nobody is saying you don't have a right to that opinion. THIS paragraph is my point.... Others already in suites that they may have gotten into cheaply or even FREE from casino programs, early bookers, Travel Agent deals have been able to get into that same OS suite or other similarly desirable cabins for far, far, FAR less than the Royal Up offers. If you are trying to save money, the better approach may be to do as others in this thread pointed out they did by paying a small $300 or $400 fee to upgrade themselves into a JS and THEN to take advantage of a more discounted Royal Up bid to get themselves into an Owners Suite. One of the posters in this thread basically did that approach and got into an OS for something like $700 TOTAL costs so that they did not have to pay the $2,200 "minimum" & I think that even you would agree that the extra leg work may make it worth saving $1,500 for the exact same upgrade.
  11. To me that is like comparing MSRP to discounted prices on a car. After-the-fact upgrades aren't priced ANYWHERE near retail but your point is understood. Some may be willing to pay $2,200 for the upgrade which is why RCI does it this way. As others have pointed out, they were able to "self" upgraded for a few hundred dollars to go from a Balcony to a Junior Suite from which point the upgrade to the Owner Suite (or others) was far more reasonable. I guess it's just another example of how to play the game with the new rules. Get yourself into a Junior Suite a cheaply as possible & then pay for the upgrade from there.
  12. That answer IS in the prior posts. NO, they do not do it the old way any longer. ONLY option is to get the invitation and even then, you are restricted as to your options and your prices. As an example, those who were already booked into suites got offered CLS or AS at reasonable "opening bid" prices. Those of us in balconies on the same ship & same cruise date were only offered a JS @ a reasonable starting bid or the OS @ excessive ($2,200 total) "opening bid" price points.
  13. That is an AWESOME deal. As a point of reference our Royal Up! for an owners suite was a MINIMUM bid of $1,100 each so $2,200 to go from a Balcony to an OS. We decided that was WAY too much so did not make an offer.
  14. So you did not take advantage of the 1st Royal Up! but rather paid for an upgrade and then used the 2nd Royal Up offer. A bit different than the scenario I described but still relevant. I will keep that in mind in the event we can self-upgrade.
  15. Has anyone here gotten TWO Royal Ups? We are on the June 16th Harmony in a 12th floor balcony ocean view. Not really that interested in the Royal Up offers as we only have JS, GS & OS options. We understand that some in JS & above have received Royal Up offers for AquaSuite so even though we aren't terribly interested in the JS category, the "starting"/weak bid is only $600 more for the 3 of us. Only real interest in upgrading would be if there was a chance for a secondary upgrade to an AquaSuite afterwards. I know that Royal sometimes doesn't inform on royal ups until the day before departure but others are upgraded weeks in advance so this question is more directed to those who got a 1st Royal up... Any chance you got a second 2nd royal up to move into a CLS or AS? Before anyone asks, the price for self-upgrading would be a LOT more as we already are using a number of discounts plus a credit Royal gave us do to some complications with a prior cruise so we are essentially already cruising in a high floor balcony for the price of a low-floor inside stateroom on this particular cruise. I guess we could also simply call our TA and see if she could do something to work us towards an AS (if any of them are even still available). Is Coastal Kitchen worth the attempt? Keep in mind that my wife prefers buffets rather than exclusive options. When we were in the grand suite I would visit Chops for breakfast but she and the teenager would go to the buffet instead.
  16. They can't use the term "accepted" in this manner for this purpose. To do so would indicate that they "accepted" your bid and you got the cabin. Using the word "received" is FAR MORE accurate as they are telling you that they did "receive" your request but they have not (yet) "accepted" your offer.
  17. Good point. We have done similar prior to the upgrade program. However, it seems that information is now getting harder and harder to find so we have used AAA for our last 2 cruises rather than doing it ourselves. Maybe we are just getting old & lazy. LOL
  18. That poster's signature shows the "Navigator" May '19
  19. Thanks for the reply. You stated that the "cost to upgrade to JS was $150pp" which would have been $300. However, in the next sentence you stated that you upgraded for $180 TOTAL which implies that, somehow, you were able to "self" upgrade for less than the minimum. Not certain how that happens but regardless your is really helpful considering the minimum of $300 ($150pp) + the $800 ($400pp) for the total upgrade costs from the OV balcony to the CL for a total costs of $1,100 (or less) seems like a bargain. Wish something like that had been available on our cruise.
  20. Agreed. What was your cost to upgrade to the JS & what was the minimum they would have wanted for the Aqua Theater?
  21. Interesting as we are on the same cruise and also got a "Royal Up!" invite but did not get the ATS or CS options..AT ALL. The three of us are currently in a 12th floor 6D Ocean View Balcony that we are fine with. Our upgrade choices are OS with a starting price of $1,100, a GS starting @ $700, a Junior Suite starting @ $300 or an "Ultra Spacious Large Balcony" starting at $200 & Spacious Ocean View Balcony starting @ $150/each. What is an "ULTRA" Spacious Large Balcony? I don't even see anything with that description listed? I do see Ultra Spacious OCEAN VIEW rooms but not the same with a balcony. We have zero interest in the JS as it's just not significantly different (to us). We were fortunate enough to get a GS on our last cruise when we booked last minute into a Suite Guarantee room. It was OK but not a big deal. I had thought about going for the Owners Suite as that would be pretty cool but for an extra $2,200...nah! Just odd that we don't have ATS or CS options but I guess it's all part of their plan, right?
  22. Touche' but my typo wasn't nearly as funny as it did not COMPLETELY invert the meaning of the original post as FLACRUISER99 had done in their post
  23. Oops, we are on HOTS June 16th departure. According to the Royal UP! we received there are no aquasuites offered but for a mear $2,200 we could "bid" on an Owner Suite which we know would have plenty of space...LOL
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