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  1. We were lucky enough to get a balcony cabin for next year (our first FPC) by logging in right at 9 a.m. today. I read on this thread that the usual Elite perks like the happy hour drinks, etc. do not apply since it is a charter. Does anyone know if any of the Elite perks apply - for instance the 90 minutes of internet or the bag of laundry? Really looking forward to this cruise especially after reading this thread!!!
  2. We also request the water in advance, but it was available for us two weeks ago on the Edge.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely need the elevator. My husband has a bad knee and doesn't do stairs well.
  4. Thank you all. I will check these out...
  5. I am searching for a hotel for 2 nights pre-cruise in Amsterdam in August. We would like to stay somewhere close to the city Centre. The choices are overwhelming!! I am currently looking at the Pension Homeland and the DoubleTree as possibilities. The Pension Homeland is much less expensive, but the reviews I have read are mixed. It appears that there is no air-conditioning and it may be a bit further from the center. Do any of you have any experience with either of these hotels or other recommendations? We would like to stay under $250.00 per night, but that may not be possible. Some of the other recommendations I have seen here (Banks Mansion, Movenpick, etc.) are over $300 per night for that time of year. Thank you in advance.
  6. We just got off the Constellation as well and I agree. The food was among the best we have encountered on Celebrity. We thought the Mexican selections as well as the grill selections were good in the Oceanview café, but this was probably personal preference.
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