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  1. Hi shippy, MSC vouchers have the shortest life, 18 months, others have 4 years,transferable and can even leave them in your will!!!!! Others have no expiry date. Considering MSC vouchers are the best value, provided you do not displaced them. I plan to buy one at a time. ylc
  2. I have today heard from MSC via my booking agent , to send in my voucher. they add it on my booking , that means, I get my on board spend. thanks again for all who have contributed. continue to buy them, they are worth the gamble !!!!!!! ylc
  3. Hi Skippy Tim, Thank you for your piece. I have asked my agent to include the vouchers in the booking. I let you know the outcome. ylc
  4. Alex71, Thank you for your reply. On Saturday, I was holding on the phone for 45 minutes, could not wait any more. I will try it again tomorrow. Was you fare not full price brochure price ? Wish me good luck. ylc
  5. Thank you for all the fellow cruisers who replied to my query. I bought € 10, in Dec. 2014 Those who bought $10 vouchers, are better off € 10 only get me €100 - inside , € 150 - outside , €200 - balcony. When I bought it, I had no plan to cruise within 18 months, but thought it was better odds than casino !!! I just booked a cruise February, 2015, read the condition, it seems that I am not qualify, because I book " last minute price ". But MSC member discount is qualify, I am on the line to MSC, has been holding on for 30 minutes. I will have a go, and see what I get.
  6. I will be there , travelling solo. Anyone arriving Fiumicino Airport,Rome, Saturday, 27 April, can share transport or go with public transport together. from London BA flight arrival 10.30 a.m. Many thanks ylc
  7. What is the best way to get from Central Rome to Civitavecchia, Italy
  8. [quote name='tortu']Hi, Roz and Diane. Have you arranged transportation after debarking from Southampton to London? I still have to figure that one out.[/QUOTE] The coach company is National Express. One way to London , Victoria is around £15
  9. Thank you Zijlweg for the info of flying Dutchman. Anyone else want to go to Amserdam ? Roz
  10. just booked with Alla, Grand Tour. Thinking about the evening ballet, making it a long day. Early start the next day. The ballet Sleeping Beauty is on in the Conservatory, not the Marinsky (Kirov) Theatre. Roz
  11. Am taking the direct coach from Victoria coach station to the terminal in Southampton . If you tag your room number tag, you will see your luggage outside your cabin. Just short of 2 hrs. Same on the way back. Mine is included in the cruise fare, advertised, free parking or coach. Diane , am looking at SPB and Alla tours. Both look good, both has very good write up. Will decide later this week. Roz
  12. Hi Diane, I have cruise on my own. I live in London, and you. Have you looked into tours for St Petersburg ? I need to book soon.
  13. Hi Scorpio 123456, Good one more interested in the 2 day Alla Grand Tour, @ $300. We can only get a 5 % discount if we group together and book, she said 15 +. We can always negotiate the number, or take the it somewhere else. Where are you embarking ? Roz
  14. With Alla tours, you can book grand tour $300, individually. If more booked, can get a discount out of them. Have been chatting to them. Anyone else want to group together for a better price ? I am travelling solo. Roz
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