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  1. Regarding the hair dryers…in the past they have had two in the room. A wall unit in the bathroom (low power but I like it for my short hair) and one in the closet for plug into the outlet (very good.). Depends on your hair and how long it normally takes to dry. I try to only pack what is not available onboard so I don’t bring my own, not for a short cruise at least.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if you anyone could share the link to the updated pre-boarding Bermuda travel document for guests, the one that was updated after the mini-breakout on Symphony a few weeks ago. I have a copy of the old one but would like to see the new one. I apologize if it's in one of these posts but I couldn't find, nor could I find it on their website. Thank you.
  3. If you go on the WHO website that outlines approved vaccines, it provides the answer to the mystery.
  4. I have been on too many cruises where glitches happened on the day of disembarkation. Those who did NOT book their air through Crystal had to jump through hoops to adjust their return flight home, sometimes at thousands of dollars. I'm just saying.
  5. Yeah, we’ve heard this same talking point for 6 months.
  6. We could speculate for days how and where those who tested positive came from and how they got it. I don’t know what the CDC will do with this information but I would hope they would analyze the manufacturer of the vaccine (J&J vs. Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer), when the second dose was given, may it was 8 months ago, where the guests traveled from to join the ship, were any on B2B, I could go on…It’s all a crap shoot, and we just hope for the best and that those who do test positive have mild symptoms and that the ultimate inconvenience will not cause much financial or emotional stress.
  7. Oh no. I’m sorry hear to hear this. I’m sure this experience did not help with the migraine. Namaste! Take care and have a good night’s sleep.
  8. You deserve a wonderful dinner. Have a great night.
  9. I am pretty certain it is not a family of 5 traveling together.
  10. Do you know yet what the financial responsibility is for your quarantine in Bermuda, plus flight changes? As much info would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to you both. I hope you can return to the ship tomorrow if possible.
  11. Thank you! Not applicable in all states or Canada.
  12. HUH? If you do purchase your flights, transfers and insurance through Crystal what happens if you need to make a claim? I don’t understand the post. Sorry.
  13. My head is going to explode. I’m sick of this crap by the Canadian health experts.
  14. Seriously, how are we supposed to trust the people in charge? They don’t really give a crap about the consequences of their decisions. They just don’t want us to travel, end of story.
  15. Fauci has changed his mind more than one changes their underwear. I no longer have respect for that man.
  16. Precisely, it’s political. Not everyone can afford to buy a airplane ticket and spend upwards of $200 per covid test to leave and return to cross the border by air. I drove across the border a few weeks ago to see my 91 year old mother in NJ. I was across in 2 minutes into the US as they do not require a Covid test to cross into the US.
  17. In my research I can find no legal reason to keep both borders closed. The Southern US border is a friggin mess with illegals pouring across that border. The Customs and Border security are overwhelmed with this (Biden admin) made problem. Literally hundreds of thousands of people are illegally crossing the border. I know it’s not covered much in Canada but it is happening 24/7 daily. If they open the border to Mexico it will exacerbate the problem down there. Yes, it is my opinion, and the opinion of others, that Canada is being held hostage to the situation on the Southern border, otherwise it makes no sense.
  18. Made a statement? They would never say it out loud.
  19. As an American citizen who lives in Canada, this makes me livid. It is all political b.s. The White House is playing politics with this because they don’t want to open the Southern Border (to legal crossings) so they have to fake a reason to keep the Northern Border closed. Those of us who are fully vaccinated are just pawns in the game of the White House and Ottawa.
  20. I got two AZ shots, not wanting to mix. Speed ahead to now. Will Canada give people like me another AZ shot? I doubt it. Looks like I will be forced to get mixed when I didn’t want that in the first place. It never ends. I’m sick of this crap.
  21. Where are you sailing from/to and in between?
  22. I don’t think it works that way that if you don’t care about getting off the ship in Bermuda. The entire ship would need to be cleared I suspect.
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