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  1. I'm wondering if we will rock you will still be on Anthem after it'd dry Dock next yesr
  2. I'm trying to convince my husband that there will be enough to do 😊
  3. Than I'm looking at an overnight cruise, would you recommend?
  4. That would be a shame, I would have liked a 5 day cruise!
  5. Yes I did look at the planner but the activities, apart from quizzes, don't really 'float our boat'. With so many sea days I just wondered if there are enough activities?
  6. Thinking of a transatlantic crossing, is there enough to do?
  7. I wonder why there is a 5 day gap October 2020 showing no sailings
  8. I wonder why she didn't tell me about the free train and flights? I would prefer the free transfer option that you get with P&O, so maybe stick with them or Fred out of a northern port!
  9. yes but if you live 250 miles its free, so I understand?
  10. Does anyone have a relatively knew daily schedule of activities please
  11. Has anyone noticed that there is a 5 day gap next October 2020 when it reaches Southampton on the 21st? Wonder if there will be a 5 night cruise
  12. wow just got a quote and its £165 each way!!
  13. Does anyone know where fred docks in Rouen?
  14. I am looking at a cruise out of Southampton, but I don't understand the transfer charge? We live in the North approx 350 miles to Southampton, how much would it cost us to get there if we used the transfer which is provided?
  15. Hi, thinking of sailing on Iona next year and possibly booking a suite. I have looked at pictures but cannot make out if there is a sliding door between the lounge area and the bedroom. Has anyone asked this question before?
  16. Yes Newcastle was around £100 more than Manchester, made me wonder
  17. Thanks.. That's why it's more then. Do you know who they use out of Manchester?
  18. I am looking at a cruise next year on Oceana and our nearest airport is Newcastle but the price difference is quite alot compared to Manchester. Has anyone flown from Newcastle to Valletta through P&O and if so do you have any details on which airline they use and flight times? Thanks
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