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  1. Regarding the flow rider i ask my friend who is an instructor on Adventure now. He just text me back. He said - Only advanced riders can do stand up surfing as they are less likely to interact and have contact with an instructor.
  2. Confirmed - I have a friend on Adventure - he got his J&J shot yesterday.
  3. Explorer just left Port Canaveral - watching on the port webcam as it went past Adventure.....
  4. Hi BasandSyb, just to update you on what I wrote - the form filling is only for crew, so don’t expect that. Sorry for the mis-info. My friend thought I was asking for a crew member on board. If you come across a lovely Canadian pilot called Todd, say hi. He’s traveling solo, and is lots of fun. Take care, and fling any questions you have my way, I’ll try and get them answered by my friend at the port. Best - N.
  5. Hi - sorry this answer isn’t as full as I would like, but I texted a few people I know who work for Royal Caribbean, and this is what they told me. As long as symptom free, you should be able to get off the ship, and will be encouraged to go straight to the airport for your flight outta here. There is nowhere to stay, as all hotels are shut down in Miami-Dade county. He said if protocols are followed, you will sign a form declaring that you are well, and then just debark and get in to a cab to the airport and that’s as far as the cruise line’s responsibility. Anything afte
  6. My friend who is on the ship posted some great photos up on the jogging track, transiting the canal today on our Azamazing Boys Whatsapp group. Looked lovely weather - said he got a bit burnt as was outside admiring the view and the sun was strong! Oooops. He said they are all still having a good time - but i think he is ready to get off the ship. LOL.
  7. good luck! I have a good friend on board and he told me this morning basically the same thing about only being allowed off the ship with confirmed seats on confirmed flights. He said his issue is he is on standby for a flight on 18th, and authorities weren’t going to let them off if they were only “standby” - must be very worrying and I would find it hard to maintain a positive attitude, so well done for those who are managing to do so!
  8. There were no shuttle buses last week in Rio, off the Pursuit. About 3 million people offering taxis tho! We had a private guide meet us there at the port, so not an issue. There is a tram stop right there, but don’t ask me where it goes - could be worth looking into. None of the ports provided any transportation in Brazil. Montevideo, the ship docks right in town - so don’t need one.
  9. Thanks Bonnie - I’m on a super diet right now to lose a few LBS so I can ruin it all and put it all back on enjoying all the festive fare on the ship - trying to feel less guilty and the clothes still fit. Appreciate your input. Thx
  10. Thanks for the input - I heard from friends its a great place to see the fireworks, as Copacabana beach itself can be a bit of a zoo on NYE.
  11. Quick question regarding Christmas/New Year on board.... We will be on Pursuit this Christmas - just wondered if they lay on anything special on Xmas day, like traditional Christmas lunch or is it just the regular menus? I assume the specialty restaurants will be just their usual menus? New Years Eve the ship as I understand it is moored off Copacabana Beach in Rio for the fireworks etc. I heard third hand this also the white night party but it was just speculation from a frequent Azamara cruiser friend? Anyone know if this might be the case? I’m sure it will be lo
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