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  1. Havana definitely worth it. I would not sail on Vista class in a non-Havana room.
  2. Setup email notification via cruiseline dot com of via the shipmate app - it will notify you when the price drops then you can call your TA. It’s what I did on our last cruise and saved $600
  3. If you sail Panorama, get a Havana room - the experience is way better and way different in a positive way
  4. Keep in mind that if you were on a cruise that was cancelled and you opted for the FCC option, you get FCC equal to the cancellation fee. The rest of what you paid (inc 100% of port fees and taxes) is refunded to original form of payment...unless you ask Carnival to apply all/part to a future cruise
  5. Go to Carnival’s website and scroll to bottom and click on Ticket Contract. There you will find cancellation policy/rules.
  6. If you login and go to print your cruise docs, the OBC will be listed on the statement
  7. One thing to keep in mind is the FCC is issued for the amount of the cancellation fee (excluding taxes and port fees) - the balance plus Port fees and taxes are refunded to original form of payment.
  8. I spoke with Carnival today and confirmed my understanding was correct - FCC is issued in an amount equal to the cancellation fee. The remaining balance I will get refunded on original form of payment. Now if you request to apply the balance to your future cruise, they will accommodate. In my case since the new cruise is considerably less $$ and a year away, it made since to only apply the FCC to the future cruise and get balance refunded.
  9. In the email I received it says: ”Regardless of the option you choose, your taxes, fees and port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, pre-paid gratuities, pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions, beverage and Wi-Fi packages, and Fun Shop purchases will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment” in addition, the reference to FCC is notated with an asterisk with the fine print: *The Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is based on the cancellation fees retained by Carnival for this voyage, including Fly2Fun air if applicable I booked via a TA so cancelled and re-booked through the same TA. Now waiting on docs from TA that confirms my understanding. waiting patiently
  10. I had cruise booked for later this month (May) that was cancelled in the previous round of cancellations. As a result, I received the email from Carnival which basically offered either a) full refund or b) 100% FCC plus $600 OBC. When I read the fine print it says the FCC is “based on cancellation fees retained by Carnival”. At the time of the cancellation (relative to the sail date), the refund policy In force for my ticket said the cancellation fee was 50% (excluding port fees & taxes). at this time I had also paid for 100% of the cruise. So, having selected the FCC/OBC option I’m assuming I’ll get 50% (+ port fees and taxes) refunded back to original form of payment plus 50% FCC I can use for a future cruise. Does anyone have direct experience to confirm the FCC is for the cancellation fee and not necessarily the full cruise total?
  11. I use Travel Insured. After the 14 day look period is over, the premium is non-refundable. However, due to CV situation, if you trip is cancelled then they will allow the policy to be applied to a future trip. If you go to website there is Covid-19 announcement w a link to an online form to notify them of the cancelled trip. Once done, they will send you a future credit voucher. Once you book your new trip, you can then call or chat online w then and give them details for the new trip and the policy will be reset to the new trip
  12. FYI, if you bought 3rd party trip insurance, check it as most will pay you if the carrier (Carnival in this case) goes out of business. Also, I know my insurance co. and others are allowing you to put your policy on hold and re-apply to new trip once booked. It is for this reason I was ok to go with the FCC option and book a cruise next year. If they default due to bankruptcy, I have coverage and will get $$ back
  13. I had a May 23 cruise that also cancelled. I spent time today to read all the communication and my understanding is the FCC would be issued for the amount equal to the cancellation fee. At 51-30 days out, cancellation fee is 50%. So, you should get refund of all the port fees/taxes + 50% of the cruise fee on original form of payment. In addition, you should also receive 50% of cruise fee (cancellation fee) in form of FCC which can then be used for your future cruise.
  14. Here is the link to the notification on Carnival’s website: https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-update.aspx For some reason this page is slightly different than if you select the Travel Advisory at the top left of the home page. Once you get there scroll down and you will see that the first box relates to those cruises that have been cancelled where it indicates emails are being sent. Earlier today this page had a link for a form to complete but it has since changed indicating they will email the form link. 2nd box Carnival Cancelation Policy provides details on cruises later in the year.
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