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  1. Roughly the same amount of calories in tonic water as in cola. That said, a person might consume less of it per drink of course. What I don't understand is why brands of tonic water aren't locked-in on cruise ships the way soda brands are. There's an exceedingly long (and perhaps useful to some) thread on the Az board about which tonic water has been on which ship at which point--updated regularly. (With apologies to Orwell, Fever Tree Good and Other Stuff Bad.) I would have thought the beverage conglomerates would have locked up independent tonic-makers of choice, and effectively included it in the soda contract.
  2. The undercurrent of your note is especially important: you dealt with two doctors, who dealt with the research, and you collectively made an informed decision based on the science. From time to time I see threads on here that are essentially "anybody know which jabs I should maybe get?" and it's frightening to me that people would take medical advice to heart from a cruise forum.
  3. I don't think they were trying for U-40s on our cruise. The music venues are most limited on Rotterdam anyway Mainstage (not always music), "Lincoln Center", and a couple bars with spaces for live musicians on Deck 5. Then if you want, you can make space in Observation Lounge. Zero themed venues like Billboard or whatever. The Latin combo was OK but very laid back. If the crowd was into it (dancing/clapping), then they got into it--but they couldn't bring the crowd with them. As I think I mentioned, the classical ensemble was made up of talented musicians, but they couldn't play together. Small-ensemble classical is tough to pull off, I'm the first to agree--there's no conductor guiding you. But each seemingly felt he had to be the loudest (maybe the acoustics are deceiving to the performers...I don't know... I'm trying to make excuses) and they played on top of each other without mercy. I guess you could also have people playing in the theatre. Like I said, it was set up for an older/tamer crowd: we had American Test Kitchen in there mornings/afternoons (which we liked), followed by modern movies and screenings of BBC Living Earth.
  4. (At the risk of being Cpt. Obvious,) do you eat a late-ish dinner? If so, it shouldn't matter terribly much. Further, if you book your Specialties early/mid-ish in the cruise, swapping out shouldn't be too tough if a conflict pops up.
  5. We just got off Rotterdam and Lanai 3331 was a train wreck. There's a separate keycard/lock for the outside door. Ours didn't work, so our door had to be propped shut with a block of wood when we were inside, and fixed in place when outside. Steward said it had been like this since start of his contract. Our thermostat would not budge lower than 24 degrees (76 F). They couldn't fix it. In an ordinary balcony cabin, well, who cares, you open the balcony and let the lovely sea air cool your room, overnight if necessary. In a Lanai that's not really on, in case someone stumbles in.
  6. *shrug* I question the intelligence of American citizens who continue to pay US taxes if they never intend to live there again. 99% of countries tax on residency and not citizenship.
  7. No idea if he's still keen on following through but our ship's doctor when we went to Antarctica was going to do just this AT LEAST 50 weeks/year and he had it costed out. Less expensive than assisted living, including a fair amount of padding for medical emergency. He was also looking into renouncing his citizenship for tax purposes. He was dead serious. What he was struggling with was the logistics of no fixed address. Supposing he got/kept another citizenship, how do you update your drivers' licence, passport, etc.? What do you put on an airline ticket, That kind of stuff.
  8. Autumn 2021 opened this morning of course. Left it to my TA to book accessible balcony on Riviera. Said he had a friend at O who could handle such things. He swears his "friend" at O didn't drag her arse on the matter, claiming they opened at 8:30 and she was on it shortly thereafter, but long story short we only got an accessible OV. I have moaned about the lack of accessible cabins on O before (few balconies, no PH whatsoever) in another thread, and will likely do so again another day. Broken record, I know. Question: Is there a better way to try to ensure that you get the cabin you want?
  9. If you are over 60 please consult your family doctor and perhaps a properly qualified immunologist before deciding to get this vaccine. We lost a top researcher this year to the YF vaccine: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/11/top-cancer-scientist-prof-martin-gore-dies-after-rare-reaction-to-yellow-fever-vaccination As someone who must travel unvaccinated, I depend on "the herd" being vaccinated for my own immunity, but I do hope everyone is careful and makes a very informed decision.
  10. We cruise the Med in February/March and October/November. You simply could not pay me to do it July/August. Almost all the stuff you describe (quieter ports, cooler weather) we see as a plus. The private guides we hire are grateful for the shoulder season business and are eager to customise trips for us. You can get up close to attractions, no crowds. Service in restaurants is less frenetic. The ship does not have to compete for berthing space. So it gets dark a little earlier... helps set the mood for good food, good wine, and good conversations aboard. God knows lots of people prefer July/August. And god knows why.
  11. Happy looking. We've put in for some 2021 O cruises and I guess we'll find out if we got the cabins tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed. You are much more tolerant than I am. Even if I had Warren Buffett's money, I just couldn't bring myself to pay $1,000/nt for something which includes food that is "up and down". Whether I'm buying a piece of chocolate or a car, I get very annoyed with myself if I don't get what I perceive to be value-for-money. I can eat at McDonalds or French Laundry--but I want to pay what I think is a fair price.
  12. Lots of people have careers/investments/cash tied up in hyping "greenhouse effect" or "global warming" or "climate change" or whatever they're calling it this week. If they think they're saving the planet because they're not using a straw whilst cruising, your chance at talking sense into them is rather remote. Let it go.
  13. Oceania (and other lines) and pax: saving the environment by sailing fuel burning 30,000- and 66,000-ton vessels about the oceans for pleasure 24/7, 365 days a year. But... but... no plastic straws!
  14. Maybe in the 1800s sometime? Thanks.
  15. Spanish Tortilla is its own thing. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/147109/tortilla-espanola-spanish-tortilla/
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