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  1. [quote name='Merion_Mom']MavisMarie's cruise is on the GGG sale, but the JS price on that is the same price that is on the website.[/QUOTE] Thanks. I didn't know that. I still don't see what difference it makes. I didn't see any special offers with the price, i.e., free grats, OBC, etc. I woke up this morning thinking about calling C&A.
  2. The same thing happened to me today. OBC (other than a Next Cruise certificate) was not even involved in either of the bookings. I just wanted to upgrade from a D-1 to a JS for the price shown on the website. No, RCI would not do that. They said the price was for new bookings only. As I said, there were no onboard benefits on my original booking and no onboard benefits for the "new booking." All of RCI's new pricing scheme has really turned me off. It's time for a change for this formerly loyal D+.
  3. MavisMarie

    Combing discounts for OBC

    :) apparently, I forgot how to spell "combining", as well. :)
  4. I used to know the answer to this but I am having senior moments and can't find the answer online: I have a Next Cruise OBC. Is it allowed to also ask for the Military OBC they are offering on my cruise? As it appears right now on the RCI website, the military OBC is being offered instead of a "discount" on the cruise amount as it used to be. Thanks for your replies.
  5. [COLOR="Black"]Beautiful photos, Gay. Great job.! [/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR="Black"]Love all of your photos, Gay. Thanks for posting them. :)[/COLOR]
  7. [quote name='Baseball fan']Since you've never been to Europe, I would pick the cruise for the ports. And stay longer before and after if you can. Also, [COLOR="Red"][B][B]get on the roll call for your cruise and see if you can join shore excursions with them. It's always worked for me. [/B][/B][/COLOR] I went on a transatlantic cruise solo last year. I picked a balcony in case I wanted some quiet, I could have sun. I met some great people at sailaway, and spent a lot of time with them. I am still glad I got my balcony. I've traveled solo before, on tours knowing no one, but this was my first cruise solo. I would do it again. Dena Sent from my iPad using Forums[/QUOTE] [[COLOR="Black"]COLOR="Black"]That is the best advise. Roll call people almost always embrace the solo traveler and quickly make you a part of their family. I think you would do better to go with small groups who have hired driver/guide for each region. You will see more and be in a much better environment than on a bus. It always makes sense to me to attach myself to a few people who I know will look out for me under all conditions. Our group of 8 couples cruises Egypt a few years back. We were all in our late 60's. We did have the smarts to bring along 2 young 40 year old guys who absolutely dedicated themselves to looking out for us. One acted like the leader and the other acted like the herder. They kept us going for 14 days and we didn't even notice what they were up to until the last day or so. It was a wonderful, memorable vacation. I wish you the same good fortune. What I like about going solo is you are given a chance to make it or break it on your own. Attitude and flexibility plan an important roll in how things turn out. [/COLOR] Learning a few words in the current language is a good thing, too. [/COLOR]
  8. Welcome home, GAY! I missed you. I am waiting anxiously for those Bora Bora photos, too.
  9. We are paid in full as our cruise leaves on 5/26. We are keeping our fingers crossed all will go well. I was so distracted worrying about whether or not SPB would be dropped from the cruise that I didn't think ahead and realize a lot of people would cancel and the stateroom prices would drop drastically after final payment. Our stateroom on RCI Brilliance dropped down to 1/2 the price we paid. If I had to do it over again: I'd cancel. Wait until a few weeks after final payment *would* be due and then start watching the stateroom prices. And keep monitoring the political situation to see if other cruises have ported in SPB, etc. Good luck.
  10. I would suggest you read the following books: For Barcelona: Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones. This book is in my top 10 favorites of all time. If you have time to read it before your trip, you will want to visit Santa Maria del Mar cathedral, built by the dock workers in Barcelona around 1330 or so and is highly featured in the book. When Ken Follett wrote Pillars of the Earth, he used this cathedral as a "map" of the building plans in the book. By the way, Pillars of the Earth is another of my top 10 books. For Paris: Paris, by Edward Rutherford. Very good research. For practical information, I buy the Eyewitness Guides to each city. I also gather info from Rick Steves. I print out walking maps, etc. Best wishes on your travel.
  11. [quote name='2catfamily']Clo O'Connor is replacing Steve Davis on April 30th and she will be doing the transatlantic cruise while Steve goes on vacation and returns on the Vision June 9th.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Black"]Do you think Clo will be the CD on the Brilliance 5/26 - 6/07 Baltic cruise? [/COLOR]
  12. MavisMarie

    Now is the time to be concerned...

    [COLOR="Black"]I am becoming more concerned. I don't know if it's ok to include this link, but since it relates to our travel, I will post it for everyone to read. In the text of the article, there is a link to enroll in the Department of State's STEP program: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Article:[/COLOR] [url]http://www.enewspf.com/latest-news/latest-national/latest-national-news/51050-u-s-state-dept-issues-russian-federation-travel-alert-due-to-events-in-ukraine.html[/url] [COLOR="Black"]STEP program:[/COLOR] [url]https://step.state.gov/step/[/url]
  13. MavisMarie

    Now is the time to be concerned...

    [COLOR="Black"] I authorized final payment to be made tomorrow on our 5/26 "Scandinavia and Russia" cruise. I am a little bit nervous about the possibility of not docking in SPB, of course. If we know in advance that the ship will not dock in SPB, we will cancel the cruise and suffer the penalties. This does NOT mean we do not care about the Scandinavian countries. It just means we care MORE about visiting SPB. (I have been on this itinerary before and all of the ports were memorable and worthwhile.) I hope there are no glitches and everyone who is booked on a Baltic cruise this summer will enjoy themselves. [/COLOR]
  14. Bob, thank you very much. I appreciate your help. That link answered all of my questions. :)
  15. We are on the 5/4/2015 TA (Brilliance) from Tampa to Harwich. We would like to disembark 1 night early in Zeebrugge, Belgium instead of the next morning in Harwich, England. Does anyone know if this is possible? What procedures do we need to take to accomplish this? Thanks, as always, for your help. :)