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  1. They are not required in the Vaccinated zones
  2. Sorry this kind of talk is not allowed in this thread started by me (g8rchick) lol jk but go gators!
  3. We don't have any kids with us so we don't know any of those details, sorry! I don't know how to make thenpictures more clear for you all in here. They are so clear on my phone...I'll try the day 2 compass but no promises it will be any better! We didn't bring anything for the other crew (should have!) but now are really going to try to get more at one of the ports!
  4. Thursday is perfect for a Sunday sailing. Everyone in our group of 10 did it on Thursday! CVS rapid antigen results back in 15 min for us
  5. We heard that they are appreciative of toiletries so we brought soap and toothpaste and deodorant and some candy. Our cabin attendant said absolutely everything is so helpful to them, even a pen. He looked close to tears honestly. It makes me want to get them more when we are at port.
  6. I'm sorry if I double.post, I feel like my responses keep disappearing. For our sailing we were not about to book entertainment until onboard but once onboard, yes through the app. In fact a lot of things are through the app now, including the dining menus. It's come a long way since we last sailed. They also are charging $1.99 a day to message through the app which was free last time we sailed. Yes to whomever asked about the show, it's Mama Mia. They gave us Vax bracelets AND separate tracelets we are supposed to wear all the time. All buffets are manned. Trying to think of any other little things to share...oh 8 people max at a dinner table. I wrote that before but I think it was in my post that didn't go through? Or I've taken advantage of my beverage package too much at this point to remember lol
  7. There are the fewest kids I've ever seen on a cruise even going by percentage of passengers. I do think it's extremely odd they didn't change more of the venues to vaccinated once the rules changed for everyone over 12 but I imagine it's due to it changing only four or five days before our sailing? They are even still checking for the vaccinated bracelet when you walk into those venues which I don't understand. Maybe just for training? Casino is no masks. I'm not in a suite so I can't answer suite questions but if anyone wants to call royal and get me upgraded to one I'd be happy to give you a full play by play 🤣😉
  8. I wrote up something about our first day and it didn't looks like it didn't post! Ugh! I'll try recap quickly. 1700 people onboard. Feels very empty in a good way. Staff very happy to have passengers and we brought our cabin attendant a care package of toiletries and he was SO moved. Highly recommend doing so if you can. Masks need to be worn in general spaces though it is so worth it to have a ship to yourself like this! Activities seems a little more limited than usually but I noticed they just added more to the planner so we'll see how the week progresses. We weren't able to book entertainment for this cruise pre-cruise and it seems to all be taken now so heads up to get on that. Casino was awesome on first night, no wait for tables.
  9. Sorry! I'll try my best to repost later!
  10. Sorry cruise internet is spotty!
  11. We ended up arriving right at 1 and that was our reservation time and walked right in but we heard many people got on as early as 11:30
  12. Will try to let you know but in a fairly full trivia right now with no issues!
  13. They told us 2000 but that isn't final
  14. Onboarding was so easy, the ship still seems SO empty its amazing! Any questions?
  15. Onboarding was so easy, the ship still seems SO empty its amazing! Any questions?
  16. Don't you think they would/should have told us that with the addition of that port?
  17. Our Allure 8/8 sailing just got notification that due to St. Thomas' new regulations, everyone 12+ must be vaccinated to board this Sunday. At least that's how it appears to read to me, what do you think? I wonder how many unvaccinated adults were planning to cruise?
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