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  1. rogfam

    Tell me about Deck 6 on the Quest

    We were just on deck six, cabin 6064 which is slightly aft. Loved the location and there was never any noise.
  2. rogfam

    Quest Meeting Place

    Will be my first time cruising Azamara, and will be on the Quest. Can anyone suggest a good place on board to meet people who are taking a private port tour, before we disembark the ship.
  3. rogfam

    Any news on Caribbean itinerary updates?

    FYI, on Celebrity website shows revised itinerary for Summit sailing from San Juan on Oct 28th. Stop in St Thomas's has moved to St Croix, however still shows departing San Juan on Oct 28 and returning there on Nov. 4. Also Nov 19th sailing on Silhouette has revised stop from San Juan to Punta Cana. Now they have updated it and is returning to San Juan.
  4. rogfam

    could Cuba cruises be cancelled

    Trump is suppose to make a statement on Cuba on June 23.
  5. rogfam

    First Ever cruise - celebrity eclipse

    Gemma I am also on this cruise. There has been an active Roll Call the last year or so on CC that might be helpful to look at for tours and other info. Make sure to sign up for the Connections Party. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2140503&page=64 See you on board! Glenn
  6. rogfam

    Best Time to Book - Suite Class

    Agree with those who say to book once you decide on the cruise/cabin you want. Only time I wouldn't is if you are planning another cruise in the near future prior to the one you are interested in. Then book while on board for more discounts.
  7. Does anyone know the name of the CD or the Michael's Club concierge?
  8. Thanks so much for the great information. Will be on this cruise next month.
  9. Always enjoyed the comments/reviews/pictures of your travels. Being on the cruise with you made it that much special! See you in a few weeks in the sunny Caribbean!
  10. rogfam

    Review of Silhouette Nov 2016 Transatlantic

    Thanks again for allowing me to relive our Trans Atlantic crossing through your eyes, it truly was wonderful!
  11. We also took the Silhouette on a TA last month and loved every minute of it. Enjoy your cruise!!
  12. rogfam

    Review of Silhouette Nov 2016 Transatlantic

    We had seen her a year before on different Atlantic crossing and she was wonderful. Were so happy to see that she was speaking again on this crossing. However very disappointed that she gave the exact same lectures (except for one on the Canary Islands). She should have had new topics since so many onboard had seen her previously. Ended up skipping her, what a shame.
  13. rogfam

    Tips I wish I had known

    We always place a copy of our entire travel itinerary in our suitcase in case it is lost.
  14. rogfam

    Miscellaneous Tips

    Always have given extra to our cabin steward. When you see what the amount that Celebrity uses for pre paid gratuities you would agree.