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  1. I was picturing something similar to a miniscule wash tub from the days of "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Waltons", in which people scrubbed their laundry.


    But what you've shown is an actual SECOND BATHROOM. i.e. TWO showers in one cabin. On the lower decks of Breeze, almost all the cabins are configured this way. Sounds like a massive bargain!


    These are great cabins. Just a FYI that the second bathroom does not have a toilet. I would have preferred it have a sink and toilet instead of a sink and junior tub.

  2. We've been platinum for many years. Our cabin has not been ready when we've boarded on at least 2 cruises during the last couple years. I think the steward's list is not always accurate, they might have a lot of platinum/FTTF cabins, lots of the prior guests may have stayed in their cabins later, etc.

  3. We are USA citizens. We sometimes have to surrender our passports on Mediterranean cruises. In those situations, they've kept our passports when we checkin at the port. (Room stewards haven't been involved.). Near the end of the cruise, we are assigned a time and place to pick them up.

  4. I'll offer different things to consider related to trip insurance. Read the cancellation section of your travel insurance policy carefully. (I don't mean the summary of coverages; you need the pages with all the terms and conditions.). Does your policy cover you for pre-existing conditions? If it doesn't and you cancel, they will scrutinize your health records to see if there was a pre-existing condition. Does your policy have the cancel for any reason coverage?


    If you cancel for a medical reason, you will need a doctor to say you cannot go and be willing to attest to that on your claim forms. If your doctor says you can cruise but you decide you'd rather wait to cruise until you feel more recovered, then the cancellation won't be covered UNLESS your doctor will sign the forms saying he told you not to travel OR if you have the cancel for any reason coverage (which usually doesn't reimburse 100%.)


    Also, if you're canceling for a medical condition, your policy probably requires you to cancel as soon as you are aware of the need to cancel. For example, assume your recovery isn't going well a couple weeks after the surgery and your doctor says you can't go on the cruise. But you hope you'll improve and decide to wait until closer to the cruise to make a decision. Then you end up not improving enough and finally cancel. In this situation, your policy probably won't cover the cancellation because you didn't cancel promptly after learning of the need to cancel.


    Every policy is different. Even policies from the same company have details that vary by state, so you need to read your own policy.


    I hope your surgery and recovery go well.


    I didn't try iMessage, but I used Facebook messenger fine.



    Did you try calling anyone through Facebook Messenger or did you just text? Leaving this Saturday on the Breeze and was wondering if I would be able to call my husband through messenger.



    I only texted. It met my needs perfectly for communicating with my adult daughter who was taking care of our dogs and house.

  6. To the OP: Once you have collected sufficient data, you need to submit it to be added to your Cruise History. You will be one cruise closer to Platinum.


    If you used a TA for your cruise, contact them and see if they have any old records that can help!!


    Carnival has a record of our family's cruises back that far, but it just lists the number of nights for those cruises under our histories. So the OP probably already has credit for that cruise.

  7. We did a B2B on the Breeze in May. Both cruises (8 night and 6 night) cost the same ($25) for the social package. (You could purchase it for $5 for a day if you only wanted it certain days.)


    I didn't try iMessage, but I used Facebook messenger fine. I don't think I tried any weather apps, but I was pleasantly surprised that the USA Today app worked. If you bought one social plan, you could use the package on multiple devices, but only on one device at a time.


    I personally wouldn't use a bank app on a public wifi network.


    It worked great and saved me a lot of money over the traditional packages that had blocks of minutes.

  8. Not 100% sure, but I think it means that you can't buy the 45 min for $29 plan and then after 15-20 min pay the difference and upgrade to the 120 for $59 plan.


    This is correct. And you can buy each package multiple times, but it will end up costing you more if you need to buy multiple small packages.


    Are you using your own computer or Carnival's? Also think about what you plan to do on the Internet ... Email, using websites, uploading photos,... If you're going to use their computers, you'll need a lot of minutes.


    I always bring a laptop to back up my pictures. And I mainly used email over their internet connection. I'd type my email in Word while offline, then logon real quick, get into my email account, paste my prepared text, and send. Rather than read any emails while online, I'd copy the text and paste it into Word to read offline. I only emailed my adult kids, so I only needed to check for email from them.


    I use a different email account while traveling. That lets my email page load real fast because the inbox is almost empty.


    If you want to use email on their computers, you'll be using minutes to type and read emails.

  9. If the people in the connecting cabin are loud, you can hear them more than if there were regular cabin walls. If that cabin holds more than 2 people, the odds increase that there will be kids next door and kids are often loud.


    We've had connecting cabins before and we avoid them unless we want both cabins.

  10. We had an ocean suite on the Glory. We didn't feel like it was worth the additional money over a balcony. (The double sinks were convenient.). I'm glad we tried it because DH realized that an ocean suite wasn't something he wanted.


    We have had mini-suites on Princess and those were awesome.


    For 4 people, I'd recommend getting 2 balcony cabins instead of an ocean suite.


    We are platinum so I don't know what perks you get with a suite.

  11. We've had an ocean suite on Carnival before and I don't feel it's worth $600 extra.


    Have you checked to see how much more it would cost to get 2 adjacent balconies? It probably costs less than $600 to switch and I think that would be worth it even if you moved to regular balconies. You'd have double the space including 2 bathrooms.

  12. We've had an ocean suite on the Glory and the extra space wasn't as useful as a Princess mini-suite. (I'm glad we got the ocean suite once because DH realized it wasn't worth the extra money.)


    I'd spend additional money to get 2 regular balcony cabins. You might be able to find connecting cabins or you could get adjacent cabins and have the balcony divider opened. I imagine the additional cost would be a lot less than the $1,600 to upgrade to the ocean suite and you'd have 2 full bathrooms and double the space and storage. (If you have 2 balconies, I wouldn't pay more for extended balconies.)


    We've cruised to Alaska 3 times. It is beautiful! Have fun!

  13. We did B2Bs in 2014 (Glory) and 2015 (Breeze.) Each time we had a balcony the 1st week and an oceanview the 2nd week.


    Both years, the balcony cabin was uncomfortably warm at night for sleeping. We kept our balcony door closed, the curtains closed when the sun was on our side of the ship, and the a/c on the coolest temp setting. And both years, sleeping in the oceanview cabin was great because the temperature was perfect!


    We agreed to get an oceanview for both legs of our next B2B because of the sleeping temperature issues we've had.

  14. Don't I still have to pay a fee for that? What I've seen online regarding passport name changes there is still a hefty fee involved. ...


    It looks like you'll have to pay $165 to change the name on your passport (if you choose to do that before your next renewal.)


    Name change:





  15. ... Hospital copays for stays to get IV fluids don't run cheap and I have one of the best insurance policies around. Multiple visits are even more costly. Plus prescription medication costs (going through several different meds trying to find something to help reduce my symptoms). ...


    Even if I were feeling better by cruise time, we likely wouldn't be able to afford to do anything on the cruise and my husband wouldn't be able to get a drink whenever he pleased. It would be an unfair situation for him and I certainly don't want to be in a situation where both of us could be miserable on an expensive vacation.


    Have you been already been hospitalized during this pregnancy for this problem?


    The reason I ask is your policy says cancellations aren't covered for conditions related to pregnancy UNLESS hospitalization is required. So if you are hospitalized for this condition AND your doctor says you cannot take the cruise, it looks like you'd receive a 100% refund (instead of having to cancel under the cancel for any reaso coverage.)


    Realize that if your doctor says you CAN go on the cruise but you decide to cancel (because you're worried or wouldn't have as much fun) then you won't qualify for the medical cancelation coverage (but you still can use the cancel for any reason coverage.)


    Also watch your calendar closely. The cancellation penalty increases as you get closer to your sail date. Your trip insurance compensation can be reduced if you didnt cancel right away and the cancellation penalty increased. (I hope that makes sense. Feel free to ask questions.)

  16. If you cancel now, there is a 50% penalty. I just read the policy details and this policy includes a 75% future cruise credit of the non-refundable amount if you cancel for a non-covered reason.


    This is my interpretation:

    Let's assume your cruise cost $1,000 per person plus taxes and fees.

    If you cancel now, you should receive 50% of the cruise cost back plus port fees and taxes. (You would get back $1,000 plus all the taxes and fees.)


    If your medical situation qualifies under the policy terms (I don't know if it does), your policy would reimburse you the $1,000 cancellation penalty.


    But even if the insurance company decides that your medical reason isn't covered, you'd receive $750 future cruise credit (not a check.) So you'd only lose $250 using these assumed prices.


    I hope this helps. You still need to cancel the cruise before you get in the next penalty period. You could tell your TA you are canceling for a personal reason and don't want to share the details.


    Good luck with your pregnancy!

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